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Best Cities for Security Clearance Jobs

Three new reports from detail the best cities for defense jobs in three areas: The Southwest, the West Coast, and the East Coast. Not too many surprises on the cities for those already in the industry, but the supplimental data and stats are useful.

Where do you work? Is your city missing from this list?

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    If you have a clearance, and you live in the Washington DC area, you need to job hop and get your salary up!!

    I’m sick of people with clearances complaining about how expensive the area is. Employers need you more than you need them, so go ask for more money!! If you can’t afford a decent place within a half hour of your job, then it isnt even worth it to use your clearance and you should move to a more affordable city.

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    I am eligibile to retire from the federal goverment with 32 years of service. I have been an adjudicator for the past 2o years, adjudicating SSBI, LBI, and PR investigations. Also, I have adjudicated cases for accesses: Unescorted and Excorted. I currently hold a Top Secret clearance w/SCI. I would like very much to remain in the DC area or I will relocate to Fayetteville, NC.

    Please advise if jobs are plentiful in the above areas.

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    Contractor – agreed. While the industry is hot, and candidates are in short supply, you might as well make the most of it. At some point, the market conditions won’t be as favorable.

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    P Boyle Parker – NC isn’t the biggest hotbed of defense industry activity, but there are a few jobs.

    If you are interested in performing background investigations to clear candidates, you might try Kroll, USIS, and Mantech who all do work in the area.

    For other jobs, check out This company regularly looks for cleared candidates in NC. Ask for Gary Goss and tell him you heard about him from Gary is a good guy (ex Army I believe) and might be able to assist.

    Good luck

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    Admin, can you email me or post some way to get into contact with you? I have a question I’d like off the board.

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    Do Governement GS jobs raise salary/compensation for TS cleared persons? What should I expect to be hired at for GS with TS and Masters in Public Administration? The OPM website says Master’s degree is a GS 9 but that seems insanely low.


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    Check out the article “The Best Jobs: Government Employee or Government Contractor?”