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As public opinion sways, so does the security clearance process. At least that’s the argument a contributor at made recently. He unpacked several of the ways that Federal Investigative Standards have, or will, change to reflect societal shifts. What FIS updates do you see on the horizon? FOREIGN INFLUENCE

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Among the proposals on the table as Congress looks to reform the security clearance process in the wake of the Navy Yard Shooting – better cooperation with local law enforcement, continuous monitoring, and allowing background investigators to use the Internet when conducting background investigations. This week the House of Representatives

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In this smart article from a retired Air Force major general, he discusses in pretty basic terms where we should automate the security clearance process.…
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We get clearance-related questions in almost all threads on this site, so we thought we'd occasionally create a separate Q&A thread. Here, you can ask…
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A new article take a deeper approach to the question of which type of employer is better. Is it better to be a Federal employee…