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CIA Plans Cutbacks, Limits on Contractor Staffing

Acting under pressure from Congress, the CIA has decided to trim its contractor staffing by 10 percent. It is the agency’s first effort since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to curb what critics have decried as the growing privatization of U.S. intelligence work, a circumstance that has sharply boosted some personnel costs.

Okay so this will save some money, but what about the effectiveness of the organization? Contractors know that they have to perform or they lose their funding. Whereas government employees know if they don’t perform, they will most likely still have a job.

What do you think? Is this a good move to save Federal dollars, or a bad move that will reduce CIA effectiveness?

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    I am interested in applying for a contractor position with the CIA. I have a top secret security clearance and am a former federal law enforcement agent with nearly 30 years of service. Can you provide me with a web site and intructions regarding how I might apply for such a position?


    Robert J. Wright
    Senior Special Agent
    ICE (Retired)

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    What exactly do contractor cutbacks mean? Less jobs at the agency or less jobs for companies working with the agency on any projects?