Security Clearance Denial

Pattern of Rule Breaking Leads to Security Clearance Denial

Isolated instances of not following rules or protocol when taken by themselves are usually not a concern when it comes to determining eligibility for access to classified national security information. However, when a pattern of rule-breaking starts to emerge it is an indication of a deeper psychological issue when the individual thinks they can flaunt rules and procedures whenever it suits them. A DoD contractor with a history of rules violations and employment terminations had security clearance eligibility denied for personal conduct and handling of protected information under the adjudicative guidelines. He subsequently appealed to the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals. Here are the highlights:

This 60-year-old contractor had security clearance eligibility on and off since 1991. In 2013 he decided to take home a classified document in his briefcase because it was more convenient then trying to find an approved location to store it. He inadvertently disclosed it two months later during a discussion with the document owner. He was terminated for the incident. Over the last 10 years he was cited 11 times for speeding and 3 times for other offenses. The contactor was also terminated from 8 jobs in the last 14 years for various reasons ranging from failure to follow instructions, snarky communications with clients, inappropriately yelling at co-workers, failure to complete tasks, and lack of professionalism.

All of this, when taken individually, would not raise the red flag, but it is apparent this contractor is unwilling to comply with rules regulations and does not assume responsibility for his actions. During the appeal hearing he had an excuse for everything and did not think any of the incidents were serious or that big of a deal. The DOHA judge opined the contractor had not provided any mitigation that would alleviate concerns of a continued pattern of rule-breaking behavior. Clearance denied!

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