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Job searching and career networking for security-cleared professionals isn’t a casual affair – it’s something we take seriously at The security and safety of our user’s information is important, and so is linking up professionals with the perfect job opportunity at the perfect time. Social tools have come a

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A Freedom of Information Act release of information about Steve Jobs made following his Oct. 5, 2011 death has unearthed a 191-page FBI file about the enigmatic, sometimes controversial and almost universally admired tech giant. Among the details in the report is the fact that Jobs held a top secret

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The newest Security Clearance Salary Survey reports average nationwide salaries are up by 2% since the first quarter of this year. The survey of…
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A scientist in the Los Angeles area working for DoD prime contractor Boeing is under investigation for mishandling classified information. "Abraham Lesnik, listed as an…
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National Public Radio's Marketplace program ran an interesting story recently on how private industry is stepping up to the plate and taking over many intelligence…