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Job searching and career networking for security-cleared professionals isn’t a casual affair – it’s something we take seriously at The security and safety of our user’s information is important, and so is linking up professionals with the perfect job opportunity at the perfect time. Social tools have come a long way, and can be a powerful medium to help professionals find their next career opportunity.

Our upcoming hosted chat session with TASC, Inc., a leading systems engineering, integration, and decision-support services company, is one way we’re using social tools to link job seekers and defense industry employers. During the chat, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with recruiters, ask questions in an arena where you’ll get immediate response, and learn about a company with a variety of exciting job opportunities across the country, but in the Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania regions, in particular. hosted chats are just one way we’re harnessing the power of social tools, in a secure setting, to help professionals search for their next job and network in their industry. Find our more about the Cleared Network, including how to register for groups, connect with companies, and use social tools in a secure setting.

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    Where is everyone…? Still out trying get those social sources, eh? πŸ˜€ What a nightmare.

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    I’m lurking around so keep your guard up.

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    Amybody know if the mass exodus of investigators from USIS to KGS is just a DC thing or is it happening everywhere?

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    Very Special Investigator: it’s happening everywhere. We’ve lost 10 people in my area including a team leader in the past 2 weeks.

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    BW, I’ll be watching my back. πŸ˜€

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    The USIS ship has sailed. Things are going to get very interresting this summer. Hipe this means higher pay for contractors willing to take work from USIS… Don’t think there are too many left.

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    Hi Folks –

    So does anyone know what KGS is offering that USIS isn’t?

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    Blue’s- A much, much, much better work environment and policies that make sense. A helpdesk that is readily available and computer troubleshooters that answer the phone on the first ring. For contractors, the ability to pick and choose work and to turn work back in that is not to our liking. They actually treat us like a contractor unlike USIS who treats us like employees that they don’t have to pay taxes and insurance for. I’ve been with them for several years and have been known to take work from them for less money than deal with USIS. They have also recently acquired some major talent from USIS and I think some people are following that talent.

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    All I know is that we get A LOT of USIS folks and every one I speak to says that it’s better with KGS.

    KGS Full-timers used to not get cars, but now KGS is rolling out a car program. I heard a rumor that that was because they wanted to entice more investigators from USIS. But I don’t know if that’s why for sure. Again, just a rumor.

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    I’ve been with them since their inception year (Kroll) and have been treated very well.

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    USIS must be having a retention issue as of late because I just heard that they have reduced workloads across the board. They ONLY do that to induce people to stay…and it’s ALWAYS temporary.

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    Honestly, USIS needs I get rid of all the people “in charge” and start over from scratch. In the grand scheme of things, there really aren’t a ton of us investigators and I know many who will never, ever work for them again. I am open to it, for the right money, but the way they operate it’s got to be a LOT of money… A colleague, who has been a staunch supporter of theirs no matter what they’ve done, has finally had enough and is one more idiotic act away from terminating her contract with them.

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    Glad to see the Contractor side is rolling along. πŸ˜€

    The Fed. side has been eliminating Supervisor positions, shuffling teams and appears to be downsizing through attrition without backfilling.

    I wonder what it all means?

    And I agree with skittles, the new source policy is wack beyond belief.

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    Fed. Investigator,

    Downsizing? OPM said they intent to implement a change to 5CFR732 in early 2012 that will require PRs at 5-year intervals for non-critical sensitive positions. They changed 5CFR731 last December and all Public Trust positions now require PRs at 5-year intervals.

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    Blues –

    More money and set standards for performance. Perform at the next highest level for 6 months and you get a raise, along with increased performance expectations. USIS has never had clear standards of performance for promotion that I could ever ascertain.

    I know a few people who really, really hate USIS and think that KGS is the promised land where we’ll all get paid a bunch of money to do less work. We’ll see if that’s true. The way I see it, if I can get paid significantly more and still keep that same workload it’s still worth it.

    A whole lot of investigators in the DC area have left USIS for KGS. Alot of the TL’s that were laid off in January are with them now as investigators as well. I have even heard of USIS recently calling one senior investigator who left about a year ago and asking them to come back to USIS.

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    I’m not sure any one company is that much different. The work is all the same. I think we just tire of the same thing and moving along seems to be a better option, just to find a different name–same thing. Anyone who does this work knows it can be trying, no matter where you are.

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    Get back to work!!!!!

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    OPM has never come out and said they are downsizing, I’m only assuming from what I’ve observed the last year. I know what happens when you assume, so take my observations with a grain-of-salt. I could be way off.

    I hope I’m wrong and it’s just a reaction to the political climate.

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    We have had two Inv leave for KGS from our area in the past three weeks. My former TL who was moved to a new team after our realignment quit and went over to KGS too but not to an Inv position. She is close with one of the VPs who left USIS to go to KGS. We also saw on our internal FB/Twitter type page that an Inv who left for KGS called her former USIS supervisor three days after leaving asking for her job at USIS back. I do have to say that as of right now the work load in my area is not that bad and pretty manageable.
    I have also heard rumors that USIS was close to bankruptcy prior to getting rid of our old CEO, prior to the OPM rebid and prior to the realignment. Also heard that there are rumors that some in the company want to file crimnal charges against the former CEO of USIS and the former CEO of our parent company Altegrity due to them causing the financial troubles of the company. Again these are just rumors.
    I am staying put for now because KGS does not have much work in my area and I am not willing to travel extensively right now because of my kids.

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    So correct me if I am wrong here, but shouldn’t the transition of past USIS big wigs to KGS be veiwed as worrisome for those current employees of KGS???

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    either way its better than USIS is now. They are going down quickly and making the jump was the best decision of my life. Things over here have been getting better day by day and Ill stick with them until they turn into USIS(if it happens). So far Keypoint has a family feeling….USIS was a sweatshop….

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    No–the leadership will not change.

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    When will OPM stop changing the coverage requirements?

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    I notice no one mentioning moves from USIS to CACI…hmm any reason for that.

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    I blame you Fed Investigator. πŸ™‚

    All of the Inv positions I have seen at CACI are contractor positions in their terms consultants.

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    CACI pays incredibly low compared to the others. So low it isn’t even worth being onboard with them. And from what I understand, they have a computer program similar to USIS that doles out cases. From a contractor perspective, that sucks.

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    All right folks, which of you experienced OPM Inv wants to come work for USIS so I can refer you and make $10,000?

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    Damn, I tried.

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    The reason why that incentive is so high is because they know demand is going to be ludicrously low.

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    I just heard USIS is offering 2x overtime rather than 1.5x overtime. “Desperation is a stinky cologne.” 10 cents to whoever identifies the movie quote.

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    How long would I have to stay–If not long, I can hook a brother up πŸ™‚

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    Funny–just watched it about 3 weeks ago. Funny every time.

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    BW –

    Classic stuff – love it.

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    I’m going to pistol whip the next one of you who says shenanigans.

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    Shenanigans πŸ™‚

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    So what are you saying? You’re gonna set my country music award on fire?

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    Um, so what movie is it??? πŸ˜€

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    Ah Skittle-san, is your google-foo not working?

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    Wee little shenanigans. Too funny.

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    Check out “Super Troopers.”