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Security Clearance Process

As another part of the shift from decades old practices of reinvestigating security clearance holders every 5 or 10 years, the DoD will focus on beefing up IT systems and resources that will continuously scour open-source data for information that may indicate problems. New applicants still have to go through

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Obtaining Security Clearance

There is much discussion on the forum about whether or not counseling or taking medication for a mental illness would prevent you from obtaining or holding a security clearance.  Myths continue to permeate and cause those needing help to hesitate in seeking it out for fear of losing their eligibility.

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Security Clearance Process

The Security Clearance, Suitability, and Credentialing Performance Accountability Council (PAC) recently released an update on progress for security clearance and background investigation reforms and the…
Security Clearance Denial

As most of us clearance holders know, there are certain behaviors and situations to stay clear of lest we find ourselves called on the carpet…
Background Investigations

With all of the scams, identity theft and other nefarious activity going on these days more and more people are opting to freeze their credit…
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