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National Security Agency
Career Advice

The National Security Agency (NSA) is in the middle of hiring 3,000 new employees, the largest growth in the NSA’s history. Why? Because of a combination of factors. First, their workforce is aging and many of their employees are looking at retiring in the next one to five years. Second,

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Security Clearance Denial

Time card fraud (or fudging) is prevalent in today’s workplace and federal agencies are cracking down on it. Don’t let your security clearance get caught in the mix.

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Security Clearance Jobs

In a recent article posted by Federal News Radio, the National Security Agency announced the advent of a new Intelligence Community job site designed specifically for those seeking government jobs that require the specialized skills and qualifications that the IC member agencies are looking for. Alongside the NSA are the

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A June 15, 2010 article, “Buzz on lie detectors is a lie, NSA video says,” at reported on a new 10-minute video about polygraph tests posted at the Defense Security Service’s (DSS) training website. “The Truth About the Polygraph” is reported to be a video produced by the National

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