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Security Clearance Denial

Think it’s not a big deal to provide false information on an employment application? Think again. If you’ve applied for government jobs, even those without security clearance, you’ve filled out some form of suitability determination. Even if you’re not accessing classified information in the scope of your work, the government

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Security Clearance Process

When is a job about more than the job? When you have a security clearance or you’re in the military. Many people have heard the phrase ‘held to a higher standard’ used in conjunction with men and women in uniform. It’s not just a reference to a higher moral character

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Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

Since the first two threads we've started on obtaining answers to clearance questions have filled up, we are starting a new one. Please post questions…
Obtaining Security Clearance

An article in last week's Washington Post reported, "Maryland public schools will soon establish 'security clearance' educational programs for students as part of the state's…
Background InvestigationsObtaining Security Clearance

OPM recently announced (FIN 07-08) the prices of their investigative products for Fiscal Year 2008.  The cost of some high end security clearance products, which…