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Contractors' TS Clearance PRs Suspended

From the “really bad timing” department, a few days ago the DSS alerted FSOs that TS clearance periodic reinvestigations would be suspended for industry through September 30th 2013 due to the sequester’s budget cuts. What does that mean for those candidates awaiting their PRs to get on the job? With the U.S. economy still in a bad place, let’s hope everyone does judicious self-reporting this summer and report if they have a change in personal financial circumstances.

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    Not surprised. My understanding is that there is still a backlog of PR’s in the pipeline that should take through September to get through. This is due to OPM requiring work on SSBI case types for awhile and suspending the work on the PR’s.

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    Do you know why OPM had to start requiring SSBI work be completed over the PR’s?


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    I’ll bite–why did the OPM start requiring SSBI work be completed over the PR’s?

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    […] Since there haven’t been any contractor breaches in security lately.  From the ‘really bad timing’ department, funding shortfalls have caused the […]

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    Because a certain large contract company was ignoring the SSBI work to make more money doing PR’s.

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    A former colleague of mine who works for said company said the same thing. That colleague, along with others from my area who still work for that company, were told to either go detail (TDY) or take time off and we are in a consistently heavy workload area. Sounds like that company’s strategy paid off…not.

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    What is with OPM being upset about too many “GENL” items being added/scheduled on PIPS? Is this an OPM thing or a final agency thing?

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      Heard that all the GENL items were confusing to the final, not sure though. It’s a pain in the butt.

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    I’ve been waiting for my TS/SCI clearance since August 2011. I haven’t been able to get any real answers for such a long delay except that there is a very big backlog. Based on this article and the sequester, does this mean my wait is not unusual? I am just at a loss when you see articles that clearance times are more efficient when clearly in my case those statements don’t seem to feel true.