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Security Clearance Denial

Financial considerations continue to be the top issue in the denial of eligibility for a security clearance. I have noticed a few recent appeals to the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) where clearance applicants are using the President’s decision to hold student loan payments in abeyance as an excuse when submitting their

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Background Investigations

Public trust positions are those which carry out duties that do not require access to classified national security information but do have other duties that could cause moderate or high risk damage to other individuals or the agency they are working for. A recent Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals

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A research study conducted by the RAND Corporation takes a look at how adjudicative criteria for evaluating the trustworthiness of security clearance applicants has changed from the “baby boomer’ generation to today’s “Generation Z”. The report breaks down trends and risk factors common to all generations and shows how the

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Security Clearance Process

Approximately half of all security clearance holders are now enrolled in Continuous Evaluation (CE) and more are getting enrolled each day as reinvestigation timelines come due. Most reinvestigations are deferred after review of the SF-86 application and other checks are completed. CE enrollment for DoD contractors is input into the

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