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National Public Radio covered the defense industry again, this time focusing on the growing reliance of private contractors to fill intelligence roles at the “three letter” agencies. I guess Jennifer Garner’s face on the CIA website isn’t quite doing the trick. Who would have thought?

What is interesting in this article, is the note that not only Federal agencies but State agencies are in need of contractor assistance. This is the first time a mainstream media outlet has noted this important fact.

Making the problem staffing shortage worse, a whole new market has evolved at the state level. State law enforcement agencies need their own intelligence personnel.

Even more interesting is the fact that due to grants from the DHS, the State intelligence offices cannot hire their own employees! The must rely on contractors. Definitely a good opportunity for a smart company.

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    Where on the agency’s website can I find openings for subcontractors at the state level?

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    when going to the first link, delete the period at the end of the URL.

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    My question, is how many people do the CIA and FBI want to hire in 2007 for these type of roles? Are we in some kind of critical point in national security because we don’t have enough analysts?

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    Contractor – thanks. Fixed the link.

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    How long does it take from the time you submit your paperwork to OPM via eqip to have your clearance adjudicated.