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New Intelligence Community Job Site Will Mirror OPM’s USAJOBS

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In a recent article posted by Federal News Radio, the National Security Agency announced the advent of a new Intelligence Community job site designed specifically for those seeking government jobs that require the specialized skills and qualifications that the IC member agencies are looking for. Alongside the NSA are the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Geospatial Intelligence Agency as the initial stakeholders in this targeted hiring initiative.

Incorporated into the new web portal are hiring and diagnostic tools developed by the NSA that will narrow down the applicant pool to the ‘most qualified candidates’. These tools include a job exploration tool, proctored and unproctored exams, and diagnostic tests that can showcase the generalized universal skills needed across the intelligence community job spectrum. An interesting aspect of the new job site cited in the article is that the biographical data and resume information input by potential candidates on the unclassified front end will be made available to the intelligence agencies on the classified back end. This will help hiring managers pull reports using specific and focused criteria in order to find the best candidates instead of culling through hundreds of resumes’ that all state the same thing.

In theory, it gives qualified candidates an equal playing field and gives them an opportunity to present their skills, knowledge, and experience specific to the intelligence career field that the pretenders who peruse and apply for intelligence jobs through USAJOBS would not be able to pull off. It sounds like a win-win situation for job seekers and hiring managers.