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Security Clearance news

Security Clearance Process teamed up with the Intelligence and National Security Foundation (INSF) to analyze why there is so much confusion among the younger population about drug use, specifically marijuana, and current government policies. Last month, they released a white paper, “(Uncleared) and Confused: Drug Use Confusion Trips Up Young People” that revealed 1

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Obtaining Security Clearance

Security clearance reform over the past few years have helped lower the length of time it takes to complete the required national security background investigation. Latest metrics published by the Defense Security and Counterintelligence Agency (DCSA) show Tier 5 investigations for Top Secret taking an average 100 days or less to complete

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Security Clearance Denial

Even though it is practiced across the entire country, prostitution is illegal in the United States. There are countries where it is legal and regulated.…
Security Clearance Denial

I don’t see more than a handful of Defense Office of Hearing and Appeal cases where the applicant is denied security clearance eligibility due to…
Background Investigations

Not to sound like a broken record here, but it amazes me when people want to work for the federal government as a civilian employee…