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Security Clearance Process

Facility Security Officers (FSO) and government agency security managers track the status of security clearances and applications for hundreds of employees and new hires. This can be pretty challenging with all of the moving pieces involving various data systems, agencies, and processes. DoD’s Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), which has

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Security clearance adjudicators are trained to review background investigations, apply adjudicative guidelines and criteria, and make a decision as to whether granting an individual eligibility for a clearance is in compliance with the guidelines and in the interest of national security. New adjudicators undergo extensive on the job training with

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Security Clearance Process

You may be a bit confused with the acronym-laden title of this post, and that is perfectly understandable. Unless you are a security professional it…
Security Clearance Process

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AdjudicationSecurity Clearance DenialSecurity Clearance Process

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