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Obtaining Security Clearance

Employees who have a history of quitting or walking off the job without notice may find obtaining security clearance eligibility a challenge. Why? Because it shows the employee is unreliable, has poor judgment, and is not trustworthy, all elements in the adjudicative guidelines under personal conduct. A recent Department of Energy

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Young beautiful woman sitting with attached sensors on fingers, hands and body, testing with computer polygraph, looking away. Graph and polygraph on screen of lie detector

The topic of polygraph examiners bullying security clearance applicants has risen to new levels as of late. The site has been peppered with stories from intelligence agency applicants depicting disbelief and frustration with their polygraph experiences. One recent applicant said he has no idea why his first two polygraphs were inconclusive because he

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Security Clearance Denial

Illegal drug use appeals are piling up at the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals, mostly due to marijuana being legalized for recreational and medical use in…
Security Clearance Process

The Department of State’s (DoS) Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) was accused of discriminatory and biased practices when it came to granting security clearances due to its…
Security Clearance Process

Special Access Programs (SAP) are established to protect national security by employing enhanced security measures to strictly enforce need-to-know and have access requirements that exceed…