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DCSA Experiences Glitch for Continuous Vetting Enrollments

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) published guidance last week for defense industry security professionals regarding automatic enrollment into DoD’s Continuous Vetting (CV) Program for clearance holders. The Vetting Risk Operations (VRO) is tasked with ensuring industry security clearance holders are enrolled in CV. The VRO recently discovered a glitch in the automatic enrollment for those individuals who had a national security investigation adjudicated from October 2021 to present. The CV enrollment did not get pushed through.

The step-by-step guidance outlines what criteria is required for CV enrollment and what actions need to be taken if CV enrollment is not reflected in the Defense Information System for Security (DISS). In order to be eligible for CV enrollment the individual must have an owning Security Management Office (SMO) that sponsors the clearance, be in a position that requires a clearance, submission of an updated SF-86, and the personal identifiers (SSN, Date of Birth, Name) on the SF-86 must match what is reflected in DISS.

Facility Security Officers (FSO) are responsible for checking to ensure clearance holders in their company are correctly enrolled in CV. They have the ability to run reports out of DISS that will show the status of everyone under their SMO. There are three types of Continuous Evaluation (CE) statuses:

  • Other: individual was enrolled in CE by the DoD as a part of the DoD CV Program.
  • Deferred Investigation: individual was enrolled by the VRO after review of the updated SF-86 and deferment of the periodic reinvestigation.
  • Not Enrolled in CE: individual is not enrolled in CE and has not submitted an updated SF-86