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I have seen an uptick in the number of cases taken on by Federal prosecutors related to security clearance holders caught lying on the SF-86. It seems that this particular long-standing issue has garnered more attention in the current clearance reform arena and providing false information is being taken more

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Security Clearance Denial

For those that find themselves deployed to a combat zone, take heed in regards to filing and paying state taxes. In a recent Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals case involving state tax delinquencies, the board denied the applicant’s appeal. Here are the particulars of the case:   This applicant was deployed

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Background Investigations

Now that we are in the new fiscal year, the new billing rates for background investigations and various other checks conducted by the National Background…
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Security Clearance Process

For a long while now security clearance reform proponents  have talked about using continuous evaluation processes in lieu of 5 or 10 year reinvestigations to…
Security Clearance Process

The proposed Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act passed by the House and currently pending Senate approval contains a few sections pertaining to improving…