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The DoD and the Intelligence Community seem to be suffering an uptick in the number cleared employees or contractors who are at the center of news stories about leaking classified information, falsifying documents, providing false statements, and generally engaging in unethical behavior. A few weeks ago we heard about the former

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Security Clearance Denial

Lost in all of the sensationalism and political rancor of the last few months is the fact that FBI Background Investigators have been quietly gathering information on White House staffers who must undergo the security clearance process just like the rest of us.  Quietly, that is, until now! Politico posted

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Background Investigations

60 Minutes aired a special report on November 8th that revealed the details of their special investigation into how the likes of Snowden, Alexis, and Manning were all able to pass the background investigation process and be granted security clearances.  The report revealed data sources and information that clearly brought

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Security Clearance Jobs

CIA Director John Brennan outlined the 21st century challenges facing his agency and the organizational changes being made to address these challenges at a recent dinner event in front of 500 guests of the Intelligence Community. Among the changes currently being implemented were two key additions to the agency: Establishment

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