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Online dating sites are a popular way for people to search out and meet others for dating and socializing. As is usually the case, there are also those who exploit the originally intended use of the sites for more nefarious purposes. Scammers use legitimate dating sites to make contact with

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Security Clearance Denial

Through the end of November 2017 the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) Board heard 2,054 clearance denial appeals. As you can see, financial issues continue to outpace all other issues combined. Below is a breakdown by adjudicative category of the types of issues involved (Note – many cases

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When applicants receive a Statement of Reasons (SOR) intending to deny them eligibility for a security clearance it usually contains details of the disqualifying issues found in their background investigation and identifies the specific adjudicative guidelines they fall under (e.g., Guideline E: Personal Conduct). However, on appeal when an administrative

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Background InvestigationsSecurity Clearance Process

You were hired on for that dream job, flew through the background investigation process (well, maybe not really, but one can hope), and were granted a security clearance. What should you do now? I always recommend you request a copy of your own closed background investigation to keep for future

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