Security Clearance Process

DCSA’s CAS and VRO Divisions Are Now Called the Adjudication and Vetting Services

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) is continuing its organizational transformation with the goal of being able to be more dynamic and responsive to future challenges in adjudicating background investigations and reviewing Continuous Vetting (CV) alerts. Their Consolidated Adjudications Services (CAS) Division has merged with the Vetting Risk Operations (VRO) Division and are now called the Adjudication and Vetting Services (AVS).

This consolidation of the two divisions allows DCSA to utilize AVS personal security specialists across the board in adjudicating completed background investigations, reviewing continuous vetting alerts, and preparing for the future increase in workloads resulting from the implementation of Trusted Workforce 2.0 requirements. The AVS merger eliminates current adjudicative redundancies and will make reciprocity determinations more streamlined, since all the work is going through the same department. The CV program will eliminate the need for periodic reinvestigations through real time data received from automated records checks like the FBI’s Rap Back program or OPM’s Credit Bureau.

On another note, DCSA’s National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) system continues to experience glitches for processing the eAPPs for background investigations. System outages, unexpected error messages, and update releases that cause other issues frustrate both applicants and security personnel, and result in additional time and effort to work through the problems. DCSA has hired a new NBIS Executive Program Manager, Mr. Robert Schadey, who hopefully will bring in a fresh perspective and expertise to get NBIS stabilized and reliable.


  1. So since my first pending app to my current one now, they’ve changed their name 3 times. CAF to CAS to AVS. Seems like they’re a little… indecisive.