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Obtaining Security Clearance

It is quite extraordinary to think someone who was charged with murdercan get a security clearance, but occasionally I run across an appealscase involving just that. In this particular case, the applicant, whois now 33 years old, was charged with murder and concealing the deathof another when she was 20

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Security Clearance Process

One of the first security clearance appeal cases in 2023 for the Department of Energy (DOE) involved issues and concerns under sexual behavior, personal conduct, drug involvement, psychological conditions, and criminal conduct. The DOE contractor was issued a Letter of Interrogatory and his subsequent response did not mitigate the concerns.

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Background Investigations

There was a lively and informative conversation on a recent ClearanceJobs Blog posting when a security clearance applicant asked for advice on whether they needed to report a domestic violence arrest where the judge deferred sentencing as part of a plea agreement by the defendant. Let’s take a look at what deferred

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Security Clearance Denial

The adjudicative guidelines use mitigating factors in making security clearance determinations. One of those factors is the amount of time elapsed since the conduct occurred. In rare instances even administrative judges get it wrong in applying mitigating factors, which is exactly what happened in a security clearance appeal last month. The Defense

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