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Security Clearance Denial

Back in 2014, the US Investigations Services LLC (USIS) was the largest provider of personnel security investigations to the U.S. Government. That was until a whistleblower reported they were improperly submitting investigations to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) without first performing a required review of the cases, a practice known

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In applying the Whole-Person Concept, an administrative judge or adjudicator must evaluate an applicant’s eligibility for a security clearance by considering the totality of the applicant’s conduct and all relevant circumstances. You will see this verbiage written in all of the case summaries by Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals judges.

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Security Clearance Process

Increasingly I come across background investigations where the applicant fills out the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF-86) and they fail to list required information…
Security Clearance Process teamed up with the Intelligence and National Security Foundation (INSF) to analyze why there is so much confusion among the younger population about drug use,…
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Obtaining Security Clearance

Security clearance reform over the past few years have helped lower the length of time it takes to complete the required national security background investigation.…
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