Security Clearance Denial

Falsification of Security Clearance Applications

“Failure to provide truthful and candid answers during the security clearance process” is one of the most common reasons for the denial or revocation of security clearances.

Of the approximately 1,300 security clearance cases decided by Administrative Judges of the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) during fiscal year 2008, Personal Conduct was the second most frequently cited issue and appeared in 497 (38%) of the cases. It was almost always cited due to applicants concealing information related to one of the other issues, such as criminal conduct, drug involvement, and alcohol consumption.

In recent years the misrepresentation of educational qualifications has gained increased importance in security clearance investigations and adjudication. Previously educational degrees were merely verified. Today the bona fides of questionable post-secondary schools are being scrutinized.

Unfortunately in many falsification cases, the information the applicant tried to conceal would not have resulted in a clearance denial…read more.

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    Bill: As you and I know it is a FELONY under Title 18 Section 1001, to provide misleading and false statements both in a questionnaire for security clearance application as well as when the Subject of the investigation report false statement during his interview for PSI.

    As you I was with DIS, DSS and currently with OPM-FISD.

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    Hi I will be going through a secret clearance application in the next couple weeks. There is some employment that I omitted on my company application. My question is how will the investigators know where I was employed and what dates I was employed? Does it show up in places other than a credit report?
    Is employment history strongly looked at?


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    Omitting info is never good–if you know you are missing something, contact your security personnel and tell them. You do not want this to come up because it may look as if you are hiding something. Oversight happens alot, but can be fixed.