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Most states have laws where if you feel threatened – and are in fear of injury or death – you may use deadly force to defend yourself. Criminal defense attorneys use this argument to defend clients’ actions that may sometimes have exceeded the parameters of self-defense laws. In one of

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AdjudicationSecurity Clearance DenialSecurity Clearance Process

When reading through case summaries and Report of Investigations (ROI), I always look for what a security clearance applicant’s motivation was for committing a crime, doing illegal drugs, or just plain lying about stuff. In most cases, the motivation is easy to figure out: financial difficulties, alcohol or drug dependency,

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Back in June of 2018 the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of Personnel Management issued a joint memorandum that outlined using a deferment…
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Obtaining Security Clearance

Many of our warfighters return from hostile-fire zones all over the world, elect to leave the service, and then end up returning to the same…

Much ado is made about credit reports and how they are used in background investigations. Many misnomers are being perpetuated out there, so here is…