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Security Clearance Denial

There are two topics during background investigation processing that cause the most problems for applicants: failure to disclose criminal history and how you left a previous employment. The Standard Form 85, 85-P or 86 (used for all investigation levels also require submission of the OF-306 (Declaration for Federal Employment). There

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Security Clearance Denial

Strength of character, trustworthiness, reliability, honesty, and sound judgement are the traits and characteristics employers want from their workers. The same goes for determining whether to grant someone access to classified national security information. So how does your behavior at work relate to whether you are granted a security clearance?

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Security Clearance Denial

Security clearance holders have an obligation to report all employment outside the scope of the company who sponsored their clearance. This is to ensure there are no…

The use of illegal drugs (under Federal law) is a sure-fire way to lose eligibility for a security clearance, especially if you already have one.…
Obtaining Security Clearance

As we all know, divorces have the potential to get messy. Property and monetary compensation are motivation for one or both parties to resort to…