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Security Clearance Denial

I have noticed an uptick in the number of Defense Office of Hearing an Appeals (DOHA) cases involving security clearance applicants who unwittingly fell for scams involving foreign nationals from China. How does this happen? Here are two actual DOHA case scenarios: This security clearance applicant meets a Chinese woman online in

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Security Clearance Process

In total, 37 states have now legalized medical or recreational marijuana use and others have changed laws to decriminalize use or possession. However, under federal law, security clearance applicants and holders must still refrain from any use involving cannabis. This also applies to those who are thinking about investing in stocks or

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Obtaining Security Clearance

Many young people experiment with illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine while in high school and college. Peer pressure and lack of maturity are two reasons for this. Foe security clearance applicants that counts in your favor as social environment and age at the time of use could help

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Background Investigations

There are different types of federal background investigations and matching adjudicative criteria used to make favorable or unfavorable determinations. Depending on the purpose and level of the investigation, adjudicators are trained to apply the correct adjudicative criteria to each case. Here are the different types of adjudicative determinations: National Security

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