Security Clearance Process

What Does No Determination Made Mean for a Security Clearance?

National Security Adjudicators enter their adjudicative determinations into the various systems of record used to house security clearance information (DISS, CVS, Scattered Castles, etc.).  These determinations could be to grant, deny, or revoke eligibility. They can also enter loss of jurisdiction, close no action, or no determination made. So, what exactly does a no determination made (NDM) entry mean? It is when a determination on the applicant cannot be made due to lack of information or documentation. Below are a few scenarios where an NDM could be used:

  • The applicant’s command/SMO fails to claim the applicant in DISS after the Consolidated Adjudications Service (CAS) sends a request.
  • The CAS is unable to request additional information or expend jurisdiction on those applicants who are processing into the military that have unmitigated issues.
  • When an attempt by the CAS is made to obtain additional information and a response is not received (e.g., interrogatories, medical documentation, court dispositions).
  • During the due process phase, the applicant does not respond to a Statement of Intent or Statement of Reasons.

Company Facility Security Officers (FSO) or Agency Special Security Officers (SSO) are the ones who get the notifications from the CAS requesting additional information or to claim the applicant in DISS. The request will have the specific information needed and the deadline for submitting it. If for some reason the applicant is uncooperative or unable to provide the information timely due to extenuating circumstances, the FSO or SSO will communicate that to the CAS via DISS.


  1. Can you do “NO ACTION”?

  2. There was a post on this forum (or maybe the late lamented Federal Soup security clearance forums) from somebody who got this outcome. As I recall this person was a military member so I suspect your second bullet may have applied.

    I’d say this is a pretty rare outcome… I wonder if it mostly occurs when somebody loses interest in the job or finds something else after waiting a long time for the clearance.