Security Clearance Process

Common Terminology Used by Personnel Security in Clearance and Investigation Processing

In the personnel and industrial security world there are many words and acronyms used that clearance applicants may not be familiar with which may be confusing. Previously, I provided an article on what the Report of Investigation codes meant. Here are some terms used by security professionals who process, review, or adjudicate background investigations.

Administratively WithdrawnAn action taken to withdraw clearance eligibility due to it no longer being needed due to resignation or position change
AORAcknowledgement of Receipt – signed by the applicant saying they received a request
CVRContinuous Vetting Report – adverse information reported
CNAClosed No Action – additional information received that does not require any action
Conditional EligibilityApplicant is granted eligibility with conditions that will be monitored for one year
Eligibility SuspendedApplicant had an interim clearance and derogatory information was received that warrants suspension of the interim clearance until the case is worked further
Eligible with WaiverSCI investigations when the applicant has foreign national influence concerns regarding dual or foreign citizenship
Incident ReportDerogatory information provided based on reportable requirements
LOD/LORLetter of Denial/Letter of Revocation – used after an SOR to deny or revoke a clearance
LOILetter of Interrogatory – used to obtain additional information
LOJLoss of Jurisdiction –applicant has separated and no longer affiliated
NDMNo Determination Made – adjudicator needs more information to proceed with adjudication
ReciprocityApplicant has an investigation from another agency that meets the standards for granting a clearance
REOReopen or Reimbursable Suitability Investigation – additional work on a case completed by an investigator
RFARequest for Action –asking for more information from the applicant, command, files, or review within the CAS
SOIStatement of Intent – receipt stating applicant‘s intent to respond to SOR with intent to respond or not respond
SORStatement of Reasons – document used to tell the applicant their clearance is in the process of being denied or revoked

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