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Security Clearance Denial

I ran across a rather unusual Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) case involving serious criminal conduct occurring in 2007. In most cases, the time elapsed since then would have mitigated the concerns, but in this particular instance, they did not. Here are the highlights of the case. In

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It is common practice for courts to allow individuals who are charged with a felony or serious misdemeanor offense to plea bargain down to a lesser offense just to keep the justice system moving and to avoid long drawn-out trials. For example, someone gets arrested for aggravated assault with intent

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Obtaining Security Clearance

It is quite extraordinary to think someone who was charged with murdercan get a security clearance, but occasionally I run across an appealscase involving just that. In this particular case, the applicant, whois now 33 years old, was charged with murder and concealing the deathof another when she was 20

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Security Clearance Process

One of the first security clearance appeal cases in 2023 for the Department of Energy (DOE) involved issues and concerns under sexual behavior, personal conduct, drug involvement, psychological conditions, and criminal conduct. The DOE contractor was issued a Letter of Interrogatory and his subsequent response did not mitigate the concerns.

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