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Improvement in Clearance Processing Time?

Some major defense contractors feel that no significant improvement has been made this year in security clearance processing times.

“Despite the expected need next year for more IT workers with high-level security clearances, human resources executives agree the government logjam of clearing new hires hasn’t improved much this year; nor is it likely to get much better in 2008.”

However, a October 22 article in reported OPM’s claim that the end of the federal government’s security clearance logjam is finally in sight.

“Kathy Dillaman, associate director for OPM’s Federal Investigative Services, said that 80 percent of OPM’s initial investigations of applicants are being finished in less than 70 days. That’s down from 80 percent in 121 days in fiscal 2006, and on its way to reaching the congressionally mandated goal of finishing 90 percent in 40 days or less.”

Significant discrepancies continue to exist between the clearance investigation processing time improvements claimed by OPM and the results experienced by defense contractors.  Is it time for a new comprehensive study of the problem by GAO?

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    I started posting to and reading this website after I had to get reinvestigated recently (JPAS ate my original investigation, apparently), and I thought I’d share the data of my experience:

    Filled out eQip in early October 2007.
    Fingerprints were not included initially, so investigation was not opened until first week of November.
    Got my final secret clearance today. I was never contacted by an investigator or DSS.

    I think this timeframe is pretty typical for a NACLC.

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    I have a TS/SCI that is set to expire in FEB 2008 unless renewed. I’m an IRR Marine Officer. My understanding is that the CMC has directed that all USMC officers will have TS. But I cannot find a reference message (or MARADMIN) on the subject. Any advice on where I can submit an EPSQ for consideration for extending my clearance elegibility?

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    Several experienced contract investigators were unlawfully suspended for security concerns that were never proven, did not exist, which included a process to defame their characters; disrupting livelihoods; and were judged as a Federal Employees, which they were not.

    A contract investigator fighting an unjust claim of being unsuitable by OPM FISD, after working for some time in the industry commited suicide.

    The suspensions were conducted by Kathy Dillaman of OPM FISD, her staff to include those of USIS who were contracted by Dillaman to review the work of contract investigators.

    Contracting Companies conducting backgrounds for OPM FISD and other agencies for years QUIT the OPM FISD contract (MSM & Omnisec) which caused a loss of over 4 thousand contract investigators and knowledgeable staff, because of OPM FISD abuse of power…

    Those wrongfully accused of unproven criminal acts, made every effort to obtain proper due process, but OPM Officials failed in every sense of the word to provide fair and impartial justice, and purposely disregarded all responses and correspondence. The offices included: Director of OPM; OPM Inspector General; OPM FISD and the OPM General Counsel.

    Dillaman, Director of OPM FISD purposely delays all inquiries against her, and her office, by ignoring all requests and appeals, which in it self is the route to the delays of security backgrounds. All those of OPM FISD had deliberately ignored our Constitutional and Federal Laws, Regulations and OPM Notices. Even the OPM General Counsel’s Office to include the OPM IG ignored all responses for a request of due process.

    OPM FISD continuous deception and delays, is an endless road. The lack of fair and impartial justice not given and abuse of power, by those within OPM is the real reason for the backlog. Those great man and woman, with extensive experience, that have been conducting security backgrounds for years, under contract, are leaving the business, because of Dillaman and her staff’s unethical practices of abuse and injustice..

    There are people in the business that can correct the backlog of security backgrounds in months, but because of the reputation of injustice and abuse of power, to include deception of OPM FISD, it will never be corrected.

    This country depends on our soldiers and agents in the field, to protect us. Since the 80’s those soldiers and agents continued after retirement, as contract investigators, conducting Security Background Investigations for little money and got the job done, out of patriotism, and loyalty, but now we have those that are greedy, incompetent running our country’s security, like OPM FISD who has over 90% of the Security Background Investigative duties and can’t get it done – we deserve everything we get, if this country and those in our government don’t wakeup NOW.