Obtaining Security Clearance

Interim Clearances – Tell Us About Yours

Whereas final clearance can take a year or more to be awarded, interim clearances are the odd anomaly. Akin to a “temporary” clearance, they can be processed in weeks, not months, and get candidates on the job quicker while waiting for final clearance.

Do you have an interim clearance?

  • When did you received your interim clearance?
  • At what level was your interim clearance?
  • How long did it take to get?
  • Which agency issued it?
  • What issues were involved, if any, in receiving it?
  • Did you get interim clearance as a contractor or Federal worker?
  • Any other interesting details you can provide?

Thanks for sharing. Many people are up for interim clearances, and some experiences from others will help to set better expectations.


  1. Submitted on August 17th 2016, September 9th I was still awaiting to be assigned to investigation, as of today the FSO states it show as in process… based on the analysis I have done most have heard something around the 14-16 week time period with 1 showing an almost 18 week processing time just for an interim. No one has posted since Nov 6th…

    Standing by to Stand by…

  2. Filled out form in July. Government opened investigation sept 12. As of today still waiting for interim security clearance.
    I was informed that Cali (where I live) & DC is taking longer than any other states.

    Just playing the waiting game.

  3. After having originally been submitted in Sept. Then, again, in Oct. twice after some mix-ups. Finally, altogether 11/20. The first two submissions were because of clarification (even though you can check a box for I don’t know). The last, just before Turkey Day. The reason for submission that time was because of fingerprints. I am in the DMV waiting for an interim to begin a new job.

    My SF86 is clean. No money issues, or authority issues. Couple trips to outside of the country to friendly’s.

    One thing to note is that I was rejected in November for no fingerprints. That took 8 weeks to catch. I am guessing that they would’ve opened the investigation at that time.

    I am guessing another month or so to start the investigation.

    If you guys were gamblers, what would you think my timeline will look like for that interim?

    What do you guys think?

  4. My first post. My situation; I previously hold a s secret clearance (granted interim 6/2015, granted secret 8/2015. DOD Contractor) but due to family circumstances, I took some time off from the workforce for over 24 months . Unfortunately, I was not aware at that time clearances will lapse once over 24 months. Now, fast forward to 2019, last Oct 2019 , a company contacted me and ask if I’m interested in a open position with them . I told the HR person , yes. Without any contingent offer signed , the company started an investigation.
    Completed/certify eqip: 10/18/19
    Fingerprint competed: 10/29/2019
    All paperwork submitted According to FSO: 10/29/2019

    10/29/2019 Last time I had communication with the FSO. He said he will let me know once he know something regarding my interim secret(if and when) which he said takes about two weeks.

    12/02/2019 Contacted DCSA regarding the investigation. They received my finger print but they have not received the pertaining paperwork(eqip).

    11/25/2109, 12/06/2019 e mailed HR, FSO seeking updates about the job/clearance -No response.

    Should I just forget about this and move one or am I prematurely worried about the processing of clearance which may take several months?


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    Interim Secret – 1 month – Contractor – Clean SF86

    Interim Top Secret – 2 weeks – Contractor – Clean SF86

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    why does it take so long to get a clearance? What does it mean when you have a clean SF86?

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    Im in a bit of a precarious situation. I have two items that show up as collection on my credit report; they are being taken care of. I have another two that are delinquent debts, that have passed the statue of limitations in my state, and! do not show up on my credit report. I have to apply for a secret clearance at meps. Will this hinder my chance of getting that coveted clearance?

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    Interim Secret – DOD – Fed. Employee
    Clean SF86, credit, etc.

    Took 2 days after paper SF86 submitted.

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    How old are the debts. If recent debt get it paid for if possible. Positive steps in correcting the problems goes a long way–and it sounds as if you are top of it.

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    2003–Active duty Air Force Criminal Investigator.

    Squeaky clean in all aspects–interim by the end of the following day.

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    denise –

    Clearances take time for many reasons. Delays in state/federal agencies responding to records requests, scheduling reference interviews, and backlogs all contribute. Also the processing time varies greatly with the complexity of the case (number of places lived, crimes commited, foreign connections, debt, etc.).

    A “clean SF86” is a subjective term that just means that the person didn’t have any significant issues (debt/drug use/crimes/foreign connections/psychological issues/court records/etc.) to report in their initial forms they submitted.

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    Nov 2007 – Interim Secret granted same day as submitted by security officer (using eQIP)

    Mar 2008 – Granted full Top Secret

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

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    I should clarify and answer more fully.

    I work for as a contractor for the US Dept of State (in Washington DC), and my clearance is a DoD clearance. The company I work for holds a TS facility clearance and the security officer there handled the details. Within a month of my interim being granted I was contacted by an investigator, and my file was submitted in February.

    The notification I received was quite simple:

    PSI Adjudication of SSBI OPM, Opened 2007 11 , Closed 2008 03 , determined Eligibility of Top Secret on 2008 04 DISCO

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    Clean SF86
    Submitted paper through e-Quip – 8/25/07
    Receive Interim Secret – 9/5/07
    Receive Interim Top Secret – approx. 11/01/07
    Still waiting for full clearance…

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    This is an edited version of a post by “ashton” in Jan 08 under the “Ask Your Clearance Questions—Part 3” that I thought might be useful to others:

    19 Jan: Has anyone ever heard of a first decline on an interim secret being evaluated again?

    29 Jan: Looks like my answer came today!. I have an interim clearance after an initial decline. Sent them a letter requesting reconsideration with proof of bankruptcy discharge in 2002,credit report, state background from police office. Also sent payment verification on a few delinquencies. I was very surprised. If it hadn’t happened my new job would have been up in smoke.

    I will be working for a great DOD contractor, the job is in theater overseas. I sent the package to (DISCO) Ohio. I’m just thrilled, I really didn’t think it would work. I had a pretty good case to be made I thought, as the issues where old but inside seven years or close enough for me to want to let them know. I gave them everything I could find about myself. It’s really revived my faith in things.

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      I did not receive an interim secret clearance, but did receive “Eligibility Pending”. I did not get a notice from anyone in regards to the denial of the interim. I only knew of the Eligibility Pending because my security officer on site shared it with me. Nothing from OPM or anyone else. I worked for a private contractor, Exelis, and was terminated about 2 weeks after I received the status of the clearance, thus, not being able to complete the investigation. I was called by CACI 2 days after I was terminated. Set up an appointment which was cancelled by the investigator because she got sick and then another was scheduled and she had a death in the family. We rescheduled and then I received an email from her saying that her supervisor had told her that the investigation was no longer needed…I am sure that the company told them I had been terminated. No one told me that I could appeal or do anything except wait…I did and I got fired. Any guidance you can provide?

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    I recently took a job at a federal contracting agency to the DOD. After accepting, I found out I needed a secret clearance. The agency doesn’t have an FSO and it’s been a process trying to get the application submitted correctly. It finally was a couple of days ago and we just received a decline from DISCO merely stating “eligibility declination 5/21/08.” Does anyone know why/how you find out why it was declined? As with others, my employment is contingent on my obtaining this interim clearance. The only somewhat negative information on my application is bankruptcy that was discharged over five years ago and since then I’ve built a clean credit history. Thoughts?

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    I have a question about the interm security clearance. I am attempting to go into the Army as a helicopter aviator. This job requires me to have a secret security clearance. I was in the navy for 4 years and recievedan honorable discharge. Since then I became a police officer and have been doing that for 3 years. I got my assciates degree and got married. My credit score is fine but here is my problem. My wife is from Mexico and came here illegaly. I have since hired a attorney and we are trin to sort out the problem. Will this have a extreme negative affect on my opportunity to get a security clearance.

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    See my response in the “Ask Your Clearance Questions – Part 8” thread.

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    Submitted e-quip 1/2/06
    Interim clearance granted 1/3/06
    Full DoD secret granted 5/16/06
    Clean SF-86 no issues
    NASA contractor

    Upgrading to TS 07/2008 get back to you on this one.

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    I am working on clearing up issues with my credit report and have been for a while. The hard part is obtaining the paperwork as proof. Some companies wants requests to be done, which is ok, but the need and the reason for the request is not important to them. What can happen if the proof of the paperwork that is requested is not presented in the time frame given to you? Are there extensions and how can you know what it is or may be?
    Is there way or an area to check you own security clearance as you are handling what ever issues that needs to be handled?

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    I have a question for William:
    I just started work last week that requires a secret clearance. I was just notified this morning that I had been declined interim clearance with no reason given. I have a clean history except for a forclosed home. It was an investment property that I had gotten when I was only 20 years old. I had a property manager who was also a family member (the problem) to handle the reselling of the property or possible tenants. I was kept in the dark for months until I realized that the house was in default and foreclosure was in process. This is the only blemmish I have and I hope that this will not cost me my job. Let me know what you think and what I should do?

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    Just an update in case it might help someone looking for a clearance, my full clearance took about 9.5 months…I guess I am one of the lucky ones. My timeline is below

    Clean SF86
    Submitted paper through e-Quip – 8/25/07
    Receive Interim Secret – 9/5/07
    Receive Interim Top Secret – approx. 11/01/07
    Receive Top Secret – 06/08

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    New employee for defense contractor; e-QIP submitted June 4, 2008, notified today (June 12) that interim Secret Clearance was DECLINED. They did not give a reason, but the only thing in my SF-86 that could have raised a red flag was that I lived outside the country (Caribbean island that is a possession of the Netherlands–hardly a rogue state) for 2 years and my daughter was born there. Neither she nor I have been back since 1989. Our SO says it’s nothing to worry about, that the investigation will continue and this will not impact the final decision.

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    I got a government civilian job at a Army base and recieved a interim secret clearance. I had listed some things that were on my credit report and what I was doing to pay them off. I am concerned though that even though it seems to be mitigated for the interim, will that mean that it will be mitigated for the final as well? Or have they not run a credit check or background check on my yet and I am not out of the woods as this point?

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    I was declined an interim. My investigation with OPM has been closed and now it is waiting on DISCO to adjudicate. How long does this process normally take?

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    I was declined an interim with no explaination. I have a forclosure form 2005 and a reposition from 2005. I have a few “dings” on my credit but was a bank officer. Is there any way to get them to re-evaluate?

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    How do I write a letter requesting reconsideration concerning my initial decline or my interim security clearance.

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    Hello to all,
    I am a defense contractor employee.
    I was just approved for a Secret “interim” clearance this morning (0930, Monday 04 August). I completed my SF86 e-qip late Thursday, 31 July and it was submitted into JPAS on Friday 01 August.
    I had some issues/concerns about my SF86 (see ‘Ask Your Clearance Questions Part 7’, search “DEAN L”) and I took considerable time making sure my credit reports were correct (they were not at first) and that I had all my facts/dates/info correct on a rough draft electronic SF86 application.
    My advice for navigating the security clearance waters follows:
    1). Buy the “Security Clearance Manual” and read it carefully!! (and of course follow the advice!). I bought the book from Amazon.com, it is only $18 and is well worth the price.

    2). Read this Blog and Blog history, you will find a wealth of info from the contributors (and some peace of mind as well).

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    I am applying for an IT job that requires Secret Clearance, since the job starts next week, I will need an interim clearance. I have a a couple of very small unpaid debts because of terrible roommates that ditched me with bills, plus I had a small amount of Marijuana use in College nearly 4 years ago. I’ve never been arrested or anything like that…
    What are my chances of obtaining an interim clearance? I really need to get this job and this is REALLY stressing me out. From everything I have read it seems unlikely that I will be granted an interim clearance, so I guess I’m out of luck.
    Anybody think they can help?

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    My interim secret clearance has been obtained… My EQIP was received in the morning a few days ago and accepted later that day.

    Obtained within a few hours… SWEET!

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    DoD Employee. Gaining activity (not current organization) submitted e-QIP 28 MAY 08, interim TS/SCI granted by Army CCF on 9 JUL 08. On 21 JUL 08, TS/SCI no longer in effect. When current SO called CCF, they said it was granted in error, which was something the SO had ever heard before from the CCF. The gaining activity knew that this was done days before JPAS was updated showing the change in the interim, but never fessed up to how they knew. The gaining activity knew what was happening on the day a transaction request was submitted to the CCF, which was 4 days before JPAS was updated. The gaining activity has never said that I was determined ineligible for the TS/SCI, but just keeps saying that the status was changed from an interim to pending the adjudication of the permanent clearance. Again, the gaining activity knew this 4 days before this was reflected in JPAS.

    Does it sound like the gaining activity contacted the CCF and said that there was no longer a need for the interim TS/SCI???? What’s your opinion? Everyone I know who has worked in the security field is baffled.

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    Update…JPAS report still says that interim eligibility for TS/SCI was determined, so there was no change to it, plus the perm clearance is now in adjudication. It all sounds very strange.

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    Did you previously have a clearance at a lower level? Advance NAC results for an interim TS ususally take at least 2 months; although 1 month is possible but very rare.

    Have you had an SSBI within the past 5 years? If not, have you already gone through your PRSI (Personal Subject Interview? One month for an SSBI sound incredibly fast even for Priority Handling, but possible.

    Interim SCI is exceptionally rare, since it requires the approval of a Senior Official of the Intelligence Community.

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    Dean L:

    Thanks for the positive feedback on my book. Please pass your copy along to someone else who might need it. By the time you’re ready for a Periodic Reinvestigation, everything about clearance processing will have changed, and I’ll probably have published at least two revisions to my book.

    If your so inclined, I would appreciate your comments about the book as a Customer Review at Amazon.

    Good luck at your new job.

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    JPAS said that a clean NAC was run 2 days prior to the date on which the interim TS/SCI eligibility was determined (this took about 45 days after OPM opening the investigation) and I did not have an SSBI done within the past 5 years. Even my organization’s security POC noted that it was quite fast a interim TS/SCI. It would appear that my gaining organization submitted an “urgent and compelling” memo to justify the interim TSI. By the way, I’m not going into an Intel position, although I may have or require access to data involving SCI programs (don’t quite know if I worded that properly).

    The PRSI was done about a month prior to the date on which JPAS notes that a clean NAC was received. While I’m not a security expert, I don’t believe that there was anything unfavorable that came out of the PRSI, so it would appear that a perm TS/SCI should be forthcoming. The entire investigation took less than 90 days from the time OPM opened it until it was closed. Any idea how long adjudications are taking these days?

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    Interim Secrets now will allow to work on most programs that require a secret clearance. Of course this doesn’t apply to all programs but most. Interim Secrets can be processed in about a week or two.

    The adjudications process for SCI and above is much quicker than a year or two ago.

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    I have BIG problems with credit!! Do they go by score or the number of delinquencies. I got divorced back in 2002, had my cards stolen, and have about 50,000$ of charge-offs. Every tax year I pay some, but can NEVER really get cought up. My credit score has gone up 75 points since 2004. But between 2002 and 2004, it was right at 500. I got this job, and start tommorow. It requires a Secret interim, then the dreaded Secret. I really need the job( am a single mom)and have been working with Lexington Law paralegals to try to help my credit stuff. I don’t want to claim bankruptcy!

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    Hello I truley hope I am in the right place for this question i have. I had a interim clearance in september 2006 i left the company in september of 2007 and I was very close to having a interview. The company hired me back on after 3 months but said there was a hold on my clearance I figured out that i was very close to having the interview that they would pick up where they left off . well in may of 2008 i had my interview i had some items on my credit that were not to favorable had a bad divorce but i was truthful in saying i totally plan to take care of my responsibilities. I understand it can take up to a year or so to have a final clearance. I have a really good oppourtunity to work with a very prestigious company abroad so my question is while my final clearance is in processing can i obtain a intrim until it comes through? the company is telling my they cant pull my clearance what does that mean?

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    90 days is within the norm for an SSBI with Priority Handling. In Feb 08 DOD (no separate stats for Army) reported having 3 months worth of adjudicative work. They consider anything more than 1.5 months of work as a backlog. So in February the average case took 3 months to adjudicate, but they don’t work on a first-in first-out basis, so clean and relatively clean cases get done in less than half the time of serious issue cases.

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    My TS/SCI was ultimately granted…..98 days from the day the investigation open until adjustication was completge. Adjudication took only 21 days. Now a question —

    JPAS reflected that interim eligibility for TS/SCI was about 40 days after OPM opened the investigation. The activity (not the Agency) that requested the clearance informed me that there was a “subsequent action” that placed it in a permanent pending status subject to the completion of the investigation and final adjudication. The activities was trying to imply that the interim was rescinded, but there was never a change to the JPAS entry stating that an eligibility determination was made.

    My SSO dug as deep as he could into JPAS and saw that there was a transaction pending regarding the interim clearance. No other information was available. As I said, there was never a change made to the interim adjudication in adjudication history.

    The requesting activity never disclosed the nature of the “subsequent transaction” and it was coincidentally taken the day after I informed them that the interim eligibility was made.

    1. If a transaction is shown as pending, wouldn’t a transaction (what I understand to be a trasaction request) come from outside as opposed to within the CCF? If the CCF is going to do something, it would seem that they do it and not submit a transaction request.

    2. My gut feeling is that the gaining activity decided that it no longer wanted me to hold the interim, so it tried to have it rescinded. If this was the case, then it would seem that the CCF would say that it already determined eligibility and that it’s now up to the requesting activity whether they want to give me access to SCI information. Does this sound correct?

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    Continuation of my last post —

    It seems to me that the final adjudication was likely completed in 21 days because the CCF had already made an interim eligibility. Had the interim eligibility been rescinded, then the final adjudication would probably have not been completed so quickly.

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    Thanks for any help or information that you can give. I completed the paperwork for a TS/SCI clearance in June for a civilian military intelligence job. I was wondering what the general timeframe for an interim clearance would be. The program director said that six months is about the minimum, but he’s also said that it should be four to six months, so I’m a little hazy about the length. I’m completely clean regarding arrests or drugs, but I have spent an extensive amount of time overseas. I’m getting a little anxious about ever starting this job, since I applied over a year ago! Thanks for any help.

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    I had an interem clearance with DOD and I worked with them for a year in afghanistan,now they are processing it .where shoul I get in touch to know my status it is my right to know but which webside or address please if you know send me there email or something so i can get in touch with them. [email protected]

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    I worked as contractor for DoD in Iraq, I received my Interim clearance on May 2007 after one year I had my interview but my job ended on Oct 15 2008 before I get my final clearance as secret. Can I still get my clearance and how I check that.

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    Applied for clearance Nov 7th 2006
    Interim Received Nov 7th 2006
    Final Secret Feburary 2nd 2007

    Applied Department of State for TS 10/15/2008
    Waiting on interim and final

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    I applied for a Department of Defense Top Secret SSBI, do you have any stats on how long it would take with a clean SF86? I don’t believe they use OPM as it is done by Diplomatic Security Service.

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    Sorry it was Department of State. I currently hold a Final Secret from DoD.

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    I have just moved ot the D.C. area for a contract job. I was living in Florida. I had been looking for work over a 6 month period and was getting nothing. When I put my resume online in the D.C. area using my mom’s address…the phone was ringing off the hook. It was nice to feel wanted. Unfortunatley after having an impecable credit history over the last 15 years, I lost over 300K on a house that was sold in FL (Short Sale) and then another 250K in lines of credit on further upgrades on a massive house (Media Room, Wine Cellar, upgraded appliances), I need to file either CHapter 13 or 7….I cant see how to recover. Will I ever be able to get a clearance?

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    The following article(s) explore the effects your personal finances could have on your security clearance.


    Well worth the read. Hope this helps.

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    In my case, I had financial issues (delinquent accounts and bankruptcy 3 years ago) that were clearly caused by a business downturn, a listed mitigating factor. This was explained in the comments, where I even gave the four prior years’ income figures. My credit rating has since recovered to above average with nothing past due. I also had an expired UK passport, but I stated in the comments that I had never used it since becoming a US citizen and was willing to surrender it and to renounce foreign citizenship. Finally, I listed UK friends and family.

    My interim clearance was denied within less than one business day of the application. Clearly the negative factors prevented the issue of an interim even though they were mitigated in the comments.

    The problem is that in the real world an employer looking for certain skills needs them now, not in the 6 to 12 months needed for a final adjudication. This is why the interim procedure is so helpful. However, practically speaking, refusal of an interim can mean the end of the job, so that effectively the mitigating factors are irrelevant.

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    I’ve read many of the comments on this site, which I find very helpful. I’ve also been offered a position back in early August,contingent on secret clearance. I filled out all the information on E-QIP and submitted, I met with an investigator in early September and they met with my staff as well. I wondering why I haven’t heard from anybody in HR regarding where the process stands regarding the interim. Any comments from anyone?

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    I am an attorney. I accepted an offer of employment w/DOJ, which is “pending my ability to obtain a waiver of a full-field background investigation.” I filled out the SF-86, plus other forms, releases, etc. Can anybody tell me what this “waiver” consists of?

    HR has stated that it takes about 4 weeks to approve the waiver. Any guidance will be appreciated!

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    I received an government employment offer, contingent on obtaining my security clearance, level 5c. An interim clearance is to be granted for me to officially start the job. I have no problems with credit, drugs, past employment, mental health, etc, however my ex wife was a non resident alien, and I married her in 2003 and started the naturalization process in 2004. Well, she finally received her VISA, SS CARD, Drivers license, etc in 2005. We got divorced a year later, (2006) due to personal conflicts, in which was a mutually agreed no-contest divorce. She was born in Colombia, and arrived legally in the US when she was 3 years old, but never renewed her VISA. I married her out right in 2003, and never visited or communicated with any of her relatives outside the US. We officially became divorced 2 years ago, and since then I have married a US Citizen, in 2008.

    My Question is will my situation with my ex spouse harm my chances of receiving my interim or secret security clearance?

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    I was accepted to do a student internship and i submitted my security clearance October 27. I was emailed yesterday that I had been denied interim clearance. I was honest on the SF86 and put that I had smoked marijuana before and now I am thinking that this is the reason I was denied. I read everyone’s ‘clean SF86’ comments and wonder if mine is now ‘dirty’ because I actually told the truth. I have never been arrested or anything close to it. I am a good student (3.9!) and have never been anything like a druggie. Now I am worried that I won’t get the internship that I am so excited about. Any advice?

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    SARAH – Hoe long ago did you smoke marijuana? This may have been a factor in their decision if it was fairly recent. Also, did you explain in the comment area about the incident?

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    Just heard from DHS, and all of my concerns are fine since she was already in the US, regardless of citizenship status.

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    This is a great blog I am hoping someone can guide me to the right path.

    I am a US Citizen but moved here in 1998 from India. I just accepted an employment offer with a private company that does contract work for the DHS. I am going to fill ou t my SF86 online. I had a few questions-

    The company told me I need to fill in information for last 10 years… since I moved here in 98, should I still need to put the information for India or no?

    Also, how long should the process take considering that It is December and holidays etc…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    tinob – you would have to enter information for employers and addresses for the past 10 years. There are questions on the SF-86 that will ask where you were born and how many years you lived abroad. I would be as descriptive as possible. i would say 6 weeks or so to achieve interim security clearance.

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    I have been selected for a TSA job and given a pre-offer pending a security clearance. I had a ch. 7 bankruptcy 4 years ago and haven’t been delinquent on any debt since then. Have zero credit card balances and only 1 current debt of approx. $900, and a credit score of approx. 700. Could you tell me if this would affect any clearances required to work for TSA. How long should it take for me to receive a clearance and notification?

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    Pre-Offer…i would say your chances are 50 – 50

    If you are needing a interim security clearance to start the job, it depends on if the investigator is willing to ask you about the bankruptcy prior to a decision being made. I have seem cases where they automatically deny from any red flag, and seen the opposite. In my opinion, I think the Bankruptcy could defenitly harm your chances of getting an interim security clearance, but possibly not a full clearance.

    Hope that helps……

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    Submitted E-Qip to DHS on 11/18/08 (mostly clean, a few foreign places that i have traveled for personal vacation and work, and ex-spouse was non-us citizen, but married now to us citizen) However, ………I AM STILL WAITING FOR INTERIM AS OF 1/3/09

    My Agency has no update and initially told me it would take 4-6 weeks. I am tired of waiting……Any ideas anyone ? ? ?

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    I submitted SF-86 on Dec 16th and declined interim on the 23rd for “Mental Aspects”. The only thing that was on my app in regards to mental health was a counselor that I had met with earlier in the year. I did not give any explanation because I figured it was not that important. I sent a letter requesting reconsideration with a letter from the counselor. I met with the counselor to get ideas about how to resolve a specific situation that was causing extra stress in my current job. I went there because of a suggestion from a co-worker, so it was not due to a reprimand etc… Anyway the job I want to take is contract and requires interim secret clearance. I have not heard anything back yet. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I am supposed to start working a job on the 5th that requires me to be eligible for a security clearance. However, they are going to try to provide me with an interim. But I have a problem. I have some credit card debt totaling about $4, 800. I do my best to make at the minimum payment due each month, but plan on having most of it paid off within the next four months. I have never filed for bankruptcy nor have I ever been arrested. What are my chances of obtaining an interim clearance? I would hate to have to feel like I am taking a risk by going onto a job and being denied an interim, and losing my job with the contractor.

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    I recently accepted engineering position at Lockheed-Martin that requires Secret Clearance. After accepting the offer I received notice that I’d passed the Background Investigation (after some issues with that process, whew). I now have a tentative start date in about 17 days. My supervisor informed me that he was putting in for me to receive an interim clearance today. Although I have no criminal history and no foreign influence I am concerned as I do have a home foreclosure that happened last year as the result of spouse’s death and inability to continue managing the mortgage.
    Q#1…How long does the SC with LHM usually take?
    Q#2…What will likely be the outcome?

    Your replies are greatly appreciated as I am feeling pretty anxious and stressed over the whole thing.

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    Is the Credit Card Debt Deliquent? If you have never made a payment past 60 days, then you are fine. As long as you make the minimum payment you should have no problem. All they are really looking for is specifically debt that has gone into collections and considered deliquent. You could have $40,000 in credit card debt, but as long as you make the payments and no deragatory marks on your credit history, then you are golden.

  62. Avatar

    I have had an interim secret clearance granted. Can the formal clearance still be denied? I have some criminal history that has been mitigated (nol-prossed) and I have cleaned up my credit (all negative items show $0 balance, in other words, I had paid off all deliquent debts months before the application). I am also married to a foreign national, and we are complying with all proper visa procedures.

    Basically, what I am asking is that as my Interim was granted and I was completely honest on my SF86, do I have to worry?

  63. Avatar

    Jay – I think the Interim would be hard to acquire, but the full should be able to get after investigated.

  64. Avatar

    A friend of mine is going thru her background clearance the every 5 year one. But she said that a delinquency lien showed up that is not current. She is employed by DOJ will she loose her job???

  65. Avatar

    11-18-2008 SF-86 form submitted via e-QIP for Public Trust Level5C IT position

    After 100 inquiries….

    1-14-2009 Interim Security Clearance approved

    Total = 65 Days

  66. Avatar

    I am ex-military. I got a job working for a govt contractor. I was initially told that the security clearance that I had in the military was higher than the clearance needed for my position, so I was fine. I filled out an SF-86 and submitted it to my employer. About 3 weeks into the job, I went out for lunch one day and received a call on my cell phone not to return to work because there was a problem with my clearance and that it could be fixed in a couple of days. This was in November 2008. It is now January 2009. No one at the job will tell me the problem. The security officer said he couldn’t talk to me about the reason why I could not continue working. I was given an address and fax number to OPM to request the results of the security clearance investigation. I just received the results last week, and on the very first page it says that I am still in Iraq and gives military info about me and says that subject cannot be reached??? I’m not even in the military anymore, let alone in Iraq. I was arrested on some felony charges in 2001. All were dropped except one, which was reduced to a misdeamor. Seven years jail time was suspended and I was given 18 months unsupervised probation. In this paperwork I received, on one page it shows all of the charges, etc. and what their dispositions were. Then on other pages I’m listed as having a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge. Now I might add that only the charges appear. It is not indicated whether they are felonies or misdemeanors. I’m afraid anyone looking at them would just assume the worst. I’m wondering if a proper investigation was done. The security officer would not speak to me concerning the investigation. My employer has not “fired” me. I’m still in their system for a job that does not need a security clearance. But I have no job. I’m still not clear on what happened with the position I was working. I do know that I was replaced. I received no letters or explanation from anyone regarding the reason why I can’t get a security clearance. At this point I just don’t know what to do or how to fix this.

  67. Avatar

    Hello , I have recently applied for IT postion for the government and i need a interim security clearance,my question is how clean does your credit report need to be, i have no tickets, criminal records,dui or arrest records and never did any drugs. But have been late on a car payment and house payment before.

  68. Avatar

    I accepted an internship that may need a clearance, my offer is contingent upon getting one. I do not know if I will need an interim or full clearance by the start date. I want to know my chances of getting one I was arrested 4 years ago but the charges were dropped, I was charged with having a weapon on campus(I had a pocket knife in my dorm). As well as some drug use mainly marijuana 4 years ago. I stopped 3 years ago and then I did it once a year ago as well as took adderal twice that my friend gave me during finals. This was a year ago I have not used any drugs since, what are my chances of getting an interim as well as a full secret clearance. Thanks

  69. Avatar

    @Jack, honestly I would not bet on you getting an interim if you disclosed all of your stated information. A lot depends on the agency, but most will not take a chance on giving an interim with so many issues.

  70. Avatar

    While possessing a current DoD SECRET, I submitted the SF86 for a TOP SECRET contractor position on June 15, 2015 and was granted an Interim TS on June 22, but no movement at all since then (thanks OPM, thanks China!).

  71. Avatar

    I submitted my SF86 for DOD secret clearance on May 24th and haven’t heard anything yet

  72. Avatar

    My SF 86 for DOD secret was submitted June 16, so it’s been 3 weeks. Does anyone know if this is considered too long waiting for an interim clearance? Or does anyone know if it’s just a slow process right now due to a lot of forms being submitted?

  73. Avatar

    @Andy that sounds about normal. Recent anecdotal evidence from this blog seems to be that the turnaround time on interims is 8-10 weeks..

    @DG22 I submitted my SF86 on the same day as you. I think we can expect something between maybe July 24th and August 14th.

  74. Avatar

    I submitted my SF-86 for a DoD (contractor) secret clearance on April 19 and didn’t receive the interim until June 16. I got very good at the “wait” part of “hurry up and wait.”

  75. Avatar

    @mb19 wow that’s a long wait time. Guess I still have to wait a while, but glad the no response for 1 month doesn’t mean I didn’t get interim.

    But question, so I have no criminal record. The only thing I would say that *might* cause a red flag is: I moved here from the Philippines when I was 6 and had a foreign passport to get here, but immediately got citizenship because my dad was a us citizen for like about 2 yrs. also I put 2 of my aunts as people my mom and I talk to from time to time on social media. Would the 2 reasons cause red flags that may deny me interim?

  76. Avatar

    My sf-86 was submitted and accepted June 2nd, I’m also still playing the waiting game on an interim secret before I can start working.

  77. Avatar

    I had my sf-86 submitted May 19th, still waiting on a response for the interim. Going on 83 days, and getting really good at the waiting game.

  78. Avatar

    Hey Jason, any word yet? I also submitted my application on June 2 and I’m still facing radio silence.

  79. Avatar

    I submitted my sf-86 on June 8. Still playing the waiting game! I thought previous clearance holders would move along faster! Anyone have a clue of what the time it is that is taking to get the interim for a secret clearance?

  80. Avatar

    Any luck yet?

  81. Avatar

    My FSO submitted my SF86 on April 29th and I haven’t received an interim secret yet. Going on 16 weeks.

  82. Avatar

    I submitted my sf-86 on May 31, still waiting 80 days

  83. Avatar

    My husband’s was put in around the last week of May or the beginning of June and we are still waiting. He was told 2 weeks then 8 weeks and now we wait some more.

  84. Avatar

    Submitted my sf-86 July 1st and still have yet to receive anything. This wait is killing my job opportunities.

  85. Avatar

    Submitted my SF-86 on May 25th and still waiting…

  86. Avatar

    Please reply when you get yours KH. Would be helpful! thanks

  87. Avatar

    I hope some of you who submitted April-June 2016 will update when you get interim! My husband submitted his on May 20th and still nothing…

  88. Avatar

    Sent my eQuip into the system on June 1. No determination yet, but here is some information that I do have on the status:

    1) My file was turned over to the OPM around August 23. Not sure what this means.

    2) My previous employer was contacted via a letter last week.

    3) The dates of interim clearances being granted are longest as the last week of April up to the shortest in last week of May. A few later dates in June and July have appeared.

  89. Avatar

    equip submitted 6/2/16, interim granted 9/18

  90. Avatar

    That’s about… 14 weeks? Well good to know SOMEONE is getting interims. Maybe mine will come soon.

  91. Avatar

    @Andrew do you know when your previous employer was contacted?

  92. Avatar

    Submitted eQuip on June 1 for interim Secret clearance as a contractor, awarded on September 22.
    Time: 79 business days,
    16 weeks, 1 day calendar time

  93. Avatar

    Submitted SF86 May 24th.
    Received Interim Clearance 119 calendar days later on September 19th.

    SF86 was pretty clean. Only possible pock mark was that I answered “yes” in the section where they asked if you had sought mental health counseling. I have been seeing therapists and psychiatrists on and off for depression since 1991. This did not seem to cause any problems.

  94. Avatar

    The first comment on this entry amuses me greatly. It is from 8 years ago, and the guy was getting interim top secret in only 2 weeks! Then the second comment asks why it takes long to get clearance. Boy they didn’t know what “long” meant back then….

  95. Avatar

    SF86 submitted 6/21/16, my FSO said my investigation was opened on 9/15/16. I am still waiting for my interim to get approved to start work! I am hoping and praying the few previous post of 14 to 16 weeks is about right, because if so, it maybe time to finally get to work.

  96. Avatar

    My equip was submitted to the government on July 11th. I am still waiting for interim clearance too. I have been never been arrested, no foreign ties, but had a bankruptcy discharged in 2012 due to divorce. I haven’t been late on any bills since then. After reading other comments, I wish I would have explained the reason I filed for bankruptcy on my equip instead of just indicating that I had one. The whole process is nerve wracking.

  97. Avatar

    Submitted my e-Qip on July 21st, and just received my interim secret clearance today, October 7th.

    e-Qip was clean other than some experimental marijuana usage in high school.

  98. Avatar

    That’s good hear. Mine was submitted on July 28. Hopefully I will receive my interim this week or next.

  99. Avatar

    eQip submitted July 21st, interim secret granted Sept 26th (contractor) So that’s 68 calendar days. I consider myself one of the lucky ones after following this forum… I was preparing myself for the worst and figured it would be late November. Clean SF86 but lived in several states so figured that may slow things down. Don’t know how long it takes from interim to final though. Best of luck to everyone it does get frustrating!