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The Senate Intelligence Committee approved a provision for the 2023 Intelligence Authorization Act that will amend current language regarding past marijuana use which is a disqualifier for some federal agencies like the Drug Enforcement Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and a few others. This follows a similar trend in policy shifts

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Background Investigations

I recently read a Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) case where a DoD contractor was denied continued eligibility for a security clearance because of a history of illegal drug use (marijuana). Nowadays marijuana use is not a big deal as long as you have been off it for at least

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Security Clearance Process

In total, 37 states have now legalized medical or recreational marijuana use and others have changed laws to decriminalize use or possession. However, under federal law, security clearance applicants and holders must still refrain from any use involving cannabis. This also applies to those who are thinking about investing in stocks or

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AdjudicationObtaining Security ClearanceSecurity Clearance DenialSecurity Clearance Process

I ran across an interesting security clearance appeal case involving a bag of traveling cookies laced with THC that found their way into the refrigerator of a Department of Energy (DOE) contractor with a security clearance. The contractor’s security clearance was suspended after testing positive on a drug test and

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