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Security Clearance Process

Among the proposals on the table as Congress looks to reform the security clearance process in the wake of the Navy Yard Shooting – better cooperation with local law enforcement, continuous monitoring, and allowing background investigators to use the Internet when conducting background investigations. This week the House of Representatives

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Background Investigations

This week the Department of Justice filed a new complaint against security clearance investigation firm USIS. The filing accuses the company of filing incomplete investigations approximately 40 percent of the time, at least 665,000 cases. USIS has been under fire in recent months, as congress steps up efforts to reform

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Past Security Clearance Posts

Obtaining Security Clearance

It has been over a year (since May 2005) that a national news organization has come out to declare the security clearance backlog as a…
Obtaining Security Clearance

Really? What a shocker! The Government Accountibility Office came out with a recent report detailing how the security clearance process is taking too darn long. This…
Career AdviceSecurity Clearance Jobs

The newest Security Clearance Salary Survey reports average nationwide salaries are up by 2% since the first quarter of this year. The survey of…