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Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?

Over the past several months we’ve heard from both hiring managers and cleared candidates that security clearance processing delays are becoming a serious problem. It’s no surprise that in the wake of the Office of Personnel Management cybersecurity breach, the 30-day eQIP shutdown, and some major reshuffling in contract investigation companies, delays are going to happen. The most recently released figures from the National Industrial Security Policy Program Committee bear that out. Top Secret and Secret investigation times have increased by about 50 days, and Top Secret reinvestigation times have increased by more than 80 days.


What do processing delays mean? Combined with a shrinking cleared population, they’re a serious concern for government contracting firms. Faced with the uncertainty of how a new investigation will turn out and with a three month waiting period, already cleared candidates certainly have the hiring advantage.

Do the recently reported figures hold true for your investigations?


  1. Hi all,

    My timeline thus far… interviewed and accepted a job offer from a gov’t contractor on July 30th. I did finger print and and submitted initial background check info the same day. I submit E-Qip (form SF-86) for secret clearance 20th of Aug. The credit bureau’s sent me notification that OPM pulled my credit in mid Oct. and my current supervisor received a questionnaire to fill out around the same time frame. I have not contacted my FSO, but the recruiter called me yesterday to informed me they have not heard from DOD regarding my clearance and to make sure I was still interested in waiting for the position. Since I am employed, I have the luxury of waiting; but the wait is nerve racking. I will update any change to my status.

  2. I accepted a job with a contractor in mid-July 2015, but because of the OPM background investigation shut down I couldn’t submit my SF-86 until 1 September 2015 with investigation opened on 15 September 2015…I have now been waiting 14 months and have yet to hear from an investigator. The big issue with all of this is that I worked as an employee of an intelligence community agency for 10 years. They failed to update my background investigation at 5 years and I was at 3 years out of scope when I resigned. I took some time off because I was told by the Agency I resigned from and the contractor that once I submitted my reinvestigation paperwork my SCI would be recertified and I would be able to start working again. The FSO claims the SBPR average is now 297 days from initiation to adjudication but again I am at 400+ days with not even a call from an investigator.

  3. I submitted my first eQIP application in late December 2015. After a couple of misfires involving my middle initial wandering outside the signature box followed by a second misfire due to my fingerprints expiring, my third eQIP was filed and accepted in June 2016 and the T3 investigation started in early Sept. At this point, it’s crickets. I haven’t heard a peep other than being told to complete the new counterintelligence training course requirement which becomes effective Nov 30. As others have stated, my FSO has no status information. It appears that my contract employer will keep me on for now despite the lack of a clearance but I get the impression my job is running on fumes until such time as an interim is granted. It might be time to start looking for a non-clearance job.

  4. Hi all,

    I was just contacted by my recruiter and he informed me that I received an interim clearance. Quick re-cap of my situation… Submitted eQip Aug 20th 2016, it took roughly 90 actual days to receive interim. My eQIP was by no means clean. Marijuana use from 2005 until 2012, I was arrested and plead no contest to domestic abuse in 2010 completing unsupervised probation in 2014, credit bad but settled all the delinquencies in 2015, and my oldest child was born and lives in Canada. I fully mitigated each negative or eyebrow raising item to the best of my ability in the spaces provided on the eQIP. So, I just want to tell everybody waiting to hang in there and best of luck.

  5. Hi @fred_stabbage, did any of your list of contacts get interviewed and if so, when. I submitted mine around the same time and still hanging on a thread of hope.

  6. eQIP submitted first week of June. Credit pulled and previous employer contacted week before Labor Day. Contacted about a month later that interim was denied. Been waiting with no word since. Read OPM is averaging 147 days for processing Secret investigations but not sure if that is from eQIP submission or date credit was pulled (assuming that is when the investigation actually began). Either way, I’ve got a lot more waiting ahead of me…

  7. Hi @bbeelp, none of my references were contacted, besides my supervisor in mid-Oct. He was sent a questionnaire to fill out. Just a few points of clarity,the position I accepted is with a defense sub-contractor and the eQIP was submitted to the DOD. I thought it was going to be a long shot to get my interim because I had so many negative things on my eQIP. I just tried to be as honest as possible and give good mitigating factors. I just took my drug test yesterday, and should get my start date shortly. Good luck to you.

  8. Hi All, below is my history:
    Going to work for a DOD contractor on a conditional job offer that requires full secret clearance to start, doing aviation work in war zone. First time for security for me and no prior military. Clean and uncomplicated background including financial, family members and foreign travel. SF-86 history filled out for 10 years at employer’s request. Not a young person either, over 50.
    8/23/16 – SF 86 Submitted to DOD CAF
    9/25/16 - OPM sent investigative employment request to my employers, all of whom returned them promptly.
    11/4/16 (after about 70 days or 10 weeks) – Interim Secret received.
    Have not seen a credit check show up and none of my references have been contacted, nor have I.
    Two questions please:
    #1 do any particular jobs or employers get priority over others in the security clearance process?
    #2 is it normal (or required) for an applicant for Secret to be interviewed during the investigative or adjudication process?
    Hope this helps someone, good luck.

  9. Hello,

    I do not know the answer to question 1 but for question 2, it is normal (not required) for an applicant for secret to be interviewed during the investigative process. It is not required if there is no issue but if there is an issue or clarity to be discussed then interview will be conducted.

    I have a question to you, how do you know credit check has been checked from them or not when you said " Have not seen a credit check show up"?

  10. Hi, thanks for the reply.
    My comment on the credit check topic was just to point out that, to date, I have not found a credit check in my credit history. I’ve read that some people do find them in their credit history and some don’t. And I’ve seen some people write that you can’t always tell when the BI folks check.

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    Yes, I’ve had quite a few of these cases with real delays. Some Subject’s tell me they submitted the EQIP a year ago. A lot of people I contact are dubious about what the clearance is for, or no longer need the clearance. But I work an area with a lot of backlogged work. These cases are a real pain in the a$$– compared to fresh cases– because you have to update all of the information.

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    This is indeed an issue. I know of one situation where a contractor employee with an interim was waiting for their full clearance. The sponsoring DoD entity said that the full clearance was taking too long and that the company needed to replace that employee without delay. The employee was terminated and the company went through the hiring process/expense again to bring someone else on. While I understand the need to be thorough and safe, I don’t think it was fair to terminate a person because the clearance system has an extended timeline.

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    My investigation was completed last year but has been in “auto scheduling” for adjudication since 16 June 2015. How much longer should I expect the delay to be as far as an adjudicator actually being assigned?

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    This is ridiculous and unfair. A lot of cases go into the field where the Subject should not even get an interview for a clearance (ESI/SPIN), let alone all the time-consuming field work to establish the basis for, or extent of, his or her poor decision making or f-ed up self. Why should some engineer who has been conscientious in their conduct and lead a clean life, who is just trying to get a job, have his or her career and life affected by the other half of security clearance applicants whose application should’ve been filed in “will get to when we can” file? The clean candidate has to wait behind the candidate whose case requires obtaining all his delinquent financial accounts, visits to courthouses to get records on DUIs, interviewing people regarding his employment termination and a 4-hour ESI to discuss things like why he didn’t mention his MJ possession charge or his previous employment misconduct which were found through inquiries.

    There should be a grading system which allows case priority prior to being distributed to the field. In other words, people should be rewarded for being conscientious in their conduct at work and in life. Others not so much. Such a system would allow the higher-quality candidates a much better chance of having his or her case worked and clearance granted before the potential employer cuts them loose. E.g., “A” cases would be issue-less on first inspection and record checks. They get top priority in being worked first. “B” cases would be one financial delinquency under threshold and one other relatively minor issue (e.g., some foreign contacts and/or 1x MJ use). “C” cases would have multiple financial delinquencies (one or more over threshold) and/or a criminal issue and/or employment termination for cause, etc. “D” cases would be the dozen delinquent accounts with multiple OFI-16A releases needed, more than one criminal issue, employment issue(s), etc. With this grading of cases prior to being assigned to the field, you could designate that off all cases worked, “A” cases have a capacity of 55% of all cases assigned. “B” cases get 35%. “C” cases 8%. And “D” cases < 2%. This system would ensure that the better candidates get the clearance in a timely manner and get the position. It would have the added benefit of limiting the bad candidates from getting the job and employer would begin to not hire these people for positions which require a clearance. And, very importantly, it would free up the whole clearance process by unclogging the adjudications phase which is inundated with issue-laden cases from people who have lead messy lives. A visual of this new system would be like pipelines entering the pool. The pool would be adjudications. "A" case which have a 60 cm diameter pipeline of casework flow. "B" cases a 35 cm diameter, etc.

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    Sorry, in my pipeline analogy, the “A” cases pipeline should read “55 cm”. I guess I can describe my math ability in 5 words. I am not good in math. 😉

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    Also excuse my typos (probably autocorrects :-))… his/her rather than their… employerS… led not lead, et al. There is no edit function on this part of the blog and unfortunately I don’t proofread prior to posting.

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    I just worked a case in which the SD was in December….2014. C’mon.

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    I submitted my initial security clearance SF-86 in July 2014. I have still not heard anything. In your experience is this possible or do you think something in the process went wrong and I wasn’t notified?

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    I had one of my cases terminated FOR NO REASON…and didn’t catch it in time and now the applicant needs to resubmit. I have other cases that have been in the pipeline for 10+ months now…this is ridiculous.

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    Worked with DOD as contractor for 5 years on public trust. Then my company applied for Secret as my job responsibilities changed. It has been 14 month since we applied. No Information/update from DOD Caf/OPM. Not sure whether I will ever get my case adjudicated. I am still on the job, but I might lose it if I do not receive my Secret. My FSO has no clue how to proceed.
    Any advice/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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    @DASD, sounds like your case got caught up in the turn-over transition process when OPM had to reassign thousands of investigations from a contractor over to a federal investigator. Your FSO should contact the federal agency security rep you sponsored the clearance and have them start making inquires as to the case status and request expedition. OPM only starts to listen when the customer is a federal agency who starts to make waves.

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    Somebody(probably a Fed Investigator) called me saying I need to come for an interview for my secret clearance. She asked couple of question regarding my job position, my sponsoring company etc. Her questions are legitimate and on the dot.

    But since then, I have not heard from her, not sure whether a interview will take place.
    What could be the reason for her not scheduling any interview ? or She will pass a decision based on my answer over the phone ?

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    @DASD, in today’s world of scam and identity theft I would have thought you would be a bit more careful disclosing information to someone whose identity you have not confirmed. Interviews are not necessarily automatic for Secret clearances unless there are issues to resolve, but regardless, they are not conducted over the phone unless these is an extenuating circumstance.I would call the number back from where the person called and ask a few questions.

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    I agree, @dcinv, I am currently in a situation, where I had a TS clearance renewed a year before I retired from military, then used for a DOD contractor job for 2 years. I have not found a job since. Now, I get a call from a potential employer, that was ready to hire me. I give them the Info to check JPAS, and find out my INFO was archived and it takes an act of god to get it put back in there (wait times) So I have to now start over as if I did not have a clearance?

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    Putting in my 2 cents and seeing if anyone else has comparable anecdata.

    I transferred from DOD to DOE and my S got transferred to an L.

    I filled out eqip for q upgrade in mid-October 2015. Haven’t heard a peep. No references contacted yet either. While my case is not entirely without hitches, they are as I understand it pretty minor ones.

    This sound familiar to anyone? Is the upward trend still increasing? Any input is welcome.

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    Finally,I just had interview with a Investigator. It is now exactly 15 month after I submitted my e-QIP.
    It took more than a hour to complete. Lots of questions were asked.
    Any idea how long it will take from now ? I am thinking another 2/3 months

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    I completely agree unfortunately I am experiencing the same issue with the clearance delay.

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    I realize there is a huge backlog of cases, but can adjudicators decide to simply ignore a case if it is problematic and to keep it in limbo indefinitely? Or do they have an interest/incentive in making a decision on all cases, regardless of whether it is a denial or not?

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    same issue here, completed e-qip October/2015, interview with the investigator 03/16 nothing else since then , however whole case will be 3 years in October

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    I filled out my app for a secret clearance on Feb 16th, had an interview on march 30, and am now waiting to be plaved in adjudication. I have no idea of the status other than its open.

    My employer has told me they will have to rescind the offer if the government takes too long to process it. As DoD no longer issues interim clearances for my position how long can this take? Its painful that i could lose this before a decision is made. I have no criminal background and am only about 4k im debt. I feel like my case should be easy .

    My FSO acts like she can make no requests for expedition and says she gets no status beyond “open” or “closed”. Is there anything i can do? Is my FSO being upfront with me?

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    @Frustrated, three months is not much of a wait time, as the average is 5-8 months for clean cases. The issue with the interim seems to be what the problem is here and if the granting authority doesn’t want to accomomdate there is nothing the FSO or anyone else can do about it.

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    My case was opened Ja. 20. 2016
    Took and passed Poly. on Jan. 21.
    Subject interview Feb. 9. 2016.
    Work, neighbor, references all checked by Feb. 15. Investigator told me that he sent his report by Feb. 15…This is for secret for one of those saps…I think…
    Since it was submitted, it is still open at OPM.
    So my questions is what happens at OPM that makes cases stay open there for months before they close and released it to the adjudication agency?
    My case I was told was a priority. And it was very clean…same city last 16 years, never had a traffic stop let alone other crimes…finance very good…

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    I didn’t think three months was too long either but that’s not really the issue. The problem is OPM circulated a memo saying clearances are taking 6 months to a year to complete at minimum for those with no issues. It has scared my hiring company and they are thinking of replacing me with someone who has a clearance. The hiring process for me has been 6 months already…the sf86 part only happened in february. Anyways because of Snowden and the private contractors that did shoddy investigative work DoD is no longer issuing interims for anything related to cyber security. Those with interims currently are not allowed to get CAC cards until their final clearance is approved. I’m really worried that I will lose the best chance at a career i’ve had in years due to no fault of my own because the clearance process isn’t efficient. My boss is currently interviewing people that have clearances. This seems unfair to me as I have no record, hardly any debt (2k), and am the top pick. Even worse I moved from a major metro area back home with my folks in a rural area to prepare for this transition. In the meantime i’ve been working at a gas station doing non-related work. If I lose this I’ll be trap in a rural area with nothing but backbreaking low wage jobs. Also there is little chance for me to get another job because no companies want people whom aren’t already cleared. Its a double edged backstabbing sword that hurts our nation’s readiness. There should be some way I can protect myself.

    I have two questions:

    1. Can my FSO somehow petition OPM to pay attention to my case as my position is mission critical.
    2. Are there ways for someone other than my FSO to petition OPM to expedite a decision? My FSO seems very ill and I wonder if she has the stamina to fight on my behalf. Also sometimes I just don’t want to bother her. Her issues seem greater than mine.

    Here is the actual memo: “Due to the several factors including the OPM data breach, the federal
    workforce is experiencing a substantial increase in investigation times. At
    this point a Tier 3 investigation will likely take over 6 months to complete
    while a SSBI/SBPR will take closer to a year. Unfortunately there is no
    improvement in sight, in fact we can expect times to lengthen over the next
    year. This issue is being experienced across the federal government and
    there is very little we can do about it at this point. We have been asked
    to place a priority on some investigations, but after discussions with DoD
    and OPM we have been told the difference in speed would be very negligible,
    if any faster at all. We also know that by speeding up one investigation we
    move all others back, increasing the investigation time substantially. We
    are working with the office of Manpower and Reserve Affairs to minimize
    issues where we can and will provide information as it becomes available.”

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    Finally, I received my clearance(Secret) after 16 month wait… Good luck for those still waiting… Chow

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    @Joe, There are a couple of case items that are mandatory in order to close the case that have been holding up thousands of cases at OPM. These are the FBI name check and DCII file check (AFOSI). If one of these is not completed the case cannot close until it is done.

  26. Avatar

    @Frustrated, the OPM memo pretty much spelled it out, however, I have seen Tier 3 investigations come back in less than 6 months, so there is hope yet.

  27. Avatar

    What are the processing times running these days for an MRPT/Tier 2 investigation? Do these still have an ESI or is it an option?

  28. Avatar

    @Mike, T2s do have a subject interview and from what I have seen have been averaging between 4-8 months to close.

  29. Avatar

    My SSBI closed Oct 11, 2015, TS/SCI has been in adjudication since,My security officer basically said stop calling for updates of status. Does it really take this long for DOD CAF to clear a case?

  30. Avatar

    Marko, is there any way to expedite the retrieval of the DCII file check? My adjudication is complete with the exception of that file, and I am now at 14 months since I processed my eQIP. Would a congressional inquiry hurt or hinder the situation?

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    @Ren Davis, unknown as to what, if any issues may be holding it up if it was truly closed in Oct. Anyone put in for SCI undergoes additional levels of screening depending on what agency it is for. Your SO has no influence to get it done faster.

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    I submitted my SF-86 on April 19 for a secret clearance (DoD contractor). I haven’t received a determination of whether I am getting an interim (which I need to start the job). My FSO said that getting/not getting an interim secret normally takes two to three weeks but they are so backed up there is no telling how long I will have to wait. Any data I’m reading online seems to support this, as I’ve read of people waiting 2 months and longer for just an interim. How long can I expect to wait?

  33. Avatar

    @Jeff, nothing you can do. Probably AFOSI held up and it gets to it when it gets to it and OPM won’t close the case without it.

  34. Avatar

    @mb19, it is a crap shoot, just depends on where the chips fall and whether your application is clean.

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    I am in almost an identical situation as you. I accepted a position with HPE who has a $3.5BB contract with NGEN, formerly NMCI, as a Sr. Systems Engineer. I completed my E-QIP, SF-86 on 14APR2016. I was told as soon as my interim comes back, which should take 2 weeks to no more than ome month, I can get my CAC and start working. The crazy part is; prior to this I was a DoD I.T. Tier II Contractor for the ARMY from Sept2013 until Mar2016 when the contract was up for resubmit and the company I worked for didnt get it and the 4 highest paid tier3 support Engineers were laid off, and only helpdesk folks were kept.

  36. Avatar

    Literal same situation. I submitted my SF86 on APR 15 2016 and haven’t heard anything back. It was for a Secret clearance for the NGEN contract as well…

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    This is for secret clearance. I’ve completed my e-qip SF-86 on 14thApr2016 and my FSO submitted it on Apr15th. As of now, no update regarding my interim clearance. Once or twice a week, i keep checking with my FSO, and it seems like my application is still in Queue. No luck yet 🙁

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    Any update regarding your interim? Mine was submitted on Apr15th.

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    Thought I might as well write out my situation to give everyone here an idea where they’re headed:

    May ’15 – Accepted Offer
    July ’15 – OPM hacked
    September ’15 – Submission of e-QIP
    October ’15 – Subject Interview
    October ’15 to February ’16 – Hear that friends are getting contacted for interviews about me
    February ’16 to Present – Complete silence

    This is for a DOE clearance, which I heard has a worse backlog than the DOD, but yeah… sucks…
    Thanks OPM for ignoring the call for IT security improvements for years leading up to the hack

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    According to a conversation I had with my (still) future boss last week, OPM appears to have a backlog of roughly 8 weeks. As of May 27 (the Friday before the Memorial Day holiday), they had gotten to applications received as of April 3. Take this with a giant boulder of salt, because as we know trying to pin down anything definite is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.

  41. Avatar

    The backlog is bigger than that. It’s been reported here by another poster, and was confirmed to me last night at a recruiting event for an OPM contractor, that the overall backlog is closer to 5 years.

    Unfortunately, I cannot answer as to why certain cases get priority over others as no one has told me.

  42. Avatar

    I think what we’re talking about in this most recent conversation is interim clearances (or at least I was, anyway). I don’t even care about the full clearance yet. I’ve got my whole life to wait for that. I just need the interim to get my foot in the door.

  43. Avatar

    @CantWaitMuchLonger, @Leo:: Did you get your interim?

  44. Avatar

    Are you saying it will be 5 years until they get through everything? I was told 4-8 months for my MRPT. Can you clarify please?

  45. Avatar

    Nope, not yet!

  46. Avatar

    @CantWaitMuchLonger, @Leo:: Did you get your interim? Mine was filed on Apr15th.

  47. Avatar

    @CantWaitMuchLonger, @Leo:: Did you get your interim? mine was filed on Apr’15th 2016

  48. Avatar

    Got my interim secret today! It was about 8 weeks to the day from submitting my e-QIP to getting the interim.

  49. Avatar

    Has anyone received interim clearance since mb19? I submitted April 29 and am expecting to hear something. I need to work badly and will literally be homeless if it doesn’t come through very soon.

  50. Avatar

    @CantWaitMuchLonger, @Leo:: Did you get your interim? mine was filed on Apr’15th 2016

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    I got panicky about the time it would take to get my interim clearance so, for financial reasons, I got myself an interim job while waiting interim clearance.

    Was submitted May 24th so I’m not expecting anything soon but will be more hopeful this time in July.

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    Anecdata: I last posted on March 25.

    I am a fed getting an L upgraded to a Q. eQIP filed middle of October 2015.

    So far not interviewed, contacts not interviewed. Security says investigation is “in progress.”

    I know some people who filed after me have already gotten interviews. In one case a contractor looking for a initial Q got an interview in like three weeks.

    Possible slowing factors:
    – My case isn’t immaculate. Though I am confident of a positive result given my understanding of the process, a handful number of things will need to be tracked down requiring some investigator work.
    – I moved from the D.C. area to take the job with the Q, so the eQIP had my old D.C. address. Maybe I’m at the end of some D.C. investigator’s list. The person whose clearance seemed to be moving very quickly filed from my small western city.

    Thoughts, insights, and other reports welcome.

    I’m sick of people walking in front of me bellowing “uncleared.” What’s an L worth these days, nothing?

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    my interim has been approved today. Submitted my SF-86 on Apr’15th. It took almost 2 and half months to clear the interim 🙂

  54. Avatar

    SF-86 submitted Nov 23, 2015
    Investigation opened Dec 1, 2015
    Interview February 23, 2016
    Investigation closed May 25, 2016
    Granted secret clearance July 1, 2016

    I was not granted interim clearance.
    No individuals listed on SF-86 as references were contacted at any point.

    Frustrating and tiring experience, but it’s finally over.

  55. Avatar

    So how long is it taking to open and get the interim granted now a days? I’m with the DoD and can’t get any class dates until my interim is granted… I am going for a TS. I have a clean background, only lived two places (college and home) and have good financial records, no debt or anything. I submitted my SF-86 and it was realeased to OPM on June 17, 2016. They told me it usually takes 7-10 days to be opened… But so far have heard nothing. I am hoping it’ll be less than 7 or 8 months for it to be adjudicated, as that was the average for the other people in my Guard unit.

  56. Avatar

    Alex223, the average for interim secret clearance, from the anecdotes here, seems to be 8-10 weeks. Last week they were granting interims from forms submitted in mid April.

  57. Avatar

    Here’s how mine went (I believe it’s for TS at CIA):

    May ’14 – submitted SF-86, and accepted COE
    July ’14 – health, psych, and polygraph
    Aug ’14 – SSBI begins
    Oct ’14 – investigation ends
    Dec ’14 – adjudication

    Been receiving monthly status updates from my program officer ever since saying “actively processing.” Granted, I filled out a lot of FNC forms at the beginning. Not sure what to do at this point.

  58. Avatar

    63 days for me

  59. Avatar

    Wait… Lol it’s the fun part of clearances!

  60. Avatar

    Filled out my eqips in July 2015- had all my interviews etc in sept 2015… My security investigation closed October 2015- I have since been waiting for adjudication for my TS. Absolutely no end in sight. I have had a secret clearance for almost 9 years now… This is beyond ridiculous…

    I am beginning to start looking for other jobs that don’t require a TS… This is what the back log is doing- making employers lose their desired employees

  61. Avatar

    Hi it has been around 66 days since I applied for a interim clearance. I was told it could take anywhere to 45-60 days. I have not heard anything back yet. I was wondering if there could be some kind of problem. What would the reasons for a interim clearance to be denied? I do not have a criminal record or any traffic tickets. I have lived in the same place for the last 12 years and haven’t been out of the country ever. I do not have any delinquent accounts or bankruptcies but I do have student loans and credit cards. I was wondering if having a high credit card balance can trigger a denial? Unfortunately I am raising a family by myself so going to school full time and working full time caused a lot of credit card debt but I am paying my credit cards on time every month.Thank you for your time.

  62. Avatar

    July ’15 – Job interview
    Sept ’15 – Job offer
    Sept ’15 – Submitted SF-86
    Oct ’15 – Investigation opened
    November ’15 – Interim TS granted

    I have heard nothing since. Nothing from any investigator and no individuals listed on my SF-86 have been contacted. I tried asking my security office (FSO) and I keep getting the same story but with different timelines.

    3 month mark: “they usually take 6 months now”
    6 month mark: “they usually take 9 months now”
    9 month mark: “they usually take 18 months to 2 years now… please don’t contact us until the one year mark has gone by”

    Do they seriously expect to maintain a professional workforce that has to wait 18 – 24 months to be able to get a clearance?

  63. Avatar

    @Worried89 I’ve been waiting 66 days too. Up above, user Jack related that it took him about 75 days to clear the interim.

  64. Avatar

    Thank you Lisa! I am still waiting but hoping to hear something soon! Thank you!

  65. Avatar

    I took my lifestyle poly 2 months ago.. I was told expect 3 days to 3 weeks. It’s been 2 months that now and the system just shows its waiting for sign off by an Adjudicator… is there any time frame at all to expect this to be complete?

  66. Avatar

    Submitted SF 86 on June 16th, so it’s ‘only’ been a little over 6 weeks. I’m hoping to hear something in 2-3 weeks.

    But can anyone help me, so I don’t have a criminal record/ traffic tickets. The only thing I can think of that could delay/deny me my interim is that: born in the Philippines, moved when I was 6; i put 2 of my foreign relatives that my mom and I contact from time to time (they have no affiliations to anything like military, etc over in the Philippines); and I’ve traveled outside of the country (mainly Europe, Phil in 2011) for pleasure almost every year since 2011-2015.
    Could these situations cause me a denial of an interim or maybe just a delay?

    Thanks!! Any input will help.

  67. Avatar

    Submitted SF86 on May 24th. It’s been 10 weeks. Still waiting on the interim clearance.

  68. Avatar

    I just got a update from my employer. Apparently they said it can now take up to 90 days. Originally they said 45-60 and its been 70 days so far. I guess all I can do is wait patiently

  69. Avatar

    I submitted on May 24th too. Got an E-Mail from my FSO on Monday saying that the application had moved to a “receipt acknowledged” status or something like that, which means it’s out of the long queue of applications and actually has a human being’s eyes on it. DG22 and Worried89, yours might be in the same boat.

  70. Avatar

    had mine submitted around the same time and with no news yet…

  71. Avatar

    Any update from anyone who submitted SF86 between May 15th and May 31st?

  72. Avatar

    I submitted mine for a interim clearance on the 18th of May but I made a mistake on one part so they sent it back and told me to fix it that was on the 24th of May. My employer said instead of the estimated 45-60 days which was already behind schedule they are now estimating 45-90 days. I’m in dire straights and am hoping to hear something very soon. My employer said they do not get any updates during the processes so they do not even know what stage it is at.

  73. Avatar

    I beg to differ. Just because a person does not have a clean funancial record or may have a criminal record that dates back 40 years does not mean that they are not the best person for the job. When an economy goes bad and millions of people loose their jobs to no fault of their own. That should not be held against them. People have made mistakes as teenagers, like getting into a fight or civil disobedience in protest and were arrested. These things do not add up to a bad applicant. The best person for the job should get the job, with all things considered.

  74. Avatar

    I got feedback today saying that I’m “Pending Interim Determination” not for sure where that puts me in the process, but from what I have read other forums is that they are skip the interim cletance. They also mention that is normal and is not negative in anyway….

  75. Avatar

    Well… “Pending Interim Determination”…. actually sounds like progress.

  76. Avatar

    My experience.

    Got a job that they eventually wanted me to have Secret clearance for. I started September 2015.
    SF-86 was submitted to OPM on October 11 2015
    Informed about 5 days later that I was not eligible for Interim Secret.
    My significant other got a form in the mail to fill out and send back about me, which was done.
    Had my interview with Investigator mid-Feb 2016 – it went well
    They contacted one of my doctors I see for anxiety and depression (nothing major) – she filled out the forms with my patient history and sent them back
    Haven’t heard anything since. My case is still in Investigation mode – not Adjudication – I know that much.

    Only troublesome things in my background – I was let go from a few recent jobs due to relatively small mistakes made that they came down hard on me for or stupid stuff like playing computer games at work while it was slow or not letting my boss know I was leaving early. At another job I entered a co-workers login name (not password) when it was asking for one and mine wasn’t working. This was to access an employees only “deals” website. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time because I paid for the item with my own credit card.

    Also, my significant other and I had a bankruptcy about 2.5 years ago for about 25k. It was discharged and we’ve been fine since.

    No criminal background – no drug use – no foreign travel within last 10+ years – etc – everything else is good – same with my significant other

    Do I still have a chance to get my clearance or do you think I will be denied or stuck in Investigation Limbo until I am let go from my job? Thanks. I know I made some stupid mistakes but I really like the job I am at now and do well at it.

  77. Avatar

    Anybody that submitted sf86, end of May – beginning of June, set up their interview yet?
    Does anyone know how long after interim is granted or not, the interview is usually scheduled?

  78. Avatar

    I did the sf86 for a secret on 6/6. I was allowed to start work without hearing anything on 7/6 because they said I passed suitability. My sf-86 is still in the queue. I am concerned about what will happen if I go straight to pending. From what I understand, once you leave the queue, it either takes 3 weeks or a month. The intern kids at work turned theirs a month ahead of me and maybe 10% have been granted interims. My main fret is that I quit a job I almost a year and a half for this one and might go straight to the gutter if I lose it(benefits?). I think that I probably have like a 30% chance of getting an interim and like a 80% chance of avoiding a SOR. I got a misdemeanor withold in ’10, a chapter 7 in ’12, and played around with pot in ’12. Have good credit now and had a vanilla lifestyle since but I am hoping that the lab I work at will let me wait for my final since no one on my team touches actually works on classified info. We just need it to be “suitable” and because classified work goes on with other non-affliated teams.

  79. Avatar

    Alex I submitted mine on May 24th. I was told by my employer that it can take 45-90 days instead of the originally anticipated 45-60 days. I am not sure when the interview will take place during that time period. I have been reading on other forms that they are severely behind. Hang in there I hope you hear something soon.

  80. Avatar

    Alex I don’t think they do the interviews before issuing the interims. That comes between interim and full clearance.

    Anyone who submitted between May 15th and 30th get any progress? Any interims granted?

    Day 84 and counting. I am losing hope. I have a job right now, but it’s just “pay the bills” type job and me moving into my true passion and career hinges upon that interim.

  81. Avatar

    Anybody know which stage I’m in with a status of “PSQ sent day 8/11” I’m on my 9th week since I submitted, which isn’t as long as others.
    Thanks in advance!

  82. Avatar

    Submitted SF86 for a DoE Q in Nov. Total silence so far, no credit check, etc. A coworker of mine just got his Q and he had submitted his SF86 last Jan. Took ~15 months for his investigation to actually start, and that was with management getting involved. Completely crazy…I can’t help but wonder if OPM hopes that a certain percentage of applicants just wander off to another position.

    On the bright side his adjudication only took ~3 weeks, so it looks like DoE is pretty quick once they get the results.

  83. Avatar

    It seems that you are applying for a TS SCI?

  84. Avatar

    I am on the same boat as Lisa. It’s been 12 weeks. Still waiting…

  85. Avatar

    I’ve been pending adjudication for my TS for 10 months now. My investigation closed October 2015… So good luck everyone out there- I am now looking for jobs elsewhere- people can’t live in limbo for over a year.

  86. Avatar

    Here’s my timeline:
    March 8: Sf 86 submitted
    March 26: interim denied
    Silence until…
    July 8: subject interview
    Silence since…

    My app was not clean. Less than 10 marijuana uses over the past 9 years

    Very anxious about the next steps

  87. Avatar

    Have you heard any update?

  88. Avatar

    Perhaps I must take a more zen approach to this. When I stop wanting it, the clearance shall come.

  89. Avatar

    I’m in my 11th week for secret clearance and was thinking/hoping that I would be hearing some kind of update soon but none of these comments sound promising.
    My sf86 was not clean so I am not anticipating interim so trying to get an idea of how long until my interview may be.
    A watched pot never boils, I guess.. just wished they’d at least turn on the stove already :/

  90. Avatar

    Alex, are you working? As you imagine, I am another borderline case (several hits on my reputation, but they are all minor (or from what I understand, not serious to be showstopper in and of themselves) and long ago), too. (might get a guideline “E” if I get an SOR?) At this point, I am working but am worried what will happen if I am passed over for an interim. It has been 9-10 weeks here.

  91. Avatar

    No, I am not.
    Are you working for the company you’re awaiting clearance for? I would think that since you’re already in, that you would remain until given a final decision. I’ve read that it doesn’t actually say, “denied” for the interim, but “pending”. Any truth to that?

  92. Avatar

    Yes. That is correct and I am a contractor. That had me do a CBI and only asked if I had committed a felony or a misdemeanor in the last 5 years or more than one misdemeanor. They also saw my credit. Security passed me and so I was allowed to start on 7/6. Left a job to work at this job. I was hesitant, but saw that there was a raise of $2000 a month and so I left my old job (they were a consulting firm and they were sending me back to training in Arizona after having me on the bench in Missouri for two months).
    Alex, that is what my FSO has told me.

    I would think so too, Alex. If I am allowed to stay, I think I should have a very good chance to get a secret.

  93. Avatar

    Had an current background but TS archived due to lapse in use. Got hired in Jan as a Fed and submitted EQIP beginning of Feb. Was told by FSO it would only take a OPM “review” of changes since my BG was still valid.

    No movement months later.

  94. Avatar

    Figured I’d share:
    Guess wait times will get longer from here on out…

  95. Avatar

    Hello. Has anyone received an interim secret clearance that submitted their SF-86 in the May-June time frame? I submitted my SF-86 on June 8 and I have not heard any news, well besides that it was still in process. I held a clearance before but needed to get reinvestigated due to that I was inactive for more than 2 years. I was hoping that I would already have received it by now as my security officer said that the interims were taking 40 to 45 days to be issued but I’m going on day 82 and nothing but radio silence…

  96. Avatar

    Baseball, I submitted the week before you and still no word. After submitting, I was told interim would be about two weeks. Two weeks later, I was told 30-45 days. Two weeks after that, I was told 45-60 days. Four weeks after that, up to 90 days.
    They say the average time to receive final clearance is about 120 days so 90 days for interim seems legit. However, I’ve also noticed a gradual increase from quarter to quarter and that 120 estimate was from the beginning of this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the average is now closer to 150 days and interim is 120, or at least that’s what I’m planning for it to be so I’m not disappointed 2 weeks from now when there is still no update.

  97. Avatar

    I’m at 90 days now waiting on the interim. I’ve learned to stop obsessing over it and just let it come when it comes. I guess it’s easier for me than others because I have a steady job already so I’m not hurting for money. Actually, since I’m saving money living with parents, this may be better since I can make some good progress on my student loans while waiting. The job that requires the clearance will require me to move out.

  98. Avatar

    Ueah. My supervisor told me stop it and just concentrate on work. I’m doing pretty well.

  99. Avatar

    Alex, Lisa, and Bill thanks for the info. I guess I should just concentrate on finding a couple of more jobs in the meantime to stay afloat and hope for the best…..Good luck all…

  100. Avatar

    I got word today for my hiring company that interim clearance processing will currently take approx 120+ days. I haven’t been waiting as long as some of you only about 3 weeks thus far.

  101. Avatar

    Anyone have experience living outside of the USA waiting for clearance? I submitted my E-Qip in December 2015. The US investigation closed in March 2016. Now, I am stuck in the adjudication phase. I believe they are waiting for information from the authorities where I live. Since I got the job, it has been one year! Anyone know what an “Assurance” letter is?

  102. Avatar

    This is just madness. How is it taking this long? And how did it get so much worse in just the past few months? People who submitted an SF-86 in April got the interims in only 2 months. One month later and the timeframe DOUBLED? I thought interims just involved reviewing the form…. not actual in depth investigation.

  103. Avatar

    I had read that there were changes made to the interim process that were to begin in Aug. Anybody know if those changes could be contributing to the delay? Did they just stop doing interims for a month or two before the change took place?

  104. Avatar

    I am interested on what the wait is also. My husband is almost at 2 months now.

  105. Avatar

    I submitted SF86 on May 24th and still waiting on the interim clearance and my current supervisor was contacted by fed yesterday and my Security officer told that we are close to hearing something regarding the interim clearance. Looks like a good news. My guess is fed is working on the SF86 applications submitted between mid May and end of May.

  106. Avatar

    UPDATE: I met a coworker for lunch who filled out his SF-86 two days before me. He was declined for an interim. Security is reviewing his paperwork for a letter of compelling need.

  107. Avatar

    Seems promising since I turned in my form around the time as your coworker. However, Lisa turned in her’s nearly two weeks before me :/

  108. Avatar

    I submitted SF-86 on May 31 and have not heard a word. these delays are getting unreal and concerning. It will be a great help anyone who received their interim in the last week could give out the date they submitted sf-86.

  109. Avatar

    I submitted my SF86 on May 24th and have not heard anything yet. I did receive a letter from my school on Aug 11 saying a government official has sent a request on my work history (since I was a grad researcher) and the school was simply notifying me what they sent into them. There were many question including basic info such as dates worked and supervisors, as well as work performance and “would they recommend me” but they did not fill out performance stuff (school and typically other companies don’t give that info out). One note, addresses used that the school sent in were slightly different from what I sent in on SF86 (not sure why, I used USPS official addresses). I have had an extensive work history so I am assuming the all to optimized and efficient government (massive sarcasm) is sending out letters for my past information, to which addresses and locations have probably changed, and who knows if company employees even respond since it was many years ago.

    Like many other people, I am extremely worried. I since had to move from the university into an apartment (since I graduated) and have been without a job for months now. Credit card bills are massively piling up. The worst part is I have turned down many other regional job offers for this defense industry job requiring a security clearance. I have no idea when I should start job hunting again because the clearance could come any day now.

  110. Avatar

    I am in the same boat as “D”, I submitted my SF86 on May 24th, my current employer received a letter on Aug 25th and replied with required information he said.
    I don’t know if they have contacted my previous supervisors!
    Also, so far no hits on credit check either.

    My security officer said that PMO needs an advanced NAC from the OPM to make the interim determination.
    Would appreciate if someone could elaborate this.

  111. Avatar

    D, I am exactly in the same boat as you; i had to find two part time jobs to keep the credit cards current. I just hope I don’t get denied the interim because of the increase in credit card debt! Since now the wait for the interim is about 120+ days I’m not sure I can wait anymore time than that for the final clearance determination. Also keep in mind I held a secret clearance before!!

  112. Avatar

    As long as you stay under 3500 in collections, you should be fine. At least that is what I understand.

  113. Avatar

    I thought that the interim just hinged on a review of your SF-86…. none of this checking your references and calling people.

    Think I read that one bottleneck might be a lack of adjudicators. It through the investigation quickly, but the adjudicators, who actually make the clearance determination, are in lower supply.

  114. Avatar

    That sound like the initial background check upon accepting the offer. The company that hired me did one that involved only criminal, work, and school history.

    Lisa, I read it was lack of investigators. I read that adjudication is only taking about two weeks, however, the lack of investigators has held up the whole process. I believe, interim is granted when your case is assigned to an investigator, so would make sense since interims are held up.

    Not sure if true but I heard from a friend of a friend… of a guy that works in the security office that the agency that processes the paperwork, were just sitting on them. Another agency came in to take over and the process is back under way and they are investigating the company that was doing nothing.

  115. Avatar

    when I submitted my SF-86 I was told 30-45 days for Interim, its been 90 plus days with no end in sight. Now I’m hearing 120 plus days wait for something that took 30 days a year ago and 5 days a few years before that. My new potential employer says that their offer is still valid, but I grow more apprehensive each day that passes. I have started writing to my Senators and congressman daily requesting that they address these delays and take action. I would encourage others in this situation to do the same.

  116. Avatar

    Has anyone on this forum been on a wait of 120+ days?

  117. Avatar

    90 days today (including weekends), just found out my credit was pulled earlier this week.
    Anybody know how long from credit check to interim approval/denial?

  118. Avatar

    100 days. My credit check is not done yet, but my current supervisor was contacted for reference check last week.

  119. Avatar

    Chris I was thinking about this from the employer’s point of view. If you think about it logically, it wouldn’t make sense to rescind job offers because a clearance is taking a long time. Any employer in the position where they need employees to have a clearance KNOWS how messed up the situation is. They also, obviously, need employees (that’s why they extended the job offer). It wouldn’t make sense to rescind an offer just because the clearance is taking a long time because they still need those positions filled, and rescinding a job offer would just mean they have to start over.

    One big concern I have is that since it is so hard to hire people into these positions, they’re gonna be understaffed and I’m gonna be really overworked.

  120. Avatar

    Basically, a pending job offer for a Government job should just be treated as a test of whether “its a good fit” than an actual offer.

  121. Avatar

    After being offered the job for which I need my clearance, I interviewed for a different job, in a different part of the government, which did not require a clearance. This second job was actually in Washington DC, for the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services. I was offered the second job but since I had promised not to back out from the first job, I declined that second job offer. On the one hand, I sort of wish I had taken that job since I would actually be working there right now instead of waiting out some ridiculous government bottleneck. On the other hand, so many things about the interview itself gave me a bad feeling about the job. Location — downtown D.C. near Union Station but pretty much inaccessible by car. A statement by the interviewer that the place could be high pressure sometimes. Last, oddly enough, the pay rate, which was so high for what was purported to be an entry level job gave me pause. You don’t get a lot of money for work that isn’t high pressure. Although hearing some of the investigators around here, you don’t get a lot of money for some terrible jobs either.

  122. Avatar

    I am wondering if this could be some of the delays? I submitted for interim on May 24th. My current employer was sent out paperwork to send back for the security clearance on August 19th. No word sense.

  123. Avatar

    From my personal experience working in the aerospace industry rescinding job offers are a common occurrence. There are many reasons for this and not rescinded offers all are related clearance issues. Companies can rescind offers at any time during the hiring process and longer this process takes (for me its 4 months and counting) the odds of the offer being rescinded goes up. I’m currently employed so my finances are okay, but the people who are waiting and not employed definitely continue your job search and don’t assume the companies/Govt agency will honor their offer. I personally had a offer in 2008 by Honeywell rescinded two weeks before I was scheduled to start.

  124. Avatar

    I submitted my EQIP for secret with DoS back in March 2016. I worked as a contractor for DoS from December 2011 to 2014 and my secret clearance was still current. So it was for a periodic re-investigation. My record is clean except for delinquent loan. But I took care of that in April this year.
    My interim was denied May, and a few weeks later I did the interview. I am still stuck in investigation phase.
    I really hope the adjudication won’t take as long.

  125. Avatar

    I know that someone is working on my case. A previous employer told me that he received something in the mail asking for employment verification.

  126. Avatar

    But they didn’t say whether or not you got an interim? Do they basically have to do the investigation first?

  127. Avatar

    I submitted my case for Secret in April of 2015, the interviewer happened in first week of June 2015. And nothing since then.

    I have contacted my Security officer, and he seems unable to find a way to get any information. This is simply ridiculous that we don’t even know what’s going on.

    Is there any email we could use to inquire? [makes me smile]


  128. Avatar

    I submitted 6/2 for contractor secret, no word on interim, wait time is 99 days.

    Its hard to not be frustrated by this, but there is nothing that you can do unfortunately.

  129. Avatar

    I’ve been reading that the problem earlier this year was the investigation process. Would anybody know if interim is a part of the investigation process? If interim is taking approx 90 days and investigations, earlier this year, were averaging 90 days–does that mean the whole process, from sf86 submission to final decision, is taking longer than 6 months?

  130. Avatar

    That sounds about right. From submission to adjudication is probably a year, right?

  131. Avatar

    It depends what level. My final secret just was approved. Took 6 months start to finish.

  132. Avatar

    Also I know interim is not part of the investigation. But it usually occurs before the investigation opens

  133. Avatar

    Thewait I’m actually kind of impressed that the final clearance only took 6 months…..

  134. Avatar

    Congratulations Thewait! Did you get an interim clearance before the final clearance. What date did you submit your SF86?

  135. Avatar

    Do you think that they can start an investigation without making an interim decision?

  136. Avatar

    People like you are judgemetal and discriminatory. You need to consider all the vets that end up with mental, alcohol and prescription drug problems while serving in the military with security clearances and then turn around and work for the government as civilians. The clearance process is based on ones trustworthiness and is not based on the citizen of the year award. People can have clean records and lead of sort of lives. My friend you have a superiority complex and people like you are not realistic and bad for life period. You have zero empathy which is often lacking in the Federal work force.

  137. Avatar

    I wasn’t expecting interim (sf86 not clean) but a past employer was contacted and credit check was done before Labor Day weekend and I have heard nothing whether I was denied/approved.

    Lisa, were you expecting to be approved interim? Any word since they contacted your previous employer?

  138. Avatar

    My SF86 was pretty clean, except that I told them I’ve seen a therapist. But everything I read says that they don’t deny interims based on that alone.

  139. Avatar

    You can scroll up to my message from August 17 above for my timeline, with one addition: my investigation closed August 25.

    My interim was denied. I think it’s strange you haven’t heard anything about your interim. Everyone I’ve heard from has them approved or denied in less than a month. Mine took two weeks and the investigation opened following the denial. The only reason I know this is because the security office at my future employer told me. It’s possible yours was denied and they just haven’t told you because they intend to wait for the final.

  140. Avatar

    Lisa, I researched this pretty hard because I was worried about getting denied. Everything i read says you will get interim unless there were complications

  141. Avatar

    Thewait something has happened that made the wait much longer since you submitted your SF-86. People who submitted an SF-86 mid April were given interims after 2 months. People who submitted just 1 month later are still waiting.

  142. Avatar

    I have been waiting 9 months for a DOE security clearance (I am pretty sure it is a Q which is equivalent to TS). The forms were submitted back in early January of 2016. Since then I only heard that they contacted some of the people I listed. I myself have not been contacted for an interview and I don’t know if I will. I also don’t know if it is in adjudication cause I have not heard back. Can anybody give me some insight?

  143. Avatar

    Bizarre. I wonder what happened. Hacked again? :0

  144. Avatar

    It could take up to 15 months!

  145. Avatar

    I’m in pretty much same timeline, but am a foreign service officer. My 5-year TS clearance ended in March of this year, 4 months after my interview and e-QIP submission. Since then complete silence!

  146. Avatar

    I FINALLY got my interim secret today. Well, yesterday, but just heard about it this morning.

    SF-86 submitted May 24th.
    Interim secret granted September 19th.
    Elapsed time: 119 calendar days, or 82 working days (weekends and Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day excluded).

  147. Avatar

    That is awesome Lisa! I was wondering what department it was with? I know every department has its own timeline. I submitted mine at on the 24th of May as well. So I am hopping to hear something soon!

  148. Avatar

    Congrats, Lisa!
    How long from your previous employer being contacted to interim being approved?

  149. Avatar

    Alex I don’t really know when my previous employers were contacted. I just know that it happened at some point in the month of August.

    Worried89, my job is with the Department of Defense. Not direct hire, but for a private company that works with DoD.

    One detail I forgot to mention earlier is that my SF86 was mostly clean, but not spotless. What I mean is that I had no arrests, no criminal record, no connections whatsoever to any foreign country, and my finances were in good standing (my credit score is actually very high, a bit over 800). The one blemish was that I have seen psychiatrists for issues relating to depression throughout my life. This did not appear to impact my interim at all.

    Good luck to everyone else. If you submitted in early June or late May, it may be worth contacting your FSO for an update. Mine did not actually volunteer this information. I sent him an E-Mail yesterday. He checked JPAS and saw there that I had been approved.

  150. Avatar

    So I just saw that my credit was pulled by OPM on September 15th. Unfortunately I also found that it had one negative account which I never knew I had (it was reported the 2nd of Sept) of about $500. My record is clean and until today my credit was perfect high 780’s also I held a clearance before. Does anyone know if this could jeopardize my interim?

  151. Avatar

    I have a high debt to income ratio due to student loans and having to use credit cards because my full time job isnt enough to provide for my large family. But nothing is behind or delinquent. Can this be a problem? I put my sf86 in on May 24th as well and I haven’t heard anything. My employer did tell me that he was sent employment verification paperwork on the 19th of August I believe but I have not heard anything since. I am getting a little restless to say the least.

  152. Avatar

    I don’t think that it’s having a high debt load that impacts your chances at clearance. That could drag your credit rating down a bit, but not be a concern as far as clearances go. I think the financial issues that impact clearance are bankruptcies, liens, and accounts that are delinquent for a long time or high balance. The thinking is that these things would make you desperate and vulnerable to being bribed for secure information by bad guys in foreign countries.

    That’s my understanding as an outsider. You can ask at the Q&A thread here or search through it and the others.

    Also might be wise to ask your FSO. He might have news for you. Like I said, my FSO did not volunteer the information that my interim came through; it was only after I asked and he did a check of JPAS that I found out.

  153. Avatar

    Submitted SF-86 May 31
    Interim granted Sept 22

  154. Avatar

    I submitted my SF-86 June 8 and got cleared September 23.

  155. Avatar

    Security clearance received on the 21st of September 2016!! My sf-83 was submitted on the 24th of May 2016.

  156. Avatar

    Congrats, Worried 89!
    Clearance approved or interim?
    Was your sf86 clean?

  157. Avatar

    anyone else have their interim secret approved or denied yet? I turned in the SF-96 on may 24th and no news.

  158. Avatar


  159. Avatar

    My interim secret status changed to ELIGIBILITY PENDING. I was notified on 9/23 and SF-86 submitted on 5/24

  160. Avatar

    I just received my interim. It took 110 days (6/6/16).

  161. Avatar

    It was for interim. Now to start the process for top secret which is even longer of a wait! I did have a clean sf86 for criminal issues. I don’t even have any traffic tickets. But I did have a high debt to income ratio due to my full time job not being enough to support my large family. But all my accounts were up to date and no deliquesces or bankruptcy. Good luck to everyone still waiting. From what I am hearing it is taking a longer time than normal. So don’t stress it will come in time!

  162. Avatar

    How long do you think it will be between Interim and Full? I know one guy down the hall who got his on 7/15-ish… so it has been about 75 days for him post-interim. I am expecting between January and March…but it could take a full year. Hopefully, my investigation will be a summary one if none of my minor cuts and scrapes aroused any suspicion.

  163. Avatar

    Well some guy around here was saying about 6-7 months for full clearance after submission in March. But then again people were saying 2 months for submissions in April.

    But the government seems to be revamping the system and adding new contractors to do investigations. So maybe it won’t be forever.

  164. Avatar

    If the Government doesn’t shut down on Friday, maybe I’ll get it by the end of the year, then?

  165. Avatar

    Congrats! To those that thier wait finally came to a end and best wishes on the job! Hopefully this is a sign for me! Sf-86 submitted mid May and still very quiet here…..

  166. Avatar

    More timelines please.

  167. Avatar

    I too am still waiting for my interim. Submitted on May 24th and still no news. I know people who had issues on their SF86 that submitted in June that now have their interim. Don’t understand how that works.

  168. Avatar

    I am still waiting and I submitted the sf-86 on may 24th.

  169. Avatar

    Have you guys asked your FSO yet? Mine didn’t volunteer the information but only told me after I E-Mailed her for info.

  170. Avatar

    I emailed the security office twice and no response. My sf86 is not clean and do not expect interim but I’d just like to hear that I was denied and what date so I can see some progress. Don’t think I was actually assigned an FSO but plan to do some reaching out today to try to get an update.

  171. Avatar

    Bypassed for interim (no surprise) but was informed that they believe full secret investigations are going to take up to a year. Anybody who applied in the summer told the same thing?

  172. Avatar

    Submitted 6/16, interim granted 10/5. So about 16 weeks, I’d say my file was fairly clean. Hopefully that helps some who are still waiting on figuring out their timeframe.

  173. Avatar

    Federal employee upgrading from DOE L to Q:
    Completed eQIP–October 2015
    Interview and references contacts– July – August 2016
    Told they were trying to get my investigation to adjudication before FY ended as a priority case. — Lste September 2016

    Current status: No news. DOE Applicant Tracking system does not show investigation as complete.

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    My colleague submitted in March and just got her full secret clearance last week. I submitted 7/26 still waiting. My status is “still under investigation” I had a secret clearance but it lapsed in April 2016 and I currently hold a Public Trust for US Census. I can’t wait any longer. I have been out of work since May. I had to take a job at Census again. I am hoping the current contractor can hold my clearance once I get it. I know that having a previous clearance will not speed the process but hopefully it will increase my chances of getting an interim.

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    I submitted by eQip in early February 2016. Received interim clearance in March, although I cannot work the company pushing through the clearance with an interim. I’ve done my security interview and I know that several of my references have been contacted. I’ve received no update since August or thereabouts. The security officer for my hiring company never answers emails. I was told back in January when offered the job that it could take 3-9 months; I’ll be surprised if I have my complete TS clearance before the year is out.

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    Does anyone have any experience with SF-85P? How long it takes to complete the investigation?

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    Just got an update. My application is now in the hands of OPM. My contractor said it should only take a 1 week or 2 to get an answer on my interim. My application was submitted 7/26. At least we have progress.

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    Call it a blessing! Submitted August 11 sf-86. Radio silence. Boss told me because of expected delays likely January response. Granted interim secret Oct. 14. Wish you all the same luck.

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    Paper work submitted 19 May and was told 120 days min. I’m at 104 days now with no news.