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Security Clearance Denial

Failure to pay attention to detail seems to top the list of reasons for applications to be denied, with issues of missing or incomplete information taking up the majority of the top 20 issues.

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PolygraphSecurity Clearance Process

Want to know the value of a security clearance? Ask someone who has had theirs revoked and fails to get it reinstated upon an appeal to the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA). While the accuracy of polygraph examinations remains so controversial that they’re inadmissible in most courts, they

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Background InvestigationsSecurity Clearance Jobs

We’re launching a new article series at highlighting security clearance professions. If you work in the security clearance industry and would like to be featured email [email protected] Security Clearance Career Profile: Investigating the Tough Cases by Ericka Cady for Until recently I worked at the Defense Office of

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IMPACT 2011 took place in Chantilly, Va. this week and while the event was off-the-record, it’s worth reporting the hot topics discussed in this gathering of security officers and experts. With hundreds of Facility Security Officers and Information System Security Officers in attendance the forum was a hot venue for information

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