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Security Clearance Process

Among all the security clearance reform initiatives over the last five years was an effort by Senator Mark Warner (D-Va) to modernize the way the government vetted applicants for security clearances andpositions of public trust. One specific area he wanted to focus on was expediting the reciprocity process for those

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Security Clearance Denial

Every once in a while, I run across a security clearance appeals casewhere I ask myself did this really happen? There are some people outthere with mental disorders that impact their ability to thinkstraight when under stress, causing bizarre or abnormal behavior. Ifound a recent Department of Energy security clearance

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Past Security Clearance Posts

Security Clearance Denial

Security clearance holders all go through an indoctrination briefingthat includes proper handling and storage of classified or protectedinformation. They also get an annual refresher training.…
Background Investigations

As many on this site have said for security clearance applicants, it is better to tell all then try to hide stuff and hope no…
Obtaining Security Clearance

It is quite extraordinary to think someone who was charged with murdercan get a security clearance, but occasionally I run across an appealscase involving just…