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Security Clearance Denial

The FBI released a statement and politico reported that a former FBI contract linguist pleaded guilty to unlawfully providing classified documents to the host of an Internet blog who then published information derived from those documents on the blog. Shamai Kedem Leibowitz, a.k.a., Samuel Shamai Leibowitz, 39, of Silver Spring,

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Secretary Gates said the “freedom of communication and the nature of it is a huge strategic asset for the United States…there are clearly a number of governments, around the world, that try to control these communications…but these governments “can’t draw the net tight enough to stop everything”… However, the DOD

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Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

An April 27, 2008 Los Angeles Times article reported on a new study, released in March, by the Pentagon’s little-known Defense Personnel Security Research Center, which examined the changing nature of espionage from 1947 to 2007. . . . the biggest change in espionage is in the motivation to commit

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Security Clearance Jobs

This is an odd story, but apparently 100% true. Those pesky Canadians have been slipping coins with tiny radio transmitters hidden inside in the pants of U.S. contractors visiting the country. I’m not entirely sure how contractors would be singled out specifically, but that’s beside the point. The Defense Security Service

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