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Obtaining Security Clearance

Most of the case examples highlighted on this site are clearance denials upheld by the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA). Here is a good example of a case where the applicant had issues concerning recent cocaine and then lying about it, but was able to mitigate the issues and be

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Security Clearance Process

Charlie Phalen, Director of the National Background Investigation Bureau (NBIB), provided security professionals and industry leaders attending the Intelligence & National Security Alliance Summit with updates to current security clearance and background investigation processing timelines. According to a post by Federal News Radio, among the various topics covered were: E-Application

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Past Security Clearance Posts

Security Clearance Process

During a recent Defense Security Service webinar DoD policy experts acknowledged the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) has made little or no progress to clear…
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Security Clearance Denial

The fine print in Privacy Act notices outline the routine uses for federal agencies that collect information from individuals. In the case of background investigations,…
Security Clearance Jobs

Most of the questions, comments, and discussions about security clearance processes revolve around DoD and Intelligence Community agencies. There are, however, many other Federal Government…