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Security Clearance Process

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) conducted an in-depth analysis on this issue and published a report outlining the obstacles and identified opportunities to overcome them.

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Security Clearance Denial

Many security clearance applicants mistakenly believe that entering into a pretrial intervention (PTI) program with the court in order to get charges dismissed exonerates them and has no bearing on eligibility for a security clearance. This may be so in the private sector or in a criminal law context, but

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Obtaining Security Clearance

Many of our warfighters return from hostile-fire zones all over the world, elect to leave the service, and then end up returning to the same…

Much ado is made about credit reports and how they are used in background investigations. Many misnomers are being perpetuated out there, so here is…
Security Clearance Denial

There are many behaviors and disqualifying conduct under Guideline E: Personal Conduct that cover a multitude of areas which do not fit under other adjudicative…