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Security Clearance Denial

In most security clearance denial cases, you see one, two or maybe three issues that result in the denial. It is rare to see four types of issues, but that is exactly what happened in this particular case. A federal contractor IT specialist held a security clearance from 1989 until

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Security Clearance Process

Now that you were granted clearance eligibility it does not mean you are done being evaluated as a trusted clearance holder. In accordance with Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3, you are required to report certain things, including financial issues that arise which may cause you to become delinquent on your debts.

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Past Security Clearance Posts

Background Investigations

There was a lively and informative conversation on a recent ClearanceJobs Blog posting when a security clearance applicant asked for advice on whether they needed to…
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Having reviewed a ton of resumes for job applicants who have security clearances, I have noticed a trend in the way many from the Defense…
Security Clearance Process

All national security background investigations have required checks that must be completed in order for the investigation to meet federal investigative standards. One of the required checks…
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