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  1. Avatar

    My wife has a 10 year permanent resident card. I am a first generation immigrant, and is a naturalized citizen. Everyone of my immediate family member are either native born US-Citizen, or naturalized citizen.

    The concern is that I’m planning on obtaining a Top Secret Clearance. How will this affect my opportunity to obtain one?

    The only member in my family that is of foreign national is my wife. However, she is learning English and planning on becoming naturalized within the time frame of her green card. Also, she only has one foreign half sister who resides outside of the US. I like to know if a top secret clearance is even possible. My background is clean, no drugs, criminal activity, no overthrow of govt.

  2. Avatar


    I know plenty of people with foreign spouses and family that hold clearances.

    May I ask what country?

  3. Avatar


    Country is Cambodia.

  4. Avatar

    I have smoked marijuana with my brother during my freshman and some of my sophomore year of college. While I cannot remember the number of times exactly, I would estimate it to be under 10 times. I have a two part question: under what exact conditions/circumstances are members of your immediate family interviewed, questioned or contacted? Also, is it possible for a potential interviewee to turn down an investigative questioning with the investigator, regardless of their importance to the interview? Thank you for your response.

  5. Avatar


    My expertise is not in adjudications, but I say go for the clearance. Again, many people have foreign born spouses and family members.

  6. Avatar

    Oh Jason, stop scheming, we’re good at what we do and your drugged out ass can’t hide. MUWHAHAHAHAHA

    Just kidding, but really, stop scheming, open and honest is the only way to go!

  7. Avatar

    Easy! I do not plan on hiding anything! 🙂 I just would like to know if/when members of your family are contacted, as I have not come accross any literature regarding such topic.

  8. Avatar

    Members of a Subject’s family are not routinely interviewed. Yet if during your security clearance interview you admit to smoking marijuana with your brother he would most likely be interviewed to verify what you said during your security interview about the marijuana usage. As for a Subject refusing to answer a question asked by the Investigator, that is the Subject’s prerogative. Yet if a Subject does refuse to answer the question and it is a question that is needed for their interview the investigator will indicate in their report something to the effect “Subject refused to answer xyz question.” I don’t take it personally if a Subject refuses to answer a question. The way I look at it is I have a job already, this interview is so a Subject can get a job. If they don’t want to provide all of the information needed for their background investigation it is only hurting them. If an adjudicator does not have all of the information they need to grant a security clearance then they may not grant one. It is up to the Subject.

  9. Avatar


    I’m not trying to judge, but sounds like you may be hiding the use from some family members. If so, that’s fine. You should know we investigators will not tell anyone we interview about the use you admit to in your interview. But, as silly as it sounds, the more people that know, the better for you. I’m not telling you to run-out and fess your sins, just something to ponder. Good luck.

  10. Avatar

    I am not hiding anything from anyone, nor do I plan on hiding anything on the SF-86 or the Subject interview. I do not have a relationship with my family and have not had contacted with anyone except my sister for almost four years now (long story). I simply wanted to know if and when immediate family members are contacted and for what reasons. But thank you for the previous input!

  11. Avatar


    Understood. Odds your family would be interviewed are minimal at best and most unlikely. Sounds like you have a good handle on things and please know, I wasn’t being accusatory, just wanted you to be careful. Best of luck.

  12. Avatar

    Given what u have said, I would clear you; no other issues?

  13. Avatar

    Incidentally, the reason for you not talking to ur family may be requested, it may be a benefit in the adjudicators decision process. “long story” doesn’t look good at all.

  14. Avatar

    I am currently in a dilemma and need to get this cleared up. Two weeks ago, I’ve started a position with a Federal agency with my preliminary clearance for Public Trust. My friends told me they have received the questionnaires sent out by OPM investigators, so I know the investigation is currently underway. I’ve gotten my Public Trust before with another agency four years ago, so I know there shouldn’t be any problems. However, one of my bosses from a previous employment is very eager to have me back with his company and have presented a job offer which is hard to refuse. This will save me an hour and a half commute to work each day *total 3 hours a day* if I take the position. Now my question is, what risk/impact would I face if I submit my two weeks notice to my Federal job position while my security clearance investigation is still open? Will this cause any backlash for me should I ever return to work for a government position that requires clearance in the future?

  15. Avatar

    Thank you all for the response.

    I do have a few other issues: Minor in consumption, 2005, malicious mischief (alcohol related) 2010, speeding ticket, 2007, I’ve downloaded a few songs through peer-to-peer networks but no longer do as of a couple of years ago.

    I’ve been isolated from my birth family since I was a child because of divorce between my birth parents. I know it sounds harsh, but I have developed an emotional disconnect from them. I have visited them a few times more than 4 years ago, mostly during the holidays, but other than that my conversation and relationships with them is nonexistent.

  16. Avatar


    Short answer–will not hurt you. This is a free country and I know I would take the better deal without hesitation. Good luck.

  17. Avatar

    Jason, just be honest with your investigator during your interview and let the chips fall where they may. He don’t really have another choice anyway.

    Stan, go on take the money and run.

  18. Avatar

    Take what is beneficial to you! Not a big deal in long run…

  19. Avatar


    Nice–got another song ref in.

  20. Avatar

    Found out today that OPM is extending our company’s current contract until Sept or Oct. Probably going to award the new contract Oct 1, 2011 for Q1 of FY12.

  21. Avatar

    Why the extension? Are they not able to award until Fiscal year begin?

  22. Avatar

    Your guess is as good as mine BW. I was told our current contract expired on Friday 07/01/11 and we should expect to hear about the new contract on or around 07/05/11. I e-mailed a POC for our compnay who is dealing directly with the contract and she advised me of the extension.

  23. Avatar

    In 2003 DoD investigated me for TS. I told them about 98% of my potentially disqualifying drug use. It was apparently mitigated and I got DoD TS.

    Then in 2005, I had an SBI for SCI access for a three letter agency, at this time, I indicated to the three letter agency 100% of my potentially disqualifying drug use. I passed a specific issue polygraph, and was subsequently denied SCI access, due to drug use and personal behavior (lying on 2003 DoD SF86). My DoD TS was suspended in conjunction with the SCI denial.

    In 2006 the same three letter agency reinvestigated, poly’ed and adjudicated and granted SCI access. Shortly later my DoD TS was reinstated.

    2011 – I am up for DoD PR. Filling out my form, all the potentially disqualifying drug use is outside the 7 year window the form indicates to consider. My question is, at the personnel interview, is the interviewer going to ask me if I ever did drugs? I’m trying to understand if I should bring a dated version of the SF86 (circa 2006), to avoid having to go through my history again and make yet another written narrative that I feel like might be used to indicate that I was less than truthful, candid, or forethcoming on my SF86.

  24. Avatar


    The question should not be asked if “Ever” used drugs. Should be within the last 7 years unless you were charged or arrested. If for any reason your investigator asks if you ever used drugs, just answer by saying not in the past 7 years as this is what is required. Now, with that being said, you will have to discuss your clearance being suspended or revoked, so drugs will be part of that investigation. If your last drug use was outside of the 7 year window and you did not use any while holding a clearance you should be fine. When you answer “No” to use in past 7 years and it is truthful, you cannot be called a liar.

    Hope this makes sense

  25. Avatar


    I can only assume a money issue. I suppose if Congress got off their a–ses and do their jobs, it may have been awarded.

  26. Avatar


    I have a question regarding SCI eligibility vs. a TS/SSBI. I have been told that I have a TS but I am not eligible for SCI because it was not requested during adjudication. Can you tell me how hard it will be to get the SCI eligible portion added to my TS clearance? I was told it might include another investigation which leads me to believe it could take a while. I am actually pursuing other employment right now and this SCI eligibility thing my be a huge hold up.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  27. Avatar


    You cannot just add SCI to your clearance. You must be working in an SCI environment and it must be requested by your agency.

  28. Avatar

    I have just received notification that a interim has been denied. My potential employer asked me some questions, and said he would hold the position until he could meet with regional investigator.

    Retired military held secret clearance from 1985-2005 @ retirement. Applying for secret.

    No debt, no drug use, no criminal record.

    Spouse however, is foreign national w/ permanent alien card. Have received secret clearance while married, back in 1995.

  29. Avatar


    I am 25 years old and recently recieved a job offer pending obtaining a secret security clearance for a non critical position. I was wondering what my chances are at achieving this goal.

    I have ONE Alcohol related charge on my record, which happened last year. A DWI, in which am on restricted license, and have to attend VASAP. Other than this charge, this is the only thin gon my record.

    I have been fired from a job before for attendance for personal reasons. But have held several jobs for 4+ years.

    And finally, Have 2 credit cards. Both are in collections at the moment. Am trying to setup arrangements to start making payments to pay these off. The balances on them total around 2500-3000.

    I know im hitting areas in 3 big reasons why you get denied, but was wondering what my chances were of getting my clearance. And also, if my chances are poor, would they take into consideration at how badly the position in my area needs to be filled? Any input would help clear my mind.

    Thank you


  30. Avatar

    Adjudicator 101:

    Have you settled in to your new building and gotten everything up and running? Hope the move wasn’t to tramatic and things aren’t too backed up. Has DISCO already made the move or will they arrive later?

  31. Avatar

    Is it rare to pass a poly, and then be adjudicated unfavorably?

  32. Avatar

    Adjudicative Guidelines have changed twice since you married in 1995 and greater importance has been placed on foreign influence. In your case your spouse and her immediate family members might be a concern. Perhaps the fact that your spouse has chosen not to become a US citizen was a factor. Nevertheless your situation seems somewhat unusual. Unfortunately there is no requirement to advise applicants about why an interim is not granted and investigative personnel are not in a position to find out why. You’re not applying for a Secret level Special Access Program (SAP) are you?

  33. Avatar

    Absent any aggravating or complicating factors, a single alcohol-related offense (even a recent one) usually will not cause a clearance denial. Likewise a single employment termination for an attendance problem rarely, if ever, results in a clearance denial. The 2 collection accounts are iffy. If they occurred because of reasons largely beyond your control (i.e. substantial period of unemployment) and if you make a few payments on an approved repayment plan by the time of clearance adjudication, you have a fair chance of receiving a clearance. In your case the chance of getting an interim clearance is very poor because of the DWI and collection accounts. The big question is whether your prospective employer will continue to sponsor your clearance application for as long as it takes to get a final clearance determination. If so, then it would be worth the money to get some professional help in preparing for a Subject Interview, and possibly a reply to a Statement of Reasons, if you receive one. I recommend you gather as much information as possible regarding “issue mitigation.” You can start at https://news.clearancejobs.com/ where I have articles posted on alcohol, finances, and personal conduct, as well as other clearance topics.

    The adjudicative agency for defense contractor cases is DISCO/DOHA. I’ve never seen a DISCO/DOHA case decision where the need to fill a position vacancy was factor in a clearance decision. Other adjudicative agencies will grant clearances with an “exception” (waiver, condition, or deviation) for applicants with unique skills needed for critical positions. Good luck.

  34. Avatar

    I don’t know how common or rare it is to be denied a TS/SCI after favorably completing a polygraph exam, but it’s possible. You don’t really pass or fail a polygraph. Your results are either “No Deception Indicated,” “Inconclusive,” or “Deception Indicated.” And in rare instances, “Countermeasures Suspected.” If you’re completely honest and don’t feel guilty about anything, you could “NDI” however, if you admit significant issues that you did not list on your SF86, you could be denied a clearance. The polygraph is an investigative tool, but it is sometimes used as a method of screening out applicants who are obviously not eligible for a clearance. This is often the case when the exam is done at the beginning of the application process for contractor and “excepted service” positions.

  35. Avatar

    I took it a year ago…so if there were issues in the poly I would assume it would have been rejected by now…plus, no new info was revealed during the process. I don’t feel guilty, I am just nit-picking since I have had so long to think about this.

  36. Avatar


    Please send me an e-mail–had a crash and lost your address. Thanks

    Investigator–please do the same. Thanks

  37. Avatar

    VIRGINA, I give you a 50/50 chance.

    Maybe you should go to Vegas.

    Just kidding, I have no idea, sorry.

  38. Avatar

    Hello Mr. Henderson, Yes, moved into the new building and settled nicely. Pretty state of the art facility too. My cases are not backed up but some adjudicators have cases from March 2010 that they have not opened up yet! Crazy. Sad too.
    We are all getting our processes co-located and …everything is slow with the government…
    Disco is set to move next week, I think. There are only about 10 people coming from Columbus, decimating their staff. We hope to catch up while they hire.

  39. Avatar

    Adjudicator 101:
    It sounds far worse than decimation. Seems like they have lost nine out of every ten rather than one in ten. I read that the DISCO facility clearance people move to Quantico last week.
    Semper Gumby — Bill

  40. Avatar

    What I meant was that some people feel guilty even after they disclose everything. Usually a good polygrapher can compensate for this, but not always.

    Did they actually do the field portion of you investigation (i.e. Subject Interview, interviews with neighbors, friends, work associates)?

    On rare occasions intelligence agency CAFs don’t want to adjudicate a case. They would prefer that the applicant give up and move on to another job opportunity. I’ve heard of this happening to applicants with foreign connections. Israel comes to mind. It also happens for other reasons. I’ve also heard of contractor FSOs being told by the government customer to withdraw a person’s clearance request. I believe this occurs because they don’t want to grant the clearance, but they can not justify a clearance denial.

  41. Avatar

    I have been waiting in adjudication for 6 months now for an intel clearance. After taking three polys the BI was started and completed. Shortly after I went into adjudication. I know that I have dual citizenship and extensive overseas travel. How long can I expect to wait to get cleared? If I have made it thus far do you think the likelihood of me getting cleared is high?

  42. Avatar

    Yea, the investigation was closed a long time ago. I really hope they aren’t trying to have me quit. 🙁 Also, it is Sudabeh, not Sudabeth. 😀

  43. Avatar

    I took my full-scope poly earlier this year. Everything went well except one question was deemed inconclusive. The polygrapher said that the follow up questions confirmed I was being truthful, but I still gave a inconclusive to one question. My results were sent on and have been in adjudication ever since.

    How long can I expect to wait for a response? What are my chances for a favorable result? I have held a TS/SCI clearance for over 3 years and have nothing on my record or background to indicate I was not being truthful. The wait has been killing me…

  44. Avatar

    I just separated from the military and I have an an active secret clearance. My question is, if I wanted apply for a Top Secret is it somewhere I can go to do this at my own will at my expense?

  45. Avatar


    I worked as a government contractor for two years. I was called almost 14months after working b/c I wasn’t quite done with adjudication (I was shocked) however, I believed I completed the things that they needed at the time for a public trust (H) clearance 07-2010.
    Do you know how long it stays on file with DHS?
    What may I do to receive information for this clearance so that it may be easier to clear confidential or secret?
    Thank you kindly

  46. Avatar

    What would you say about this case Mr. Henderson? Sorry to spam the threads, just a bit concerned because I just mailed in my complete packet today!

  47. Avatar

    I’m tired of these job fairs focusing hiring people who already have security clearances. It seems that all they are doing is recycling the same employeed people (and military defects) to work these jobs while those of us who are unemployed or employed BUT not working in our fields of study are left with the remedial $10 -$12 jobs because we don’t have clearances. I’ve had a clearance before and some (edit-by-admin) adjudicator striped me of my clearance (in this sorry economy) due to a student loan that he subjectively felt like I had not done enough to try to repay. Now, mind you, that I was going for an upgrade to a TS/SCI NOT for him to take what I already had. If you’re not going to upgrade me that’s one thing BUT DON’T take what I already have. That affects my livelihood (That’s a hole different isue from my question). My real question is what jobs, what companies should I look at that will sponsor me for a new security clearance? I don’t mind waiting a year, year & a half to get it, I just need to get it.


    Frustrated Clearance

    PS…sorry for venting but I needed to get it off my chest.

  48. Avatar


    Absent any aggravating or complicating factors, a single alcohol-related offense (even a recent one) usually will not cause a clearance denial. Likewise a single employment termination for an attendance problem rarely, if ever, results in a clearance denial. The 2 collection accounts are iffy. If they occurred because of reasons largely beyond your control (i.e. substantial period of unemployment) and if you make a few payments on an approved repayment plan by the time of clearance adjudication, you have a fair chance of receiving a clearance. Your chance of getting an interim clearance is very poor because of the DWI and collection accounts.

    The big question is whether your prospective employer will continue to sponsor your clearance application for as long as it takes to get a final clearance determination. If so, then you need to prepare for a Subject Interview. If you later receive a Statement of Reasons, I recommend getting professional help to answer it. For right now I recommend you gather as much information as possible regarding “issue mitigation.” Go to the main ClearanceJobs website where I have articles posted on alcohol, finances (3), and personal conduct, as well as other clearance topics.

    The adjudicative agency for defense contractor cases is DISCO/DOHA. I’ve never seen a DISCO/DOHA case where the need to fill a critical position vacancy was a factor in the clearance decision. Other adjudicative agencies will grant clearances with an “exception” (waiver, condition, or deviation) for applicants with unique skills needed for critical positions. Good luck.

  49. Avatar

    @ William,

    No on the special access.

    The FSO now seems to think my brother, who is a dual US/Israeli citizen is the culprit. The CEO has advised me to job search elsewhere as investigations can become costly. Sorry for their and the CMAOC’s loss.

  50. Avatar

    I don’t think it’s your brother. The basic cost of a NACLC for a Secret is only $228 and the prospective employer doesn’t pay for it. Is it possible the prospective employer is not being totally honest with you? Something seems wrong.

  51. Avatar

    DISCO Linthicum office moved/is moving in this week, DISCO Columbus moves in on the 18th. Either way, the backlog will be 10 times worse than it ever has been before. What a horrible time to apply for a clearance.

    Drew: the FSO would not be privy to any issues being adjudicated in your case; you don’t have to tell him anything either. It sounds like he is digging to get the info and “help” your supervisor make a decision quicker. Based on what you said I think that the adjudicator is probably needing to get the military file (and that takes time) or he/she needs verification of your spouse’s status.

  52. Avatar

    I have 2 issues I have thought about. Could you please tell me if my request for TS will have to be adjudicated or denied?
    1) Within the past year I was in Signal school. We talked about security and I used my personal computer in the hotel I was living in to experiment with some programs we talked about (Wireshark, Cain and Abel . . .ect). I was trying to learn more about security, and I never did anything malicious to anyone’s machine, but some programs are designed to do those things. Also, in one class in Signal school I took control of some of my classmates computers and shut them down and popped out their CD drives ect., which constitutes entering another’s IT system. It was common and happened in every Signal class, but I still worry. . .
    2) One time in April 2011 I viewed the Wikileaks website for the first time to see what it was all about. I browsed for about ten minutes then left. I did not download anything and have never been back since. I just wanted to see what the fuss was about.

    I have an otherwise very clean record. Do I have anything to worry about? I appreciate your time and your help.

  53. Avatar


    Unfortunately there is no way–you must have a sponsor and a need. Market the secret and note you are clearable to TS. Thanks for your service.

  54. Avatar


    Let’s see, you called military folks defects, and adjudicator’s axxholes. Guess what my friend, those are the types you are addressing here–so let’s be a little more professional if you want advice from us. If you feel the need to vent, use a venting site. Now, ask nicely and we may help 🙂

  55. Avatar


    If you are in the military–you may have violated some orders. Were you told not to view wikileaks? You may run into some problems if you were viewing the classified cables. I know there was orders DoD wide on this. Sounds like the other stuff was a prank.

  56. Avatar

    Thank you so much for your advice! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  57. Avatar

    Here’s a funny thing that most probably don’t know or haven’t thought about: why didn’t anyone think about nullifying this BRAC move??? (Yes VH, we all know it is law now)

    Having been an adjudicator at an un-named CAF for many years I wonder…….what is Industry going to do – don’t even ask what Congress is going to do – in regards to the IRTPA? IRTPA is a law just as the BRAC is a law. Come 6-12 months from now when the goals set for DISCO have dropped lower than any sewer in this country there will ultimately be some sort of allowance made for the times that DISCO is going to be posting for granting a clearance. Does anyone out there realize that it takes a good THREE years to fully train an adjudicator? Probably not – no one wants to talk about that.

    Out of say approximately 117 slots in the current DISCO manning staff less than 20 percent are moving to Ft Meade. So that means 80 plus percent are going to need to be trained. Is DISCO now fully training these people? NO. DISCO in its infinite wisdom continues to lay the majority of the responsibility on the individuals still remaining in Columbus. There are only 36 days left until the last person will be released in Columbus. AND STILL – the difficult work is thrust upon the people who are losing their job to complete. Is moral a little low? – YA THINK?? Don’t take any of this and use it to train the new souls in Linthicum – that would make sense. Add to that that these same people in Columbus are being taken away from their adjudicative responsibilities for a day and being forced to go to a ‘DOG and PONY celebration (of losing their jobs)’ to cover for a single individual. Primarily because no one would volunteer to attend due to the treatment we all have received.

    Not only has DISCO management let virtually every person not moving with the BRAC down – by making promises that have been made and never will be upheld – let’s add another group of individuals to the current foreclosure pool. The governments PPP (Priority Placement Program – should be blank blank Planning) has not helped a SINGLE PERSON. They’ll tell you otherwise but facts are facts. Now we are dooming the entire industrial community to a slower and more agonizing process for the next 2-3 years.

    What happened to the mind set our government had after 9/11? The one where we couldn’t park close to any building and we didn’t put all our eggs into one basket. Why are we throwing all these CAF’s into one building? OH and the national debt? – anybody wonder why we are spending all the MILLIONS of dollars to build this building and move these people? Anyone know how long it’s going to take the US taxpayer to pay back this wonderful/un-needed move? Let’s just say about 11-12 years.

    You think the clearance for your contractors is slow now? I don’t know if you remember the SLOW DOWN that occurred when OPM took over the investigative responsibilities from DSS, and we went from CCMS to JPAS – trust me this is going to be worse.

  58. Avatar

    BW ~ you are too nice.
    James, good luck. You’ll need it. Your anger issues will only impede your clearance eligibility; get it out on another site and come back with a valid question and not multiple reasons for your prior disqualification.

  59. Avatar


    Thank you for providing the information. After corresponding with the CEO of my review of credit check, score and verifying local police records were clean, he immediately sent the declination sheet from the FSO. It does not provide much info at all.

    They are a very small, small business, whoever takes the position will be the third consultant on the pay roll. The CEO/FSO are a husband wife team which both carry full time careers outside of the business.

    Could you better arm me with the cost? If it’s only $228 and the firm does not pay, who does, and to who?

    Thank You.

  60. Avatar

    Yes, there was an email that was sent out about Wikileaks sometime last year. If that is going to pretty much be the extent of my issues, would it be enough for a clearance denial? Thank you for the help.

  61. Avatar

    Appropriated funds are used for all defense contractor clearances processed by DSS/DISCO, including contractors for 23 other non-DOD federal agencies under the National Industrial Security Program. DSS uses this money to pay OPM for the investigations (about 150,000 investigations a year). I believe DSS was budgeted about $280M last year for contractor clearances. The intelligence agencies that do their own investigations also use appropriated funds. The only contractors I know of who pay OPM for investigations of their own personnel are those that provide OPM with investigative services. For those cases I believe OPM absorbs the cost of adjudication.

  62. Avatar

    Probably not, but you’re getting into untested waters. I’ve not yet see any cases where violating the prohibition against viewing the Wikileaks documents has been an issue. Can’t comment on your other issue because I don’t know/understand what you did.

  63. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson,
    Thank you very much for your response. I recently bought your book “Federal Suitability and Security Clearances: Issue Mitigation Handbook” by the way, and I think it is excellent. It has really given me a better understanding of the clearance process, and I am very glad I have it as a reference. I wanted to post my issues here because I get myself so worked up over ever tiny thing I can think of that could possibly affect my clearance, because ultimately that is going to be my career. I try to re-assure myself and calm down because I have a very clean record, but it is hard because I don’t know what will happen. I will just have to hope for the best, and for fair judges if I need it.
    Thank you for you time.

  64. Avatar


    Don’t know if it helps–but have seen a few similar make it through. All AD Military who were suspended, but got it back. I think the prank is just that and nobody was hurt. Just my .02 as I’m not the one with adjudication responsibility. By the way, thanks for your service and just relax it will all work itself out.

  65. Avatar

    Adjudicator 601

    Sorry to hear about the dilemma you guys have been put in. Seems as soon as you guys and us investigators get things running semi-smoothly, something happens to cause more back-logs. Good luck on whatever you choose to do.

  66. Avatar

    Adjudicator 601 ~ you sound as happy as me! Only no Dog and Pony show attendance requirements….:)

  67. Avatar

    Adjudicator 601:

    Any word on DoD hiring new adjudicators to work at Fort Meade? If so, which CAFs?

  68. Avatar

    BW An Investigator,

    I appreciate the reassurance. This forum has helped me feel a little more secure about the situation, which is what I was looking for. Thanks.

  69. Avatar

    I’m upside down on a house – it’s worth $100,000 less than what we owe. I’ve never had a late payment on the mortgage but I’ve considered unloading the house in a short sale. Walking away from a house is not something I would normally consider doing but there is little chance of ever regaining our investment and it might just be time to move on to a better prospect.

    What are the potential impacts on my clearance (TS/SCI/poly)?

  70. Avatar

    Damn. Just damn.

  71. Avatar

    Blue’s Clues

    As far as we have been told there JOA’s out there on USAJOBS…..we were told just earlier this week that one of the Branch Chiefs positions was posted.

  72. Avatar

    Adjudicator 601 –

    Thanks for your response. I am an OPM contract investigator (former LEO) trying like hell to transition to DoD adjudications. I am not a current/former federal civilian or veteran so I only look at USAJOB ads that allow any US citizen to apply.

    Adjudicator 101 is on the lookout for hiring information for me, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put a bug in your ear as well.

    I have taken 13 online classes through DoD/DSS including Intro to Adjudications, DoD PSP, JPAS, JCAVS, e-QIP, etc. BS CJ. 6 years on the street for OPM working DoD cases almost exclusively. I am willing to relocate to Fort Meade, MD (or Springfield, VA for NGA) at my own expense on short notice. With all this I still can’t seem to get my foot in the door!

    I am truly sorry to hear about the hardships the Columbus folks are having…I never figured that the PPP would fail them.

  73. Avatar

    I feel for you Blues Clues…..but if I were you I’d try to stay away from DISCO….first of all we are the ONLY CAF driven by a production report…..we have 14 minutes to do this…..20 minutes to do that…..5 minutes to do another…..and on and on and on…..every day we have to worry about making production and getting 479.67 minutes of work completed….not a single other CAF out there has to worry about that…..you know having been in the mix that some investigations can take 2 hours to complete where others take 200 hours…….try being on the adjudicative side and making a decision as to whether Joe Subject gets his interim or Habib Contractor gets his final…..in the interest of National Security some are going to take longer than others….the piecemeal-production line attitude does not conform to informed decision making…….DISCO already is having a problem holding on to new adjudicators because they’ll come in – get some training under their belt – then jump to another CAF(soon to be in the same building) to get away from the production driven end results bureaucrats.

  74. Avatar

    Adjudicator 601 –

    I feel your pain. I, too, am bound by VERY stringent production, quality and timeliness standards and, frankly, no one (from my field supervisor right up to the CEO) cares if I catch one or twenty bad cases at a time. Produce, produce, produce! Lucky for them I’m an OCD overachiever.

    As a LEO success was measured at the end of each twelve hours shift. Are you alive? Yes? Success.

    With DISCO’s attrition due to the BRAC move I think it will be my best bet at getting hired. I’ll take what I can get. But I do appreciate the insider information. I’ll take all I can get of that, too! Keep it coming!

    Good luck and Godspeed.

  75. Avatar

    Can anyone direct me to where I would be able to find out what can get a security clearance removed. I have a relative that retired 20 plus years ago and at the moment he is helping to try and get my disabled Mother to rewrite her will and Power of attorney etc… He has claimed abuse by a family member when he knows that no abuse happened as well as claiming drug abuse and theft from my mother when he is also well aware that those allegations are not true.

    Can he lose his security clearance from Perjury if it can be proved that he lied on a witness stand ?
    What affect does a garnishment on his paycheck have on a clearance rating ??
    What other ways can a retired Military person lose his clearance rating ???


  76. Avatar

    Blue’s Clues and everyone else out there – I hope and pray for a swift resolution to this dilemma – I don’t see it happening any time in the near future but that’s another story……I am a 20+ year veteran and I do very much care about this nation……but I have NEVER seen as much FUBAR as I have since I started working for this organization…..things could be so easier and so much more organized if they’d step back and think…our newest director says ‘People first…Mission always’……great concept but live up to it.

  77. Avatar

    Adj 601–

    Your boss plagerized that statement. Hey, we feel your pain–you read our reports, so you have firsthand knowledge of how much time we waste.

  78. Avatar


    Not a good idea in my opinion especially if you can afford to pay. I think we are all in the same situation, but walking away, just because, could only cause you some trouble. I’m not an adjudicator, but as an investigator you would be hard-pressed to explain it away.

  79. Avatar


    I agree with BW. I’m not an adjudicator, I’m an investigator. I think a short sale, deed in lieu or foreclosure conducted when other options (such as full repayment “as agreed”) were available could negatively affect your clearance.

    The question is this: did you fulfill your promise to repay the creditor “as agreed”?

    Sure, there could be extenuating circumstances (unemployment, serious illness, etc.), however, I doubt that simply wanting to offload the property is going to fly.

    I know several people that have relocated for work who are renting their underwater properties rather than going the short sale, deed in lieu or foreclosure route in order to protect their clearances.

  80. Avatar

    Adjudicator 601:

    I just saw the first DISCO ad on USAJOBS this morning. Good looking out.

  81. Avatar

    Adjudicator 601-
    Any idea if DISCO has completed their BRAC move? I just got out from the service after 11yrs and 3 recent duty tours. Waiting on their (DISCO) final adjudication from 06/15/11 closed OPM Investigation for NACLC. The issue was due to arrest for lack of auto insurance-I provided prove in court and the case was dismissed, and arrest record expunged.
    I did hard subject interview and provided complete information on 86-e-QUIP, But failed to explain in details (Mr. Henderson book did not arrive in the mail early). The Investigator told me that may have been why the Interim was denied.
    FSO for a contractor thinks the BRAC move may be why it has not come out from DISCO.

  82. Avatar

    I’m going to work at Starbucks. You wouldn’t believe the amount of issue cases I’ve dealt with this week. Several of which have been on Pased PR’s, what the hell???

  83. Avatar

    Fed –

    It must be in the water. I’ve seen issues this week I’ve literally never seen before – rather unusual stuff.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  84. Avatar

    Fed and Blues Clues

    Same here, just did a PPR today–one job, one resi, but took 2 hours. I think OPM needs to get on the same page with the adjudicators and quit wasting resources on non-sensical work like fixing everybody’s damn SF Forms for them. We spend too much time cover this stuff when it has no adjudicative value IMO.

  85. Avatar

    BW and Blues Clues,

    Thanks for your response – you confirm my own fears about doing anything other than staying on our current path of continued payment. Hate to rent but that is what will probably happen if we decide to relocate in the next several years. The RUMINT in this area (near DC) is that our property values will probably start to rise again in the next couple of years. We’ll see but I do appreciate your input. Have a relaxing weekend.

  86. Avatar


    The property values have to rise again at some point. If you decide to rent your home, I suggest finding a good property management company.

    Good luck!

  87. Avatar


    DISCO/DOHA is in the middle of their BRAC move from Columbus, OH to Fort Meade, MD. They are losing a good deal of their staff (adjudicators and other staff who declined to move) although some have been approved to tele-work. “Hurry up and wait” is what I’ve heard.

  88. Avatar

    I have been working in the seattle area for various Government contractors for a number of years and this year happened to be my year for periodic reinvestigation and I just completed my interview with the Investigator. During the interview I learned that the investigator was employed by USIS and worked out of their Seattle office. Although I did not bring this up during the interview it has been bothering me more and more as the days go by because over the last year or so I have been hearing from A lot of people in the “Cleared ” community that the USIS Seattle Office recently lost more that a thousand completed records of investigation and that both OPM and USIS swept this under the rug rather than take any corrective action. At this point i am concerned that the information i provided to the investigator may not be secure. has anyone heard anything about this?

  89. Avatar

    BW and others,

    I am feeling your pain. Fixing these forms for people who can’t follow instructions (and whose security officers aren’t vetting them) takes up 95% of my time. I’m also getting a lot of cases with comments from the subject (for clarification purposes). All this is doing is basically making me reiterate the information they’ve already provided in my ROI. AND I haven’t even seen any of the new SF-86 forms yet. I am assuming the comments are going to be even more frequent. Somethings gotta give…

  90. Avatar

    Contractor –

    I haven’t seen the new SF-86 in my workload yet either, but I am dreading it – specifically because subjects will be asked to explain derogatory issues in comments sections. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about it.

    I’d like to see FSOs and their counterparts awarded disincentives for failing to properly vet forms prior to submission to OPM. Applicants should have an advocate at the base/installation level. The new comments sections are going to be a breeding ground for confusion and self-incrimination.

  91. Avatar

    Would you like a crumb cake or perhaps a CD with your tall non-fat soy latte?

    (I’m just practicing for my future, which may be sooner than I thought come Aug. 2)

  92. Avatar

    Fed Inv,

    What gives–you guys getting RIF’d?

  93. Avatar

    Yeah, Fed, what’s happening August 2nd?

  94. Avatar


    Duh–I’m not thinking. I’m assuming the debt ceiling BS is what’s driving your possible new career change? Don’t sweat it–as soon as Congress and the Admin quit playing their stupid posturing games, the debt ceiling will be raised as it always is and a budget will be had. Who cares about the debt ceiling. No matter what happens, the U.S. will still drive the world economy. The buck will always stop here.

  95. Avatar

    How is infidelity vied for TS / three letter agency clearance? I’m going thru a divorce and want to know how to handle the subject on my next review and for any future federal government jobs.


  96. Avatar

    Yeah, I was talking about the debt ceiling. No RIF, don’t even start that rumor. HAHAHA

    I was just complaining. Everything I read says the us Feds make too much, we’re lazy, we should be the last to be paid, same old crap, different day. I’m sure there are Feds out there who slack off and deserve the publics scorn but it just gets old. I would love to have a ‘bring a teapartyer to work day,’ then they can see how I spent my Sunday typing reports and returning calls (no, I don’t turn off my phone and answer when I can, no matter the time or day), my fist appointment is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, when my subject’s shift is over.

    Ok, enough pity party for me, I’m preachin’ to the choir.

  97. Avatar

    Fed Inv,

    Who cares what they think. We have the only jobs I know that completely rely on another’s cooperation. We are slaves to the phones and many other things. I’d like one person, who can compare to our lives/work. I can not think of one other job on this planet, where you will never be caught up and have down time.

  98. Avatar

    True, BW, so true.

  99. Avatar

    I have never been caught up ever since I started this job in 02. I do the best I can getting cases done. I am wondering if there are going to be some big changes coming around to our company once the new contract is awarded. My TL seems to think we have the contract in the bag but I am not so sure. Yes we will get awarded a portion of it but I don’t think it will be as much as we have now. But what do I know.
    There are many in my company who are burnt out (including me) and it seems to me management does not understand why. Some of us investigators have even asked management to come back out into the field for a month or two to see what it is like. Their response is “I’ll do a ride along for a day.” or something to that effect. One day you’re kidding me right. One day is nothing. I do not think one of our management personnel could handle what we do in the field these days. There is such a management/employee divide in our compnay that it causes a lot of tension between the two. So much I would say a good majority of the employees for my company do not trust management at all. Pretty sad I think.
    Well off to start my day. Not as early as you Fed Inv but still early.

  100. Avatar

    It seems everyone is going thru a RIF. The AF is cutting 15 year O4 that have been passed over twice. Unreal.

  101. Avatar


    It is stupid. In my 20 year USAF career, I watched some of the best troops get cut. We are in 3 open wars, and many undisclosed ops, yet we cut back. Hang tight because I think Panetta was put there to complete the dismantling of the services, which were started by Gates.

  102. Avatar

    Inv and Fed,

    See, I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum today as I have the usual nightly resis to conduct and an interview at 2200.

  103. Avatar


    Infidelity by itself is not usually a security concern unless it can be used against you. Just tell the truth and everything that transpired. Honesty and your candid participation goes along way. Good luck.

  104. Avatar

    Seattle guy,

    Don’t work for USIS, but I highly doubt the story you have heard. I have been around the fed government for almost 28 years and have never seen an agency take loss of information as serious as OPM. USIS would not try to cover this up if it were true. Rest assured that all of us take privacy information serious. I cannot say that there is a possibility that some info has been lost at some time, but a cover-up–definitely untrue.

  105. Avatar

    Seattle Guy –

    I agree with BW. OPM’s quality control and security measures are top notch. I doubt that any such story could be true without it having made its way to the media.

    Here’s an idea – write a letter to OPM and state your concerns; request confirmation or denial of the information. If it were my Personally Identifiable Information (PII) possibly blowing in the wind I’d file an official inquiry.

  106. Avatar

    Seattle -I haven’t heard anything like that. Let me tell you, OPM goes above and beyond, into the realm of ridiculousness, to protect your information.

    itgeek -Open and honest is the only way to go for sure. None of us are perfect, just remember that.

  107. Avatar

    I have a question. Why don’t agencies tell their potential employees, along with the military and their potential enlistees, that they will be undergoing a background investigation? I just had another subject today who had no idea they were being investigated, much less expecting a call to schedule an interview with their background investigator.

  108. Avatar

    Seattle Guy,
    As an investigator working for USIS I can also confirm what everyone else is saying about OPM and the protection of PII. We are very strict about protecting PII. We check out our cases daily and then check them back in. We are only allowed to hold on to cases up to 14 days after we transmit them before sending them back to our district office. If you don’t follow these guidelines we are written up. OPM does random inspections of each and every USIS district office as well. In fact during the last OPM audit of our district office OPM was concerned of people breaking in through the ceiling tiles in the office. Our district office is on the 3rd floor of a 6 story building. Also investigators have to be buzzed in to the office. We can’t even go into the part of the office that the cases are stored in. All district offices are like this as it is OPM’s policy. Also OPM has the right to come by any investigator’s residence to see how we maintain our cases at our residence. I know of co-workers who have had this happen. I have a home office that is locked and only I have the key. Inside my office is a locked filing cabinet I keep all my cases in. If we do not maintain proper security procedures at home then we will get written up as well. Yet as others have said contact OPM about it and they should give you an answer.

  109. Avatar

    Well, as a current employee of USIS who works in the Seattle District I can say that the rumors that Seattle guy has been hearing are not entirely correct but they are very close. We (our district office) are responsible for losing a bunch of cases and depending on who you talk to about this the numbers range from about a hundred to three or four hundred. Everyone working at the district is aware of this incident and the district manager at the time was asked to step down but was not terminated, just reassigned to a different job. Exactly how these cases disappeared or what happened to them is anyone’s guess but I can tell you that there were some very serious shortcomings at the office including no document log showing disposal of cases and inconsistent logs of cases coming in from the field. Also, everyone in the Seattle area had access to the office 24/7 and the files room was never secured, all you had to do was walk in and get what you wanted nobody ever even looked at you let alone questioned what you were doing.

    The security measures at the office had remained unchanged for eight years that I know of and I guess that OPM had to have been aware as well if they were doing the site inspections that they claim they do. I think that somebody finally got tired of it and called OPM and pointed it out specifically and that forced OPM to conduct a site inspection and a complete audit. the results of the audit showed the missing files.

    As far as I know the missing cases have never been accounted for, I never saw any evidence that the incident was investigated, nobody was ever fired or even reprimanded and until now, I had never seen any public mention of it even happening.

    Since then the security procedures at the district office have improved some but you have to wonder just how serious they really are.

  110. Avatar

    Fed. Investigator:
    The first paragraph of the SF86 is captioned,”Purpose of this Form” and clearly states that a background investigation will be conducted. The general release also clearly states than investigation will be conducted and they have to sign the general release. I don’t think that a Security Manager telling the Subject about the investigation will help. There’s no antidote for stupidity.

  111. Avatar

    In regards to Personally Identifiable information, I have a story and a question. About 10 Months ago, I was told that we were persuing some opportunity that required DoD clearances, and that I would be submitted for DoD clearance. So, I fill out my EQIP, submit it, go get fingerprinted by my FSO, think everything is golden. Then 2 months later, I come home and in my mailbox is a manilla envelope, addressed to my home address only, with no return address. I open it up, and my 2 fingerprint forms are enclosed with what looks like an inter-office routing form that says something to the effect of “No-EIP request exists. Resubmit to the appropriate agency, through your FSO, any questions call XXX-YYY-ZZZZ”

    Keep in mind that on these fingerprint forms, are my fingerprints, my SSN, my DOB, my POB, my full name, my address, my phone number, my employer, et cetera.

    Mailed to my address, not even to me, via snail mail,
    left in a publicly accessible mailbox. So I call the number given, and it’s an unmanned OPM Federal Investigative Services FOIA number.

    The security people at my work seemed pretty flummoxed that the fingerprint forms would be sent back in that manner, while accepting that sometihng they may have done might have been the original cause of mixup.

    My question is….It seems to me that the above situation would cause some sort of chain of custody issue. I could have forged new fingerprint cards and submitted those. Can anybody comment on the normalness or unnormalness of the above occurence, and perhaps speak to the chain of custody for fingerprint cards?

  112. Avatar


    I have a question about if I would receive a TS/SCI clearance.
    1: Greater than 10 years ago, I had a DWI.
    2: Over the past 7 years, I used Viagra at varying times (sometimes 1/week and others at 1 or 2 time per year).
    3: Greater than 10 years ago, I experimented with drugs (not sure if I should list that on the SF-86 form since it is greater than the timeline).
    4: I have downloaded movies, music and apps/programs on peer to peer programs.
    5: I have changed a co-worker’s computer background to a funny image.

    Thank you for your time on this matter,

  113. Avatar

    Joe M.,

    There is no “chain of custody” requirement for fingerprint cards. Applicants can have their fingerprints rolled anywhere and give them to their FSO. So the potential for forgery (however unlikely) can occur before the cards are submitted to OPM. Sensitive unclassified information (FOUO, CUI, SBU, PII) can be sent by First Class US Mail. When fingerprint cards are submitted to OPM by mail or fax and OPM does not receive the related eQIP within a few weeks, they return the fingerprint cards to the applicant. I suppose they could mail them back to the FSO, if they kept the envelope with the return address they came in. I’m not sure what options they have for fingerprint cards that they receive by fax. It seems your FSO dropped the ball. If your FSO was on top of matters, he/she would have known within a matter of a day or two that your eQIP was never received at DISCO.

  114. Avatar

    S.A. Gaillen,

    Not to rain on your parade, but my knowledge and experience regarding loss of OPM materials is much different than your account.

    Materials can be lost in a number of ways, including by a paid carrier (i.e. ABC Transit Company). Materials can be lost through fire, flood, natural disaster, etc. OPM’s manifesting requirements ensure that ANY loss is quickly identified, investigated and resolved.

    Also, materials that are not turned in on time could be considered “unaccounted for” during an audit although they were never exposed to outside influence. Years ago I knew of an investigator who was fired for habitually failing to turn in cases on time.

    Hundreds of cases do not simply disappear from a district office. The quickest way to lose an OPM contract is to lose OPM materials. OPM does not sweep this kind of thing under the rug.

  115. Avatar

    Okay, on an off topic, I just wasted WAY too much time talking to someone who listed their foreign travel as 01/xx year to 12/xx year- 27 different countries- SEVEN years in a row with other different countries- for the second day in a row on totally unrelated cases.

    Seriously? I guess they don’t want to take the time to look up the dates and they don’t realize that, the less time they spend filling out the form, the more time WE spend together correcting the information. Where ARE the security officers and why is OPM even accepting these cases???

    I’m going to propose to OPM that they can pay me on a per-case basis to review the completed forms prior to scheduling. They will save a TON of money circumventing the extra unnecessary work that the field investigators and adjudicators have to do and they’ll save money in the process. Anyone want to go with me to make the pitch?

  116. Avatar

    Contractor –

    No one will pay for preview services (that are already supposed to be provided by FSOs) when investigators are fixing all of the problems at the fieldwork level.

    I tried to market myself to local military commands as an expert to preview forms and counsel applicants – they laughed at me. Heartily. They are probably still laughing.

    Perhaps if OPM awarded disincentives to requesting agencies for screwed up forms we’d get some relief.

  117. Avatar

    Well, I am not here to debate this. You do not need to take my word for it, you are all investigators … take a look at it for yourself. If you are any good, you should be able to verify this with four or five telephone calls.

    After the DM was removed, the new DM put some changes in place including limiting access to the office and limiting access to the files storage room and now we have a neat new manifest that we use to provide some
    accountability. OPM had the office forwarding all closed cases directly to them instead of having them destroyed by the office but that must have been unwieldy for them because it only lasted a month or two then they went back to doing their own destruction after the waiting period.

    So, Seattle Guy, to answer your question I think that the some changes have been made and this should have fixed the system. Your PII should be secure unless you were one of those people who had their case file lost. If you are one of the subjects or sources in one of those lost cases you might have problems since the cases were not ever accounted for.

  118. Avatar

    Hello BI’s and Adjudicators. It is part of the investigative process for a top secret clearance for investigators to investigate driving records and accident records through car insurance companies?

    Thank you for your response.

  119. Avatar

    Blue’s Clues-Thanks.

    Any experience of DISCO requesting destruction of old invalidated foreign passport before granting access eligibility? If any experience, how long did it take to get such decision after promptly complying with their request. They requested compliance within 5 days, and I complied within 1 day.
    Answers from anybody with such experience will be much appreciated.

  120. Avatar

    S.A. Gaillen,

    Guess maybe I spoke too soon. WOW!!!!!

  121. Avatar

    Just out.mil: DISCO has been requesting the destruction of passports (invalidated or not) for quite some time, then promptly sending them to DOHA if they don’t get an answer or response was not quick enough. I couldn’t count on both hands the number of destroyed passports requested by a Disco adjudicator that were still sent to DOHA. lesson is this: if DISCO is asking for it, it MIGHT matter on an interim eligibility. If DOHA is asking for it, it ALWAYS matters on all eligibility.

  122. Avatar

    Hi, regarding question 22 e on the SF 86, I was charged for marijuana possession (less than 1 oz)back in 2004. At the time I was under the advice of a doctor (I live in California)to use marijuana as I had been in a motorcycle accident (I was hit by an errant driver who ran a red light and dislocated my arm and hip)and I cannot tolerate opiate based pain killers. So I used marijuana to get through physical therapy. When arrested the police offer said he had to cite me because I didn’t have my papers, and I can’t blame him for that. At any rate I presented my papers at my arraignment and the judge dismissed the charges – and I subsequently stopped using marijuana deciding it wasn’t worth it, and I’d just have to suck up the pain, which I have. But there is the question ‘Have you EVER been charged…’ I have no intention of lying, but wanted the advice of professionals as to whether I am screwed. The rest of the form shows a perfect citizen: Former Marine and National Guardsman, great credit, 10+ years at the same job, 15+ years at the same house, no other trouble. But I really fear that one question… Any insight?

  123. Avatar

    I still find it hard to believe that 400 cases were lost. Just seems a little far fetched, my Spidey senses are tingling.

  124. Avatar

    Adjudicator 101-Thanks,
    In this case the Interim eligibility was denied. When OPM completed the investigation, DISCO sent a message to company FSO asking me for the option of destruction/invalidation within 5 business days or case will be forwarded to DOHA. I received the message at 4:37pm on Friday and complied by sending the passport to the FSO myself on Monday morning 9am. They made a one copy and I obligated to shred the passport in front of him.
    I requested a confirmation letter to that effect and email was sent to me specifying that the passport was invalidated and destroyed in their (contractor FSO) front, and they have sent the message to DISCO stating such fact.
    I don’t really know when they got that request from DISCO in the first place and if that letter from them has actually been received by DISCO.
    Should I send copy of the company’s FSO email to DISCO stating my compliance within when I received the message and when I complied? I just don’t want it to go to DOHA for none compliance. I was just thinking someone can help with some time frame; since I don’t seem to get help from this company and I’m with clear opinion that they just don’t care.

  125. Avatar

    I’m currently being considered for a TS/SCI clearance with full scope poly with an IC agency. My security officer tells me I’m in EVAL 3. Can anyone shed some light on what being EVAL 3 means?

  126. Avatar


    You are not alone in your experience…lack of empathy (or even common sense) among personnel security personnel is nothing new.

    In today’s job market there are few jobs but many applicants. If a snag arises in your clearance process its easier, faster and cheaper to simply move on to another applicant than it is to straighten out and/or wait for favorable adjudication. For most contractors, putting a butt in the seat is top priority.

    I had a written job offer rescinded because the FSO (a true simpleton) “couldn’t find” evidence of my active clearance…even after I provided him with the certification page of my current investigation (with investigating agency, case number, case closure date, adjudicating agency, adjudication date, etc).

    Hang in there and good luck.

  127. Avatar

    Blue’s Clues-Thanks

    It’s has been “when the government sent us some information, we will let you know.” This is pathetic when you look at it from outside. They claim they replied to DISCO, and my simple question has been; did you get confirmation of receipt? Because in the request DISCO sent; they instructed them to fax letter to such effect signed by Director of Security if I comply within 5 business days. I don’t see why people will not answer if they actually got confirmation of receipt of the fax.

    I think I will take my chances and write DISCO to explain that I have complied and FSO claims he sent them what they requested the same day I complied.

    Yeah…I think at this point my option is just hang in there.

  128. Avatar


    If you can, have someone check JPAS (assuming it’s DoD). It’s been my experience that if you comply, especially with the passport issue, things happen fairly quickly if that is all that was requested and barring no other issues. You may very well be cleared by now and the FSO is not paying attention.

  129. Avatar

    S.A. Gaillen,
    I am shocked actually but I have seen worse with the company. Our district office is very security conscience when it comes to case papers but maybe it is because of what happened at your district office. So the DM this all happened under was just reassigned? Must have been a buddy of the BUD or VP or what ever they are called now. Not sure if you know this or not but the ABU BUD/VP was terminated a few months back because “he was not there for the company” when they needed him. A 10 year employee who worked his way up from Investigator to DM to BUD/VP had been the VP for the ABU for a little more than a year let go with no warning. No one in the ABU below the TLs were told of his termination. I only found out because I was looking at other jobs on our internal website and saw a posting for the VP of ABU. I asked my TL what happened and she told me the reason I mentioned above. I know of another employee who started as an investigator in 2000 and was my DM for a few months in 2002 and who eventually made it up to a corporate position in the ISD was laid off about a month ago because USIS was eliminating her position. Now I don’t know if she was offered other positions with in the company but turned them down. I am a bit concerned because I am coming up on my 10 year anniversary with the company and I am not part of the “in crowd” with the company because I don’t kiss a** and am not a brown noser so who knows if I will be let go soon or not. Time will only tell.

  130. Avatar

    You know they have always treated me decently as far as that goes but for the last year or two I have been hearing a lot of people in the district complaining that the company is leaning on them for production so hard that they believe that they are being pushed to “Do Just enough” to satisfy the customer instead of provide high quality. Then this happened and I just decided that I might as well retire so I’m out of here in about a Month.

  131. Avatar

    Good for you S.A. I wish I could I am only in my mid 30’s and have two young kids so retirement is not even close for me. I totally agree with the unreasonable production requirements. This new system our company as in assigning cases makes no sense even though the computer people who came up with it spin it as the best thing ever. In my opinion you can not and should not rush national security investigations. Yes we need to get them done in a timely manner but giving us 9 days to complete a full SSBI is ridiculous. I wish you luck in your endeavors post USIS.

  132. Avatar


    That is what I’m suspecting. The FSO told me few days ago that the company has about 5,000 plus to check on so when they get something they will let me know.

    I just want to keep my head straight up; these contractors have no respect (common sense) approach to employees once you get the initial interim rejection.

    When you spend years serving and you come home to face some of these nonsense; you will only needs to keep your head up straight.

  133. Avatar


    As I said, contracting companies are looking to put butts in the seats.

    In the future, you may want to look at federal civilian employment. You should have preference points based on your veteran status. Sometimes you will see lower pay on the federal side depending on your occupation (I hear the IT and INTEL contractors are still typically making more than their federal counterparts) but some occupations actually pay a good deal more on the federal side (background investigator is a great example – my federal counterparts are making about 7-10K more in the same geographic area).

    After 6 years in this industry the people I typically see getting the short end of the stick from their employers when it comes to interim denials are contractors.

    Keep networking and researching! Thank you for your service and good luck!

  134. Avatar

    Is it routine for a top secret background investigation to check driving records with insurance companies?

  135. Avatar

    I am wondering what all the fuss is about regarding the comments sections of the SF-86? I just filled out my Sf-86 and used the final comment section to refer to and explain the derogatory information entered earlier in the form, as recommended by EVERY piece of literature I have read regarding recommendations for filling out the SF-86 and speeding up the clearance process. This is now being veiwed as a bad thing…?

  136. Avatar


    I have a couple of questions regarding my security cleareance with USAID. I submitted the SF86 in late May, had the interview with the investigator in mid June. How long should I expect to wait to know if I am granted the cleareance? Also I have a lot of foreign travel for vacation and have lived abroad.

    Also, I have a default on a portion of my school loans, however, I have entered into a loan rehabilitation program where I am paying a monthly sum for 9 months (I have made 5 payments so far) upon completion, my loans will be taken out of default and be placed back into deferment. I wrote this on the Sf86 and explained it to the investigator as well. Beside this, my credit history is good, no other problems. Will this incident deny me the needed security cleareance?

  137. Avatar


    Did you fill out the SF-86 revised in July 2008 or the SF-86 revised in December 2010? Although it’s now well past December 2010, this newest version of the SF-86 hasn’t hit all agencies yet.

    There is a huge difference between the two versions. The December 2010 version incorporates “branching logic” (if you answer a question a certain way, additional questions and comments areas pop up that aren’t required for everyone).

    The word on the street is that OPM incorporated “branching logic” so that applicants would answer issue related questions in writing, supposedly to shorten the time required for an investigator to interview an applicant.

    Although I am an investigator, I tend to look at it from the applicant’s perspective. Say you are an applicant who is unfamiliar with the clearance process. You have a minor issue that either requires (or allows) an open ended, free style explanation in e-QIP. Instead of sticking to the issue at hand, SO many people are apt to include ALL kinds of unrelated information (applicants do it during interviews all of the time – to the point that I have to direct them to stay on task). A lot of confusion (not to mention applicant self-incrimination) are just two possible problems.

    Say you include derogatory information in e-QIP that wasn’t required to be disclosed…and your clearance is denied. You can’t fall back on “the information wasn’t required and shouldn’t be held against me” because you VOLUNTEERED it!

    That’s just my personal take on it. Yes, I’m passionate about this!

  138. Avatar

    I am being investigated by OPM, and submitted my SF-86 two weeks ago.

    I am fairly sure that I’ve filled out the SF-86 revised, as I answered yes to two alcohol related incidents and was required elaborate on them with the branch logic I beleive you are referring to.

    In the comments section at the end, I stuck to the basics, admitting guilt, admitting I was wrong, stating remorse and included mitigating conditions for the alcohol related offenses and a couple of other derogatory marks (slight marijuana use over 4 years ago and downloading music from P2P networks more than a year ago). I would hope that this doesn’t negatively affect the investigators investigation OR my credibility/self-incrimination???

  139. Avatar


    The presenting and withholding of explanatory and mitigating information in the “additional comments” fields is not as simple as it may seem. You want to present enough to improve the chance of being granted an interim clearance, and you want to provide contact information for people who can corroborate what you have written, so the investigation can be completed faster. But unless you know how an adjudicator thinks, you might (in an effort to be thorough) present information that only raises more questions about what happened and doom your chance of an interim clearance. If you provide mitigating information at the very last “additional comments” field in the e-QIP version of the SF86, rather than in the “additional comments” field of the appropriate section of the form, you run the risk that it might not be read by the person making an interim clearance decision. Sometimes it’s better to withhold certain mitigating information from your SF86 and present it later at a Subject Interview. Some mitigating information presented in an SF86 is worthless without supporting documentation.

    The unfortunate reality is that many people are functionally illiterate. They use acronyms incorrectly or use acronyms that are only understood within their own occupational specialty. They don’t know how to explain their situation in a way that can be understood by others. Often I can not understand the questions posted under my articles on security clearances, and I have to guess what they mean. People will ask me whether a criminal conviction will result in a clearance denial without mentioning what the offense was or when it happened. People have stated that their bankruptcy was dismissed when they obviously meant that the bankruptcy was discharged (big difference).

    Consider the plight of the investigator who not only has to explain the applicant’s situation in his/her investigative report, but must also explain why the explanation elicited during the Subject Interview is different than the explanation in the SF86. For this reason and many others, poorly written “additional comments” can double the work for investigators.

  140. Avatar


    I’m sure you will be perfectly fine. My point is that people will be apt to include things that are NOT required to be disclosed.

    From the time frames and issues you mentioned it appears that you stuck to issues that WERE required to be disclosed. Don’t worry!

    My comments are more geared toward other investigators and adjudicators. You’d be darn surprised at the crazy things applicants say and do. Now those crazy folks will have an open venue – it’s scary, on many levels!

  141. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson to the rescue! Yet again, with a great explanation.

  142. Avatar

    Folks also should remember, no matter what they put in the drop-downs as an explanation, it will not suffice as reporting information in any investigations unless you know exactly how to write IAW OPM’s reporting standards. As William said and what Blues Clues is getting at is, no explanation is enough for us to use as a stand alone statement. Blues Clues is on point when he/she says this causes confusion. On top of correcting about 98% of all SF 86’s (For an hour), now we have to give our explanations to correct the subject’s explanations on top of full issue resolution and the mitigating circumstances.

  143. Avatar

    I had one today, “I don’t know where that information came from, my recruiter filled it out for me.”


  144. Avatar


    100% of the kids going in still use a handwritten SF 86 and someone either at MEPS or the recruiter enter the info. For some reason these folks think they are experts and can pick and choose what info is important to enter. There is no way I would ever let anyone touch my form. Believe me, I brief them on that each and every time. Just about every SPIN I have, this happens and info on drug use….etc… is overlooked when whoever is doing the form decides it’s not important.

  145. Avatar

    My biggest complain was with the Air Force. At the time it seemed that everyone enlisting in the Air Force was processed for a Secret clearance based on a slipshod SF86 done by the recruiter and MEPS. At Lackland AFB those requiring a TS clearance filled out another SF86 without the benefit of having a copy of the previous one or even being allowed to telephone home to get any information on schools, residences, step-siblings, etc. From what I could gather, the young recruits were herded into a room where they filled out a new eQIP under the guidance of E-1s and E-2s who were BMT holdovers with no special training on SF86s or eQIP. There was a Staff Sergeant who oversaw the whole thing. The recruits were instructed to list their parents as residence verifiers for all their residences, even if they were able to list someone else. They were also told to list their permanent (home) addresses instead of school dormitory addresses, to omit all employment of less than one month, and omit attendance at any school where they did not receive a degree or diploma.

    Just during my last year with OPM, I did about 350 to 400 SSBI PRSI on Air Force Crypto Linguist candidates at the Defense Language Institute. I heard the same story so often that I have to believe the AF security personnel at LAFB BMT are totally incompetent or just don’t care. You can’t believe the problems that came up because the two SF86s (the first at MEPS and the second at LAFB) were often very (unintentionally) different.

    I never understood why the Air Force was willing to pay for 2 investigations on one Airman within a 2 month period. The Air Force was also routinely paid for Priority Handling of cases involving Airmen who were at DLI to attend 48 to 63 week language courses before they would actually need a clearance.

  146. Avatar

    I have the same thing happen BW and Fed. I can not count the number of times I see a puzzled look on a SJ’s face when I start to verify the people they listed in the People Who Know You Well section of their case papers. After I read the first name the SJ looks at me and says I have never heard of that name. Sometimes the names are right but the address or phone numbers are wrong.
    Yet the best one I ever had was the SJ’s recruiter listed the same address for every one of SJ’s relatives to include mother, father, step mother and step father as the SJ’s biological parents had divorced and each remarried. SJ was also married and the recruiter listed the same address for his MNL and FNL as he did for the rest for SJ’s relatives. Everyone was living under one roof as a big happy family. yeah right. When there are significant discrepancies we have been told to get the recruiter’s name and where they work and pass it on up. I also include the recruiter’s name and location in a paragraph at the beginning of my ROI which states something like “Subject did not fill out his/her case papers on his/her own. His/her recruiter (name of recruiter) located at (address or at least city SJ was recruited in) filled out Subject’s case papers for them.” It is great when the recruits still happen to have the recruiter’s business card on them because then I list all of the information in my ROI that is on the recruiters business card. the above reason is why I am not a big fan recruiters.
    Mr. Henderson: I have also had many cases in which the SJ has filled out a 86 for their T/S who already have a Secret. I get multiple messages from WPA saying please confront SJ as to why this residence, education or employment was listed on their previous 86 and not their current or vice versa. These SJ’s obtained their Secret usually less than 3 years ago. Those are fun ESIs.

  147. Avatar


    Reporting the recruiters as they ask is smoke and mirrors. First, OPM has no authority over the DoD, or any branch within, so they could care less. The recruiters need to fill seats and other jobs, so the clearance process is not a huge concern for them. I will somewhat defend recruiters and others in the military as they are thrown into this with zero training and I can only assume they are confused. For years, the only folks trained in the USAF were Security Police/Forces and a select other few, who did it as a special duty. I think it’s getting better in the services as they seem to be hiring dedicated security managers. Not sure the recruiting process will ever change.

  148. Avatar


    I agree that many active duty personnel are thrown in to personnel security, usually as a second or even third hat to wear. Little training exists and I truly believe that most of these folks do the best that they can.

    A word on recruiters. I had an all too typical situation: no response from calls to SUBJ and no command to call since SUBJ hadn’t shipped to boot camp yet. In one of my many calls to SUBJ’s home, I happened to speak with SUBJs mother who offered SUBJ’s recruiter’s name and contact information.

    I called the recruiter and asked for help getting in touch with SUBJ to schedule an interview (SPIN); I’ve done this dozens of times and was always met with professionalism and timely assistance. In this case, the recruiter told me, in no uncertain terms, where I could stick the investigation. He went on to tell me that he didn’t care if I ever located SUBJ. Case ended up RT/UC.

    I understand the game. There are some unscrupulous recruiters out there who do their best to keep their FNGs from being interviewed prior to shipping to boot camp. Protects the recruiter’s numbers.

  149. Avatar

    Hi Mr. Henderson,

    Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise about security clearances. Here’s my story and questions:

    Last year, for my second year summer job in law school, I was accepted for a DoD summer internship position subject to a background check. However, my interim summer clearance was denied – almost assuredly because I served as a non-citizen in the IDF for a year and a half. I was not able to work at the DoD last summer, and I have heard nothing about the full adjudication process since then. The rest of my record is clean, except I was fully honest and wrote that I tried marijuana a couple of times in college; additionally, I keep in touch with only one person a couple of times a year who lives in Israel, and randomly with some others every now and then on facebook.

    I’m applying to jobs now and having a security clearance would be helpful. I’m wondering if (a) the process is still ongoing; (b) if there is anyone in particular at this point I should contact to inquire; (c) whether you think the odds are good that I will receive clearance after the full adjudication.

    Much appreciated,


  150. Avatar

    Anyone hear anything regarding the debt ceiling and contingency plans? Are we going into gov. shutdown mode? No word from OPM yet.

  151. Avatar

    I just sent the recruiters names up like OPM asked. I think specifically putting the fact the recruiter filled out the case papers for the SJ and the recruiter’s names in the ROI may do a little more as someone like Adjudicator 101 will read it and see why the case papers are the way they are. Maybe nothing will happen but if the recruits clearance is denied and they appeal it, with the recruiter’s name in the ROI the recruiter would most likely have to be called to the appeals hearing. Maybe not though. I have never had to go to a clearance denial appeals hearing but we have had a few investigators on our team have to go and the number one piece of evidence was the ROI the investigator wrote.
    Not all recruiters are a pain. As Blue’s Clues said I have dealt with recruiters who are very helpful in finding one of their recruits and on the flip side I have had recruiters say they care less about the recruits investigation. The recruiter hit their goal for the month and that is all that matters to them.
    I have had a few SJs tell me during their interviews that their recruiters are in jail now. The one I will never forget is the SJ telling me her recruiter is in jail now for having sex with many of his female recruits, some under 18.

  152. Avatar

    Haven’t heard anything about a shutdown. I think it’ll be business as usual (as we found out recently we are all “essential”).

    Anyone seeing the new SF-86’s in the field, yet? I’ve been lucky enough so far…

  153. Avatar

    Thank you for taking the time to review my post. In May 2001, I did a very dumb move and tried to evade a police officer during a traffic stop. I was ultimately stopped and charged with Fleeing and Eluding. Between May and October of that year, I took off of work to go to one hearing after another. In October, with no more time to take off, and without the advice of counselor, I plead guilty to that charge and was sentenced to one year probation. I completed the probation with no issue.

    Currently, I am starting my training to get into Information Security. I know the vast majority of private sector background checks only go back about 7-10 years. So, by the time I am ready to enter this career, I should be in the clear. That being said, I see so many public sector jobs available but I am concerned that my stupidity will prevent me from getting any clearance. Am I wrong in this thinking or should I just stick to private sector?

  154. Avatar

    Hello – I was just wondering what are my chances of a final clearance for TS with the below info.

    1. Receceived interim secret clearance in April

    2. Had BCD dischange from military (10 years ago). I noted discharge on E-Qip. Give full details during interview.

    3. Had a repossession of time share on credit report – Called company to have it reinstated in allocated time period per said company’s policy but was told I couldn’t. Tried to pay it off and was told they would not accept any payment for it. Now, since they are hurting for money, they want to settle for half (a year later); noted settlement letter on E-Qip with detailed explanation of events (names, numbers, dates).

    4. I give full details of every bill I had on my credit report on E-Qip. Everything was paid except for #3 when investigator interviewed me and OPM pulled my credit report.

    Thanks for your time and thoughts on my questions in advance 🙂

  155. Avatar

    Contractor, I’ve seen and posted about it a few articles back.

    It’s not fun, to say the least.

  156. Avatar


    I haven’t heard yet, but rest assured that if the budget isn’t done, we will feel the pinch. Every agency will experience their pain.

    Contractor, we are not considered essential that’s just what they tell us in the field. Last time this happened, there were many 3 digit personnel who were not utilized. If they are non essential, we surely are to. Our operations will scale back in a big way in my estimation.

    I’m guessing that something will move forward. Why do we keep voting these morons into office. I say we leave the Whitehouse and both Houses vacant for 4 years and fix our messes locally.

  157. Avatar

    Some NEW concerns, Mr. Henderson.

    I have recently accepted into the US Navy’s OCS program (27 yr old). It’s been 1 1/2 years, but I made it. I am beyond thrilled and cannot wait until I put on those shiny bars.

    When I was 17 (9/11 happened 4 months prior), an Army Reserve Recruiter forged my mother’s signature for my enlistment. She discovered this and threatened legal action. I was released, no DD214 or RE code. ENTRY LEVEL SEPARATION I did not go to MEPS the second time, nor go to bootcamp. It was not for lack of courage, but my mother not wanting me to go. I then received college acceptances. This was 10 years ago. I have never considered myself prior service (did not earn that right), nor did I receive any money from the AR.

    Last month, I went to MEPS for my Navy physical. I discovered that the Army considered me prior service. I did not list this in my OCS application, but did correct my SF86. However, there was no ELS option on my SF86. Without knowledge, I selected “general.”

    I’m concerned this will cause the Navy to revoke their offer. I would like to speak with my investigator and clear this up (I have copies of the forged document by the AR).

    Will I be able to correct this error? I’m technically not prior service. Will the final select board see my SF86? I’d like to be upfront and honest, but am worried about their actions without significant back story.

    I am a patriot and wish to serve my country. Your advice will put my mind and heart at ease. Thank you, sir.

  158. Avatar

    We could be the new Europe, well Europe prior to the Euro, anyway.

  159. Avatar


    I had somebody checked it and found out the final was approved last Tuesday, just after DISCO receiving the passport destruction confirmation.

    The FSO has still not contacted me. I called and the lady recruiter was telling me-she was informed that the final came through.

    Thank you guys here for your helpful information. I hope others will buy Mr. Henderson’s book to avoid what I just went through.

    At what point do I sign the form SF 312?

  160. Avatar


    Good to hear. Just remember in the future, sometimes persistence pays off. Best person to look after you–is you. Good luck on the career.

    Thanks for your service

  161. Avatar


    Were you Court Martialed and BCD? What was the charge?

  162. Avatar


    People get 2nd chances. You should report the incident. I’m guessing it was a felony and the question is: Have you ever been charged/arrested for a felony. This is whether or not it was pleaded down. I think you have a good chance and should pursue.

  163. Avatar


    Good point on the Adjudicators and the messed up SF 86. Never thought of it that way.

  164. Avatar


    No, have never heard of such a thing. Can you elaborate for all of our benefit.

  165. Avatar

    Thank you BW…

    No, this was a misdemeanor. I have not been in any further trouble.

    Here is why I am concerned. I just interviewed for a IT position that, in the future, will become a secured position. As soon as I noted that I have this misdemeanor, the interview was pretty much over. Now, I found another position with a company that is deep within Forensics and Information Security; however, one of the requirements is, “Must be able to obtain and hold a US Government Security Clearance.” I know the worst that can happen is I do not get it but, in your opinion, do I have a pretty good chance? Thanks

  166. Avatar


    It was honor to serve, and thanks very much for your advise again.

  167. Avatar


    I think you will be just fine. Go for it.

  168. Avatar


    If that is the worst thing you have done, don’t sweat it. Just report it and explain it all to your investigator when you meet. Thanks for your service.

  169. Avatar

    Much appreciated. I thank you for taking the time to help.

  170. Avatar

    I am charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement but not convicted yet. I am waiting a trial. The crown is proceeding with a summary offence and they are not looking for a jail sentence. They offered me conditional discharge with no jail and 1 year of probation but I denied because I am innocent and want to prove it to the court. I dont have any other criminal record and have an average credit history. I don’t drink alcohol and haven’t done drugs in my entire life.

    I got a job offer from DoD and waiting for my security clearance approval as DoD do their own security check. I am a federal government employee from past 2 years and I already have a secret clearance with the government which was done through public works. The report was filed against me in April 2010 and I got my secret clearance in July 2010. Will my security clearance be approved at DoD?

  171. Avatar

    I have an expired TS/SCI from my time in the military. I still have 4 years left on my Secret clearance. I recently separated but as I understand it, it is still valid. I am in the hiring process for a job as a contractor for the TSA and they have informed me that they will need to do a completely new investigation for the position even though my DOD Secret is still good. They only asked me specifically for my full name, date of birth, city state and country of birth, phone and email contact. I was hoping my DOD clearance would’ve sped up the process, but apparently it wasn’t acceptable. I don’t have any real problems, no incidents with 5 years of TS and 1 year of Secret with the military. The only issues I can foresee would be my personal finances. I was a dumb teenager with my first regular paycheck when I was first enlisted, but I’m sure my debt isn’t horribly high, mostly minor issues like a $300 credit card bill I haven’t had the cash to pay and a recently repo’d vehicle (can’t pay when I don’t have a job). Aside from the vehicle, I’m positive my total debt isn’t over $3000. I owed about $6000 on the vehicle when it was taken, the bank told me I would only owe the difference after the public auction. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet.
    I need this job, especially to pay off my debt and raise my credit score. I can’t find any information on the TSA’s requirements, especially regarding DOD clearances. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I would like to add that I have paid off some debt that I once held, though I don’t know if all of it showed up in my credit report. I have had a very bad case of bad luck a few times which didn’t help my finances (room mate bouncing, for one).

  172. Avatar


    Yes, I was Court Martialed and BCD. It was for Article 121.

  173. Avatar


    Ten years is alot of time passed. A 121 charge, although serious in the military is not as bad as you may think in the outside world. I’m guessing the charge would have only been a misdemeanor outside the uniform. You did everything right so far. I can say that I have seen alot of these charges and folks appear to make it through. Now, owing money is different–I think if you have made reasonable attempts to square the debt, I too think it will be OK. Getting an interim doesn’t hurt.

    In my opinion, you will be fine.

  174. Avatar


    Thanks for your time and the positive comment.

  175. Avatar

    What does it mean when clearance people say they are waiting for third party documents to review and complete adjutication. My agency is requesting Secret Clearance and my contact informed me OPM completed review, but waiting for third party documents that could take a few months to receive. Only potential concern I have is some of my wife’s relatives who live in Taiwan.

    My wife is US Naturalized Citizen who has lived in US for over 30 years. She works for US government and has a clearance. I also work for government and had Secret clearance until I retired from military in 2006. Need new background check because over 10 years old. I was born in US as all of my family members are.

    I am also part owner in vacation home in Taiwan that I plan to use in winter months when I retire in 10 years. Only new item (since previous clearance) is vacation home, which I jointly own with wife and her family in Taiwan.

    Should any of these matter impact my ability to get a clearance. Appreciate feedback on this question.

  176. Avatar

    Can anybody tell me what is going on.

    I was put in by a contractor for NACLC-Secret-SF86, but a check in JPAS after adjudication is saying Top Secret.

    How can that happen or it’s just another mistake from adjudication?

  177. Avatar


    I am currently a student and am looking to get a degree in aerospace engineering. I’ve heard that many of these jobs require security clearance. I would like to know how much crimes committed as a juvenile affect this. I was charged with a felony, assault with a deadly weapon, when I was almost fourteen, which cannot be sealed. I got off with probation and community service. It was the only time I’ve been in trouble, and I have had no problems as an adult. I’ve heard they can be strict, and I don’t want to get an education in it knowing I have a handicap (since I’ve heard they can affect certain licensing and such too). Thank you for reviewing my question.

  178. Avatar


    Did you previously have a TS? If so, when did you depart the position for which it was granted?

  179. Avatar

    Bon Temps:
    I don’t know anything about Navy OCS appointment procedures, but I doubt that the Navy is going to make a decision that will adversely affect your Navy career or clearance eligibility without giving you an opportunity to fully explain what happened. Hopefully you provide some explanation in the SF86 you submitted.

  180. Avatar

    Blue’s Clues,

    Yes and was based on assignment in the Military over 6yrs ago.

  181. Avatar


    I’m scratching my head on this one…I have no idea. Has your FSO provided an explanation?

  182. Avatar


    I posted a few weeks back about my chances at getting a clearance. The security specialist I have been emailing with has had my SF86 for awhile now recently emailed me yesterday. She said she has done everything she needed to and is no forwarding on my file and should be hearing from someone else soon. My question is; Did she do anything as far as looking it over and giving it the “ok” to be forwarded on. Or is she just simply a middle man who collects the investigation information and then sends it on. From what i’ve been told its not in the last stages of getting the clearance. I was just wanting some confirmation if she looked the information provided over and then sent it on, or if she probably didnt even look at it at all? Thank you in advance!

  183. Avatar


    Did anyone but you get interviewed…ie…friends, neighbors or co-workers?

    If they did, it’s possible your case was upgraded by the client while it was in the process.

  184. Avatar

    I have applied for a contracting position that requires a TS/SCI with an intelligence agency. I passed my polygraph back in March and I have been in touch over time with my security officer since then. They aren’t able to offer me much in the way of updates and I do understand they are at the mercy of a government agency so they can’t give a timetable for things. My concern is that I haven’t seen any signs of an investigation starting. No interviews for myself or others listed on my SF86. I’m seriously considering another contract in Iraq (at least until this one actually comes through) but I don’t want to slow things down even more by not being available to an investigator for an interview.
    Would there be any reason to think investigators would be in Iraq/Afghanistan or would I be looking at a trip back home just to sit down for an hour’s talk?
    Also, one update I was given was that my status was something called “Evaluation 1” of the adjudication process but I don’t understand how it could be in adjudication without an interview.? Thanks!

  185. Avatar

    BW AN INVESTIGATOR & Blue’s Clues

    Blue’s Clues-The FSO did not even have idea about my final eligibility, until I was told here by BW AN INVESTIGATOR to check JPAS, then I told him the FSO-before he confirmed that it has come through. The Contractor is denying the requested that service.

    BW AN INVESTIGATOR-None of my two civilian friends have been interviewed, and the third is still serving in the trouble area. Both my spouse and those two civilian friends have T/S within the past year, and I was interviewed by OPM Investigator in each case. The investigator who did my subject interview was aware of all those cases.

  186. Avatar


    Does sound odd. Ask for a JPAS Rip on you, look on the back and follow the string of clearances. Look for NACLC, which is your Secret.

    You will see Case, When opened, Agency Investigating and whether it has been closed. Outside of that, the only other thing to do is to have the FSO call and clarify–don’t let him tell you he can’t, like they always do–this is not true.

    Without looking at it myself, this is the best advice I can give. But, if your agency says you are good–roll with it and then clarify after you start working.

  187. Avatar

    I’m coming up for renewal of my TS/SCI. I had some financial problems while taking care of my sick parent. driving back and forth 1.5 hours each way with gas and getting her to DR’s appointments, making sure she was eating properly, got me behind. She passed away in August 2 years ago, and I think I have everything paid off, except for a couple of bills. I’ve made arrangements for take care of them, and should be out of the woods with this in 3-4 months.

    Currently, I have about 2000.00 outstanding – that I have made arrangements on, and paying off a debt incurred with the IRS for a credit on a house I purchased, on a land contract but had to back out of becuase of the issue with my parent. The housing company let me out of the contract because of the issues.

    All that said, am I going to have a problem getting cleared again?


  188. Avatar

    This isn’t something I’m too worried about, however for personal reasons I’m planning on going through proceedings for a change of my last name. I currently hold TS/SCI clearance, if granted the change, would changing my name require me to go through any part of the investigation process again or would my clearance and certs follow me no problem?

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    While I’m not an adjudicator, I don’t think your situation involves any irresponsiblity. In fact, just the opposite. Be sure to tell the investigator the reason for falling behind like you did here. Irrespective of the reason though, the financial situation you describe seems very tame compared to a some of stuff I encounter all the time (though, the financial stuff I get is usually at the secret level or TS level). Again, like you did here, explain the reason to the investigator and stress how you expect and intend to have this debt paid off in the near future.

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    As long as your security officer knows, you are good to go. You may be asked to explain why you are changing your name.

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    I hope this is the right thread in which to post, as it looks like this is the last “security clearance questions” thread that I’ve seen in a while. I’m a long-time reader of this site and appreciate all of the insight those in the investigative/adjudicative roles have contributed for a few years now. This is my first question that I’ve posted to you guys though.

    I’m curious as to if there is a backlog for adjudication of TS/SCI clearances for the armed forces, specifically within AFCAF? I received my TS clearance 9 months ago, but still have yet to hear about the SCI. I work for a DOD contractor and am really under pressure to have already been granted the SCI. There are just too many important meetings, etc. that have been missed due to lack of clearance that I’m starting to worry a bit. Not only am I worried, one of our customers is concerned as well about the length of time this processes has taken. The TS portion did take exactly 12 months, from the submission of the e-qip to being granted the final clearance, but in my situation it’s worth nothing without the SCI. I’ve been talking with other folks around here and realize that I’m not alone with this dilemma. Lot’s of employees still waiting more than 9-12 months to get SCI after receiving the TS. Here in a a couple of months I (among others) will be approaching the 2-year mark without being granted SCI access.

    Is this possibly due to the consolidation of the CAFs in Maryland?? Any insight would be helpful and perhaps might give me a little peace of mind.

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    Hard to say. Have you had any hiccups in your past? If not, 24 months is way too long. Have your SSO call AFCAF and ask. I recently had a collateral TS and we asked for SCI access and it took me 3 weeks. I may just be one of the lucky ones, but no way I’m waiting 2 years.

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    Thanks for the quick response. Apparently they have contacted AFCAF, though not sure what replies have been received as I’m not as in the loop as the security folks. What I can say is that four of us went in for TS/SCI at the same time, for the same project. All of us had collateral secret clearances at the time (all final). One person received the TS in about 3 months and the SCI about three months after that. The rest of us are now cleared TS, but have been in adjudication for the SCI for a long while now. All at least for 200 days or more, just for adjudication of the SCI.

    Don’t think there are that many shady things in my background to cause such a delay. Any more insight from anyone in the know is helpful, but I guess for now I’ll just wait it out.

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    Make sure to use the Special Security Officer for the program/Command, not your FSO. The govt guy/girl (SSO) will receive answers.

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    I’m in the military with a current TS/SCI clearance, my plan is to get out and go to school. During this time my clearance will expire, I would like to get a job contracting or with a three letter agency after school. Just wondering how important it is to keep a current clearance while trying to apply to different agencies.