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Security Clearance Process

The Defense Security Service (DSS) published a job aid for security professionals and Facility Security Officers (FSO) to assist military and DoD civilian personnel in understanding what is in the Statement of Reasons (SOR) package and how to respond to a Letter of Intent (LOI) to deny eligibility for a

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Security Clearance Denial

The Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) released their first batch of decisions for security clearance and public trust position denial appeals for 2019. Through the end of February, DOHA heard 83 appeals and as in previous years, financial issues continue to outpace all others followed by personal conduct,

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Security clearance adjudicators are trained to review background investigations, apply adjudicative guidelines and criteria, and make a decision as to whether granting an individual eligibility…
Security Clearance Process

You may be a bit confused with the acronym-laden title of this post, and that is perfectly understandable. Unless you are a security professional it…
Security Clearance Process

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