Background Investigations

Background Investigation Contract Rebid a Hot Topic

The ‘Contract Rebid Summer 2022’ blog posting on Security Clearance Jobs Discussions is a hot topic of discussion these days with hundreds of posters weighing in on the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s solicitation for bids for companies to provide background investigation field services. CACI has the current prime contract for DCSA, but uses subcontractors as needed based on the workload. Based on the comments in the blog from field investigators, CACI has stiff competition from other investigative service providers like Peraton, Inc, Paragon Systems/Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services (SCIS), Inc, and ISN Corporation for the prime contract rebid. Investigators from all of these companies have provided an interesting perspective of their experiences working for their current and previous companies, some good, some not so good.

Historically, when bidding on a new contract, a company will go out and find potential workers to perform the service being bid on and will give them conditional offers of employment contingent upon award of the contract. In this case, there seems to be a lot of raiding of other company’s background investigators in an attempt to look manpower heavy, making themselves to look more attractive to DCSA, thus getting awarded the contract. DCSA has not announced an awardee as of yet, but SCIS has already filed a pre-award protest with the Government Accountability Office. It is not really clear when CACI’s current contract ends, but based on government contracting trackers, the latest potential end date is March 31, 2023. Follow this topic on the blog posting as it continues to get updates from investigators daily.

Note: This article has been corrected to indicate that SCIS submitted a pre-award protest.