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As we all know, illegal drug use is one of the disqualifiers for being granted a security clearance, but it can be mitigated depending on several factors. Here is a tale of two drug users who applied for a security clearance with the Department of Energy. Case #1: This applicant

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Security Clearance Denial

The Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals has started 2018 off with a bang in hearing twenty-four appeal cases, of which twenty-two clearance denial decisions were upheld, one denial decision reversed to clearance granted, and one case remanded back to the original adjudicator for a procedural review. As has historically

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The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has published the new website, showcasing the people, organizations, and work the Intelligence Community (IC) provides in…
Security Clearance Process

Another bill is making its way through Congress and is aimed getting the security clearance process fixed. California Senator Stephen Knight proposed the bill last…
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