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The topic of polygraph examiners bullying security clearance applicants has risen to new levels as of late. The site has been peppered with stories from intelligence agency applicants depicting disbelief and frustration with their polygraph experiences. One recent applicant said he has no idea why his first two polygraphs were inconclusive because he

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Security Clearance Process

The adjudicative guidelines for national security investigations are applied the same across the board. It matters not whether it is for a Secret or Top Secret clearance. The additional checks and information gathered for the Top Secret is reviewed the same as for a Secret. Take for instance, smoking marijuana while you

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Having reviewed a ton of resumes for job applicants who have security clearances, I have noticed a trend in the way many from the Defense Department are listing their current clearance level when it comes to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) eligibility. When the DoD’s Central Adjudications Facility reviews and adjudicates

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Security Clearance Denial

Many security clearances holders who have Top Secret or Secret clearance eligibility (also known as collateral) are wary about applying for jobs that require Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access, especially when it requires a polygraph. The reason for this wariness is the unknown of what happens to their collateral clearance if

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