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Obtaining Security Clearance

For some, life events happen, they get down on their luck, and they eventually fall into the hole financially. Adjudicators and appeals judges are fully aware of this and take these factors into consideration when determining whether to grant clearance eligibility. You don’t need to pay all of the debt

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Security Clearance Process

In the personnel and industrial security world there are many words and acronyms used that clearance applicants may not be familiar with which may be confusing. Previously, I provided an article on what the Report of Investigation codes meant. Here are some terms used by security professionals who process, review, or adjudicate

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Security Clearance Denial

I don’t know many people who would willingly hand over their personal bank account information to their nephew in order for him use it to…
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Ketamine, also known on the street as Cat Valium, Jet K, Special K, Purple, Super K, and a few other colorful names, is a controlled…
Security Clearance Denial

There is a saying in military circles about what happens when you are on travel to a temporary duty assignment (TDY) stays there. This also…