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The Best Jobs: Civil Service or Government Contractor?

A new article take a deeper approach to the question of which type of employer is better. Is it better to be a Federal employee or a Federal contractor?

While the article goes into details about specific government agencies, salaries for contractors, pay scales, and other detailed topics, it seems that the question is similar to other age-old debates. Coke or Pepsi? PC or Mac? Is it all about personal preference, or is one type of employer clearly better than the other. What’s your choice?

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    Civil Service sounds great but I’m working as Government Contractor from 5 years and I think this is the best challenge.

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    I have a TS clearance, Security + cert and classroom training in Cyber Surety and IT fundamentals. What I do not have is real otj or real knowledge of how to apply this experience towards having an IT job. Is there hope for me to find a job?