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Security Clearance Denial

Time card fraud (or fudging) is prevalent in today’s workplace and federal agencies are cracking down on it. Don’t let your security clearance get caught in the mix.

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Since getting on its feet in 2017, the VROC has received 81,260 Continuous Evaluation alerts. Here is the breakdown of the types of issues concerned:

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AdjudicationSecurity Clearance DenialSecurity Clearance Process

When reading through case summaries and Report of Investigations (ROI), I always look for what a security clearance applicant’s motivation was for committing a crime,…
Security Clearance Process

Many on this blog site have written about the challenges in getting security clearance information transferred and accepted by the gaining agency under reciprocity guidelines.…
Security Clearance Denial

Many security clearance applicants mistakenly believe that entering into a pretrial intervention (PTI) program with the court in order to get charges dismissed exonerates them…