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Background Investigations

Adjudicators must be decisive and efficient critical thinkers to make quality adjudicative decisions and meet timeliness standards, ensuring mission readiness and risk mitigation. They require a strong knowledge of the policies and procedures that govern adjudications and need to be able to efficiently review a subject’s case, identify the information

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Security Clearance Denial

Under the national security adjudicative guidelines Personal Conduct (Guideline E) covers many areas that don’t fall into criteria under other guidelines. Disqualifying conduct under personal conduct includes dishonesty, history of rule-breaking, failure to follow orders, negligence in work performance, falsification, civil litigation, or omission of relevant facts during the background

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The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) has the ability to provide e-Adjudication shared services to other agencies for Tier 1, Tier 3 and Tier 3R investigations. The e-Adjudication business rules enable a uniform and consistent mechanism that supports reciprocity of adjudications. The use of e-Adjudication greatly shortens case processing

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Career Advice

In the security clearance and background investigation world there are quite a few terms used that may cause confusion for those not familiar with the lexicon used by personnel security specialists and investigators. Below are typical terms and definitions used in personnel security and investigations processing. Security Term Definition (1)

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