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Security Clearance Denial

Security clearance holders receive an initial security briefing and subsequent annual briefings that provide them information on their responsibilities, what kind of things they should avoid, and what they are required to report. It is well known that marijuana, as well as CBD and THC extracts, are off limits for

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Background Investigations

There was a lively and informative conversation on a recent ClearanceJobs Blog posting when a security clearance applicant asked for advice on whether they needed to report a domestic violence arrest where the judge deferred sentencing as part of a plea agreement by the defendant. Let’s take a look at what deferred

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When you think of the types of jobs the Department of Justice (DOJ) has, most likely you are thinking of lawyers, accountants, judges, clerks, etc.,…
Security Clearance Denial

Time and again I read stories about how a security clearance holder meets someone on a dating site, becomes smitten without even meeting in person,…
Security Clearance Process

Contractor reporting requirements for unofficial foreign travel, as outlined in SEAD-3, were deferred until August 24, 2022 to ensure the completion of necessary revisions in the…
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