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Can individuals access classified national security information without having undergone the background investigation process and been granted a security clearance?  Normally the answer is no, but there are certain instances where the requirement is waived.  Here are some of the exceptions: The President and members of the U.S. Senate and

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Career Advice

As a security professional I do a lot of reading and research to keep up with the constant changes in my chosen career field.  During the course of my reading I have come to the conclusion that many people who apply for federal contractor or civil servant positions seem confused

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Obtaining Security Clearance

We've had a lot of threads here where people have briefly discussed how they obtained their clearance. Let's make it official.. Tell us: When you…
Obtaining Security Clearance

Only a year? See security clearance. I know a lot of job seekers that would be very happy with only a year wait. The average…
Career AdviceSecurity Clearance Jobs

The latest Security Clearance Salary Survey on suggest that even though cleared candidates earn more than non-cleared candidates, they are still not happy with…