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    I would not decline based on what you said. If you could not be blackmailed, I would not fret it.

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    I do not usually hold up a case on my desk for longer than a week, unless there is significant adverse…..What is in yours?

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    I was granted an Interim Secret in early August. An agent with OPM called and has arranged for me to have an interview. Is this normal? I thought that a subject interview was not part of the Secret Clearance process. Does anyone know if this is true?
    Any advice, tips or information to help me through this is appreciated!

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    I currently work for DoD and completed a background check for a secret clearance. I was deemed eligible for a clearance, but do not have a clearance because I do not work with classified materials. My command requires that you need to work with classified materials for them to grant a clearance.
    I accepted a conditional offer with a different government agency. I was told that even though I just cleared 1 year ago, they would not accept another agency’s investigation and I had to do it again. I will be able to start if and when I get an initial clear. I have been treated for depression. I’m not a danger to myself or others, I’ve just been unhappy but yet still able to function and do well at my job. I’ve heard this will deny my initial clear. I never needed an intial or interim clearance before. Will I automatically be denied an initial clear, even though I’ve completed a full investigation just 1 year ago?

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    I am not married. I have been in a long distance engagement for a long time. I became disallusioned with the relationship and strayed once during this time. There is no evidence it happened; the person involved just wants to believe it didn’t happen. I believe the chance of this being used to coerce or blackmail me is exactly 0%. Should anyone ever attempt to use this against me I would immediately report the attempt to my security officer. I have broken no laws. Should I disclose this?

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    I have a slightly outdated SSBI from my former job (less than one year out of date) and my new job says they will probably put me in for TS again next year sometime for a new project. They said my old clearance basically would just be activated again and then I would fill out paperwork for a reinvestigation normally, but that there are going to be new rules and procedures for everything next year. Does anyone have any insight into how the new procedures would apply for an out of date SSBI when someone needs it reactivated? What would happen? Would it still count or would I have to start over from scratch under some new system? Thanks for your thoughts, oh knowledgeable readers and contributors.

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    My husband has recently accepted a contractor position for the military and no has to upgrade his currently clearance from Secret to Top Secret. We are in the processing of filing chapter 7 due to the purchase of three rental properties aprox 2 years ago that we can not sell and have be struggling to make payments on for the last 6 months. He doesn’t really have anything else on his record. No arrests, illegal drugs, no foreign relatives overseas, and etc. He does have unpaid speeding tickets from where we were station overseas. We have went over the SF-86 a million times and the only thing that hangs us up it the financial obligations. Because our bankruptcy will be so new everyone says wait to file after the investigation but I feel that will make things worst because they will see no efforts from up to correct the problem. He is ex military … only officially separated a few weeks now and we don’t to risk the new job or the current security clearance.

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    I currently have my (non DOD) SCI posted in Scattered Castles and am attempting to get on a DOD contract with SPAWAR. I was told that DONCAF was adjudicating my SCI…Does that mean they are doing a brand new investigation instead of an RRU? It’s been about 40 days now and there is still nothing in JPAS. Any idea how long this will take? Will I run into this problem on all DOD contracts in the future?

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    Adjudicator 101
    The only negative things in my case are I was arrested once for dis. conduct for breaking up a fight at a bar.(I was in the Navy so go figure.)2004
    No foreign family or any of that stuff. Used drugs 4 times in my life, last time being 4+ years ago. No credit problems, the only thing I can think of is that I got married to a girl that was a friend of mine when I was in the Navy so I could move out of the barracks and get an apartment with my friend because the barracks were so depressing and the military paid for my apartment. Its a pretty common thing to do in the military. Would that raise a flag?

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    I have recently re-applied for my SECRET security clearance, which was denied in 2006 after the appeals process with DOHA (without an attorney…bad mistake.)
    Just to give some background, the reasons for my denial were:

    1.) Was diagnosed as “Alcohol Dependent” and did not complete the program I voluntarily put myself through.

    2.) My credit was not good at the time

    3.) One time isolated incident of using a controlled substance in 2001, which I completely had forgotten about during the application process.

    My life has completely changed over the past 2 years. I have been sober since July 2006, my past credit problems have been resolved, I have even purchased a home. I went back to the treatment center recently to find out what I needed to do in finishing the course to satisfy the clearance denial. After re-evaluating me, they wrote a letter stating that I am in “Full Sustained Remission” and there is no need to complete the course. I also have a letter from my son’s therapist, who has also given me the thumbs up. My credit report will speak for itself (which is good), if they allow me to reapply.

    I received a letter from DISCO, stating that I have to send in reasons showing mitigating factors of why they should allow my application. Does anyone know of a format DOHA is looking for when sending in the reapplication request? Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    We are now getting familiar with the new SF-86 form. It is so much more detailed that the old form. The questions on the new SF-86 match up with the additional quesitons we ask now to SUBJECT’s that are not on the SF-86. We have not been told when the new SF-86 be start beign used but since we are learning about it it should be soon. BW have you seen it yet?

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    I have not seen it yet. Will it simply anything on our end? Hopefully, they built in something to ensure folks have to fill it out correctly or at least force security personnel to scrutinize before submitting to save us all the time it takes to correct it in the PRSI. If they came up with a process, we could cut the interview time almost in half–don’t you think?

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    I applied for Top Secret clearance for a position with a federal agency and went through the first interview.

    There are a few things I am concerned about:
    1. I didn’t file my taxes for the first few years when I first started working (about 20 years ago).
    2. My mom filed for bankruptcy almost 20 years ago. One of her creditors came after me because I had been included in the application. I really don’t recall if I was a co-signer or not.
    3. I have a couple of bills that went to collections.

    Any comments/replies would be greatly appreciated.

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    I’ve seen 2 or three cases where the subject admitted to convience marriages (investigators term, not mine) and they never showed up as a problem. All of the cases ended up favorably adjudicated.

    On a lighter note, they were all ex-Navy personnel too.

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    It is a lot more detailed. Asks if SUBJECT own, rents or is military housing for residences. Asks for primary and alternate phone numbers for verifiers of residences. Asks if employments are full time or part time. Asks for reason why SUBJECT left his previous employments. Asks the relationship of SUBJECT’s references.
    I think it will cut down on the PRSI time significantly.

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    the NEW SF-86 is available at

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    I submitted my SF-86 for a TS/SCI/FSP in March. As submitted, it was correct at the time.

    Since that time, my spouse abandoned me suddenly and has made next to no contact, rejecting any notion of reconciliation. I am currently on mild antidepressants prescribed by my MD. I have been to see a counselor by myself three times. There was no physical abuse. As I understand the new mental health standards, it sounds like the counseling doesn’t need to be reported, but the antidepressants would.

    As far getting my clearance, should I tell my FSO now? Assuming I still get the clearance, I would imagine this will come up during the 5 year reinvestigation.

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    Maybe this is a stupid question but I don’t understand why there is suddenly going to be a new SF-86 when I thought next year everyone supposed to be switching to a new e-application and a different process altogether?

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    whats PRSI mean?

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    Personal Subject Interview. It is when the investigator interviews the SUBJECT for their clearance.

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    I put up a brief run down of how my BIPI went yesterday in chapter 13. Everything seemed to go very well and if all is well I will hopefully start my new job soon……how soon that is only time will tell.

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    I read it and replied but for some reason my reply did not post. I am glad it went well. I do not look forward to doing CBP cases with a BIPI. So much writing and then typing. I hope you hear from them soon and get the job.

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    It’s been a prett long time, like almost two months, since I filled in the SF86 for my SSBI PR and sent it electronically to my facilty security officer, but nobody has ever called me to set up the time for the interview. My facilty security officer is away TDY so thought I would ask the investigators or other who would know here how long it usually is supposed to take before they call you. Weve had peoples paperwork get lost afew times from my company so I wonder if he needs to call someone or doublcheck on that. The security officer and some of my coworkers said this is a good place for getting information so thank you for helping.

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    I submitted my E-QIP in mid may for a secret DOE security clearance. The company I am working for said average turnaround is three months. They sent me a request for more information about a month ago, which I responded to and I have heard nothing back. None of my listed contacts have been contacted. I was not given the option to start work before clearance, and am quickly running short on living funds. I asked the security people at the future company of employment what the status was and they state there has been no change in status. What status level would I be in? Can anyone give me a realalistic time frame to expect here? Is any job really worth 6 months or a year in lost income, stuck in limbo, running to the mailbox?

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    The new SF86 is posted at the OPM website. Look at the lower lef corner of their home page.

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    Could you educate me on the process, contacts and cost to update DOD Secret clearances for my potential employees? I am bidding a contractor to provide staff requiring a Secret clearance. Although I have held a clearance for over 20-yrs, I have never administered the process and haven’t a clue of the cost.

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    I currently have my (non DOD) SCI posted in Scattered Castles and am attempting to get on a DOD contract with SPAWAR. I was told that DONCAF was adjudicating my SCI…Does that mean they are doing a brand new investigation instead of an RRU? It’s been about 40 days now and there is still nothing in JPAS. Any idea how long this will take? Will I run into this problem on all DOD contracts in the future?

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    Hello all, first time poster with a quick question. I’m probably going to get offered a law enforcement position with a federal agency soon, how I know this is from some inside info. This particular agency does not conduct a full background invest until after hired, sometimes even stretching post training into one’s probationary period until one is given a TS clearance. Why this is done I have no idea. Here’s my issue, my background is spotless with the exception of some delinquencies on my credit in the past. I’m totally current now, though I did one year ago enroll in a credit consilidation/counseling program that reduced my payments, and my credit was close to the limit. This doesn’t affect your credit score. However, I’ve been on time for the past two years almost, and current on everything now. Will this hurt me in terms of getting a TS clearance? Thanks!

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    Deceased Father in law question:
    If my father in law passed away many years before I ever met my wife, am I required to list him on the SF86? I don’t know if I can get his information and besides, I never even met him.

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    Are there statistics available for how many people are granted TS/SCI and how many are not? I asked my adjudications interviewer but she did not know.

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    I have an active TS/SSBI that was adjudicated in 2007 by OPM/DOHA…

    My question to the peanut gallery is…I am presently looking for a job and had the opportunity to interview with a company and I was going through the process and everything looked great…Correct level of clearance..skills etc..The future client was going to be DHS…until….They asked me to fill out a suitability form that I guess DHS is requiring…Please confirm..

    I filled out the form with the same info as what is listed with my SF86…Sent to there security team (Same company I was going to be working for) Now to give you a bit of info…I do have several things listed on my SF86 that happened 10 and 20 years ago..No drugs…Just stupid stuff.. and this stupid stuff by no fault of me I did have to serve some time pending my court hearing…no more than about 60 days…Worst time of my life pending the outcome…Now that charge was dismissed..Which really sucked but cheap lawyer and no family support…Now 10 years later. Was working as a bartender working 2 jobs to get by, since my wife was not working and I get caught in a sting for serving to a minor…That charge was dropped…. Nothing has changed other than time…

    If I am already cleared and have an active TS/SSBI…Which I have used for other clients..

    Are we now having to get additional vetting…or was my future employeer doing the vetting..

    If it was DHS what gives…Does a TS not mean the same anymore..

    Any info is good info and thanks again..

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    NED 0

    Are you working a DoD contract or military? Sounds like an issue of some sort popped-up somewhere and a SPIN or Special Interview is needed to clarify something. Of course, I have no way of knowing the deal is, but you will have a chance to clear up anything necessary.

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    Ned O:

    A Subject Interview is not a normal part of an NACLC or ANACI (the two types of investigations for a Secret clearance). There is an exception—“Designated” Secret SAP clearances require an SSBI, which includes a Subject Interview.

    When a Subject Interview is scheduled for an NACLC or ANACI, it is called a Special Interview (SPIN) and its purpose is to attempt to resolve some issue or discrepancy.

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    I am equally confused. If you were cleared–you were cleared. You may have not had access to classified, but your clearance sounds like it was complete. Ask a security person to check you in JPAS.

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    Bad advice from those folks. You need to address the problem and the sooner the better. Sounds like some good investments (at the time) went bad due to the slumping economy. If you let this linger, you will just dig a deeper hole. Of course, I’m not telling you to file because only you two can make that decision.

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    Lost Paperwork,

    That amount of time is not long for a PR. Try to hang in there and I’m sure you will get a call soon.

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    Something doesn’t sound right. If you have an active TS/SCI (granted without any “exception”) and you need access eligibility at the same or lower sensitivity level from DONCAF, your non-DOD access eligibility should be reciprocally accepted by DONCAF without any additional investigation or adjudication.

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    Bewildered Barry:
    It seems to me that OPM could have gotten another 12 to 18 month extension from OMB for their current forms. OPM may have decided to proceed with the revisions of the SF86, SF85, SF85P, SF85PS, SF86C, and SF86A, because they worked on it for nearly three years and were almost finished last year when DOD asked for question 21 of SF86 to be changed. And, there is no guarantee a new clearance system, including a new e-application, will be completed andd implemented at by all federal agencies within 18 months.

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    There is no cost to DoD contractors. DSS is appropriated a certain amount of money each year to cover the cost they must pay to OPM for DoD contractor clearance investigations.

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    Sounds like you have everything under control. Your clearance investigation may take a little longer than the average. Your past credit problems appear to be sufficiently mitigated.

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    Tim R:
    Your counseling is reportable on an SF86. If you haven’t already had your Personal Subject Interview (PRSI), you can tell the investigator about the counseling and medication during the PRSI. Otherwise contact and tell the investigator. If you can’t contact the investigator, tell your FSO.

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    The other agency does not have to reciprocally accept your prior DoD secret clearance, if you received treatment for a mental health condition after the completion of you prior clearance investigation.

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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has had an opportunity to read my post from September 23. Since I didn’t see a response, I submitted to DOHA a personal letter explaining my current situation, referencing the guidelines they had denied me on, explaining the mitigating factors, such as abstaining from alcohol for 2 years as well as past credit delinquencies being satisfied. I also included the letter from the treatment center along with other supporting documents. What are my chances of DOHA reopening my case and allowing the reapplication? Any information would be extremely grateful.

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    That’s exactly what I was thinking. There was no exception, I’m still active (SCI) in Scattered Castles…but the folks here at SPAWAR seem to be dragging their feet…or maybe it’s the DONCAF…RRU should go pretty fast correct? My FSO cannot do anything to speed the process…any ideas where I could get some resolution? I’m ready to file a complaint…it’s been 40 days and this is ridiculous.

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    One other question…If CIA/OGA’s use an OPM investigator to complete your SSBI, is that information gathered by OPM available to other OPM investigations in the future (ie…a DOD PR)?
    I only ask because I had completely forgotten about a one time drug use after I left the service and didn’t list it for my DOD PR. When I was interviewed later by OPM (for a non DOD agency), I listed the drug use. Both clearances are active…I’d hate to have an issue arise in the future. It was an honest mistake.

    btw…Bought your book on Amazon Mr. Henderson…Thanks for the insight.

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    I got married since my initial investigation and it seems like my mother-in-law just doesn’t like me at all and just never has liked me (“not good enough for my daughter,” “don’t make enough money,” yadda, yadda) so I am worried that she would be real negative about me if she gets interviewed. Does the investigator interview the in-laws or am I only listing her on the form for the investigator to make sure they are US citizens.

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    I guess should add that there are no other problems, my credit is good, no arrests, never been fired from any jobs, no foreign relatives, and all that. Hope somebody can answer for me, and thank you.

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    Thanks for your response! I will notify my FSO. With the new SF-86, marital counseling would not need to be reported as long as there is no physical abuse involved, correct?



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    Sorry about the 1st post.
    Doha will not re-open a denial/sor/hearing. Have you heard the final decision from the judge? That will answer your question about how to get this resolved. It usually is 1 year until you can reapply for the clearance. And given your mitigating documents, may get cleared next time. I do know, from writing the denial (sor) letters for DOHA that you were probably drinking after your diagnosis OR your financial issues were REALLY bad or you minimized the drug use/possibly falsified. I am not judging you — but know what it takes for a lot for an sor and you made it sound like not much. What gives?

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    Tim R.,
    The instructions on the new SF-86 regarding counseling state ” Answer “No” if the counseling was for any of the following reasons was not court ordered:
    1.) strictly marital, family or grief not related to violence by you
    2.) strictly related to adjustments from service in military combat

    So the two factors that must be present for you to answer “No” regarding marital counseling are no violence by you and not court ordered.

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    I am a DOD contractor and I currently have a secret and am being investigated for a top secret. I smoked marijuana while active duty at a port call in 2001 with a good friend that I used as a reference. I have not smoked since and had only smoked before that in high school. Since this was outside of seven years I did not include this on my SF-86. Here comes the however. However, on my SF-86 for my secret I did not include that I smoked original SF-86. I was about 22 or 23 when I got my secret. I wasn’t thinking about the port call time when I filled it out only highschool which would have been around 16. I thought about the port call time after I submitted it and thought that I would just come clean about it if questioned but I was never questioned for my secret. My friend is a devout Christian and very honest and told them that we smoked marijuana on that port call. So… will I be denied a TS upgrade because they believe that I was deliberately falsifying the SF-86 for my original secret. Could my secret be revoked?

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    Tim R.
    It sounds like you are receiving counseling and medication for depression. It doesn’t sound like you are receiving marital counseling, since the purpose of the counseling is not to solve problems in your marriage.

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    An RRU can take 2 months when only DISCO is involved. In your case DISCO has to refer your request to DONCAF. I don’t know what else you can do, except work through your FSO. People at CAFs prefer to communicate with FSOs and sometimes refuse to talk to applicants. Has your FSO made any inquiries directly to DONCAF or through the SPAWAR SSO?

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    I’ve got bipolar-I well under control (and have now since I was diagnosed about 18 months ago) and have spent over three years living overseas. Is top secret clearance even a possibility for me? I’ve read that it would take some time (two or more years) likely to process. But should I even bother going through the process?


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    I am in the process of applying for TS clearance.

    I am also int he middle of filing for a divorce. my ex and I have been separated for over 2 years, but not legally divorced. He has a hefty criminal records, most of which occurred after we separated. He is/was a drug addict. I haven’t had any contact with him in over a year. My credit was also in bad shape because of him,. but I have since gotten everything back together and have been doing great on my own. ALL of this happened after we were married. I am currently filing for divorce after a long separation

    If I am completely honest about the situation, will I have to worry about not getting clearance?

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    I use the drug Vyvance to help me focus. Is this going to affect my ability to get a TS clearance?

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    When reporting foreign travel on the new version of the SF-86, should travel conducted when working as a non-profit contractor for the US Government and that was directed by the contract sponsor as part of the work be considered official travel and have that box checked or would it be considered another type of travel? Also this travel was almost 7 years ago and I was already interviewed about it during my last periodic review about 5 years ago, so should I note that it has already been covered in my last reinvestigation on the form or just mention that to the investigator during my next interview?

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    I am undergoing the process for a TS clearance for a new career. I currently hold a Secret clearance with another agency that is active for my current job and was just granted in Jul 08. This is my second clearance and the only thing I had to explain in an interview was the use of marijuana a dozen or so times between 2003-05.

    18 months ago I was deemed “unsuitable” by the CIA after a phone interview where they asked me about everything I have ever done in my entire life. My high school days involved some drug use and some other colorful activity as well (I am NOT talking about arrests, theft, crime, etc.) but this is well outside the 10+ years on the current SF-86.

    The letter from the CIA was clear in stating that this DID NOT constitute failue of a clearance and was unique to their agency. Nothing I told the CIA about my ancient past came up in my Secret clearance process (I assume). Will it come up somehow during the TS clearance process? It was all over the phone…

    Any help is appreciated and thanks for reading this.

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    Dear Sir,

    My investigation is in progress for a high level clearance. I am considering buying a small foreign property, such as a house, or land, for investment purposes. I currently own no foreign property.

    Would this allowed? If so, would I submit a new SF-86 to report the purchase?

    Thanks very much for your time,

    Name Witheld

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    Another question to add to my previous one…

    Since I am in the process of a divorce (should be completed within 90 days) and my name will be changing back to my maiden, should I ask them if I can hold off on submitting my paperwork until after it is final? I figure that the name change would require me to re-submit anyway, correct?

    Thanks again!!

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    Hi, I am currently in adjudication for a TS within the IC (I am approximately 2 months and some change from the closure of my investigation). I am just curious about what issues generally slow down the adjudication process, since I’ve been confused about whether those are the same that would slow down an investigation. For example, I completed grad school overseas (was away approximately 3 years), but was able to easily have that verified by a US citizen who taught me and is within the country, not to mention my transcript showing the degree. Would such an issue or anything else result in a delay, or is it just a matter of waiting in the queue? Thanks!

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    Sounds like you have things under control. Just tell your investigator the truth. Also, submit your paperwork now and tell your investigator you were recently married and had a name change.

  65. Avatar

    Investigator, Mr. Henderson,

    Thanks to both of you for your prompt replies. The counseling sessions were strictly marital in nature, and it was focused on reconciliation strategies, not depression. I believe that I should be in the clear as far as reporting it but I will still run it by my FSO to let them decide.

    Thanks again!

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    I am hoping that I am posting my question/situation in the correct way. Thanks in advance for any replies.

    I am in the process you may say of getting my TS/SCI Full scope finished. I had received news from my company that my background and polygraph were completed and came back with successful results. After a short while we got news saying that I fall into the small percentage of the population which requires not only a SBI and poly but a CRA (cryptologic risk assessment) as well. The customer then denied filling this out or completing this task for me which is where I am currently residing.

    From what my security officer said, my background and poly results are valid for one year until I receive my final adjucation. i have tried many times to ask if this CRA is required anywhere I work which uses a TS/SCI full scope or just at that location with that particular customer (the same customer that administered the poly).

    If anyone can shed some light onto this situation I would be greatly appreciative. From what I have searched, the CRA is similar to a CNS (compelling need statement).

    Thanks again

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    I have a question about the background investigation types and what they mean. Specifically, what is a Yankee White background (I understand it is intense or something), but how does it differ from an SSBI or an extended background? Also, is it adjucated differently?

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    Thank you for the reply.
    The “SPIN” was to inquire about my spouse and spouse’s family (foreign nationals) and the amount of contact I have with them.
    Brief Summary:
    My mother-in-law resides with us since 2006, (she has a green card). My spouse is a naturalized citizen for about ten years and has not traveled to the place of birth, aka ‘foreign’ country, in that amount of time. For the past 7 years the only foreign travel for either of us was to Hong Kong five years ago for our honeymoon. Our contact with spouse’s family (spouse’s father, parents are divorced, and Sister) is limited to several times per year for birthdays and holidays. The interview focused on only this issue and was handled professionally and I answered all questions honestly.
    Do you have any idea how long it will be before this is resolved? Is there a way to check the status or progress?

  69. Avatar

    Thanks Will….I’ll wait the full two months then. The folks at SPAWAR are pretty busy and any questions seem to be constituted as badgering. My FSO refuses to talk to their security office and vice versa. It’s an awful situation that I have never encountered in ten years of reciprocal clearance issues.

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    Has anyone personally or know someone that has had a TS or Q clearance adjudicated in less then 4 months? That’s about where mine is and Im about to go crazy as well as my wife wont get off my butt about it, like there’s anything I can do. Mine is for a DOE Q and I am guessing they are backed up worse then originally thought. Thanks

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    I am supposed to deploy in about 45 days for a job that requires a TS. My secret clearance expired in Feb and I was not aware of this.

    I got a DUI a few months after I got back from Iraq a little over a year and a half ago and pled guilty. I am not proud nor will I hide this in my new application. I dont agree that I was drunk/ I was on a lot of anti-depressants and the process was a nightmare and I just needed the stresses of my adjustment process coming home to mellow out. I dont know how this will affect my approval for the clearance. Can you tell me if this is a no-go factor? I am in the military..not a contractor.

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    Ned O:
    There should be no other investigative action with regard to your foreign connections/travel. Absent any other issues, your investigation should close soon and be forwarded for adjudication.

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    Thank you for the very valuable service you provide. I currently have a Top Secret + SCI clearance. Would it be ok for me to open one or more foreign bank accounts? The countries where I’m considering opening accounts are Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, and Hong Kong. My reason has nothing to do with those foreign countries; I’m just just concerned about FDIC insurance.

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    Background Type:
    Yankee White was one of about 15 different priority designations used by DSS back when they were doing clearance investigations. Yankee White was not a type of investigation. When DSS was conducting background investigations, Yankee White was stamped on investigations that required a higher priority than normal investigations, because the applicant was being considered for duty at the White House. To my knowledge these designations are no longer used since OPM took over the investigative work formerly done by DSS. OPM has two levels of service, Priority and Standard.

  75. Avatar

    Do you have any immediate family members (including spouse or cohabitant) who are not US citizens?

  76. Avatar

    The “risk assessment” is a written evaluation to support the adjudicative process. It takes into account a certificate of compelling need, if applicable. A risk assessment is needed before adjudication can be completed whenever a significant “exception” is needed in order to grant a clearance. Exceptions included “conditions,” “deviations,” and “waivers.” Waivers are required when substantial issue information exists that would normally preclude granting a clearance. For SCI that ususally means non-US citizen immediate family members.

    Without knowing the reason why an exception is needed, I can’t tell you whether you would be successful in getting a clearance at any level through another agency.

  77. Avatar

    When the subject of the investigation spent a substantial part of the last 7 years outside the U.S., the SSBI frequently fails to meet investigative standards. If your investigation did not meet the standards for an SSBI, then a “deviation” will be required. If the deviation is significant, a “risk assessment” may be required to support the adjudicative decision. This will probably slow down the adjudication process.

  78. Avatar

    Name Witheld:
    You can buy foreign real estate within reason. Don’t buy it in North Korea, Cuba, China, etc. and don’t invest so much money that you couldn’t possibly afford to abandon the investment if necessary. When you acquire an interest in the foreign property, report it to your security officer.

  79. Avatar

    Travel Section Query:
    My best guess is that you should list your travel as a government contractor on the new SF86. I would include an explanation that the travel was as a contractor fulfilling work requirement for the U.S. Government. No need to mention that it was covered during a previous investigation.

  80. Avatar

    Tyson Baily:
    Yes, it will affect your ability to get a clearance at any level, if you used it without a prescription. Mitigating factors for illegal use of Vyvanse are the same as for amphetamines. If you used it as prescribed by a medical doctor, then the underlying medical condition should only be a minor issue that can probably be mitigated.

  81. Avatar

    If your psychiatrist says that neither your condition nor treatment negatively affect your judgment and your prognosis is good, there shouldn’t be a problem getting a TS clearance. I can’t answer the part about living overseas, because you didn’t say how long ago, where, and why.

  82. Avatar

    Some Guy:
    At this point no one can tell you whether or not you will be denied a TS clearance. It will depend on what happens during your Personal Subject Interview. If your failure to list the marijuana use on your earlier SF86 becomes an issue, you will be given the opportunity to explain and much will depend on how plausible your explanation is for the omission. If you are denied the TS clearance, your Secret clearance will be revoked.

  83. Avatar

    As part of your SSBI for your TS clearance, there will be a Personal Subject Interview (PRSI). During the PRSI there will be many questions that do not appear on the SF86 and some of the questions have no time limit. What comes up during your PRSI will depend on how you answer the questions. I don’t think that your CIA interview report is going to find its way into your SSBI.

  84. Avatar

    Travel Section Query:
    Is the version of eQIP you are using displaying the new questions (July 2008 SF86)? Or are you using a paper version of the new form? Are you military, federal employee, or contractor? I heard that the new version of eQIP is being deployed sector by sector, but I don’t know which sector will use it first.

  85. Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    I hold a TS/SCI and my PR is currently being conducted. I worked for a contractor that listed adverse information against my clearance after I quit working for them.

    I was cited for a classified information violation for not returning my passport when i was directed to, I was also cited for failure to file foreign travel after I no longer worked for them.

    I asked the individual at DoS that allowed them to place this information against my clearance, why was this authorized and the individual became very defensive.

    We do not deal with classified information in this company, nevertheless I argued that the behavior was vindictive and was used as a form of retaliation after resigning in a very high profile manner.

    I proved to my investigator that the incident had absolutely nothing to do with classified info and that the company dropped my clearance the day that I quit and turned around and added failure to report foreign travel days after they dropped my clearance.

    Next Issue:

    I worked alongside special forces in central asia, I acted as a facilitator for their training requirements.

    One night while at a bar, the Officer In Charge of the Army team starts a brawl and gets 4 americans hospitalized, I was one of them.

    The RSO tells my case manager during my investigation that I had the ability to prevent the situation but did not, he left the impression that I instigated. He also stated that I met with local law enforcement and intelligence officials which is not true.

    He painted the picture that the services that I provided to the special forces team were a part of a local business that I started which is not entirely true.

    To add a nail to the coffin, he stated that I was a witness and possibly involved in an assault to a local woman that resulted in two marines being removed from country. This is completely untrue .

    No financial issues, never arrested, zero drugs…etcetera.

    I am asking for some guidance and wisdom regarding my situation.

    Thank You

  86. Avatar

    William Henderson:

    Thanks for your response. My only family members living in the US are parents and one sibling. All of which were born in Turkey. They have been naturalized citizens for some time now and I submitted all the paperwork and copies to show this. Other then them, I provided a list of aunts, uncles and cousins which I had made by my parents to show that I am not trying to hide anything. I provided address where known and have not visited any of them in close to 5 years. I discussed all of this with my investigator and poly examiner as well. Does this information help clarify anything?

    Thank you

  87. Avatar

    Have you ever adjudicated against someone for alcohol if they have no arrests, charges, etc related to alcohol. I.e. if the only alcohol issue would be the habitual or binge consumption issue? Also, if the consumption was to excess and often over a year ago and only for 2 months, and since then there was only heavy drinking once every 2-3 months (at parties, etc, with no irresponsible behavior resulting from it) what would be the chance of a favorable adjudication?

  88. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson, you mentioned in one of your responses above that there are “many questions” that do not appear on the SF-86 that will be asked during the interview. Could you please give some information on that. Mine is coming up and I had not heard about those!

  89. Avatar

    If we provided all of the questions that we ask in addition to the ones on the SF-86 it would be a very long detailed post. Most are follow up questions to the questions already on the SF-86. Some of the questions we ask were not on the old SF-86 and now they are on the new SF-86.

  90. Avatar

    I currently have a TS, work as a contractor. I was recently arrested and charged with a felony. However, it appears very strongly that the charge will be dropped. Unfortunately, this process will take 2 months.

    I know I will need to provide/update this information when my clearance is up for renewal. Which I will do.

    However, do I need to notify my employeer? I of course do not want to lose my job, espeically when it appears the charge will be dropped in due time.

    Please Help!

  91. Avatar

    I had CIA use an OPM investigator to complete my SSBI. Is that information gathered by OPM available to other OPM investigations in the future (ie…a DOD PR)?

  92. Avatar

    I’m filling out the SF-86 form. In the section on where I’ve lived, the form asks for the name and address of people I knew at this address. Does this reference have to be a neighbor, or can it be someone in the general vicinity with whom I had interaction? One of my residences was a college dorm, and I have no way of getting in touch with the people who lived near me. Also, I’ve been in graduate school for the past four years and have not gotten to know my neighbors at my current address. Are there other people I can list? Thanks.

  93. Avatar

    I retired last Dec and have a question about my security clearance.
    I retired last Dec with a TS/SCI that expired in Feb 08. Now that I am retired is the secret part of my clearance still good/active?

  94. Avatar

    If you are using the new SF-86 it asks you what your association is to the verifier for that residence. If it is the old SF-86 a neighbor is ideal but if one can not be provided then try to provide someone who you know who
    visits/visited you at your residence.

  95. Avatar

    Past OPM investigations will be available to any future ones. A linkage check is done to see if any past investigations have ever been conducted. This is why I recommend one keeps a copy of their past SF-86s so one can just copy the information from the previous SF-86 to the new one when a new has to be filled out for another investigation or PR.

  96. Avatar

    Second Chance:
    Yes, you are required to immediately notify your employer/security officer of any incidents involving charges and/or arrest.

    i hope this helps?

  97. Avatar

    How do you find out who your Security Officer is?

  98. Avatar

    Second Chance,
    Didn’t you turn your SF-86 or SF-85P into your security officer when you were applying for your clearance? If you did not then you need to check with your supervisor and he or she might be able to tell you who your security officer is. I do not know your situation but your security officer may not be on site for your contract. I have done many investigations in which the SUBJECT is the only person at the government site for their company.

  99. Avatar

    I am confused. One part of your post says you have a TS/SCI and another part says you want to know about your Secret part of your clearance. To the best of my knowledge you either have a TS/SCI clearance or a Secret clearance not both. Are you asking if your TS is still active?

  100. Avatar

    I was told by my security manager prior to my retirement that when my TS clearance expired in Feb 08, I would still be cleared at the Secret level for a period of time.
    Is the TS clearance considered inactive when I retired or when I passed the Feb 08 date?

  101. Avatar

    I have a question. Are moral waiver used for the security clearance process?

    Also, if something suspicous comes up, will a SPIN be conducted before the investigation is closed or after right before adjucdication?

  102. Avatar


    No such animal. Did you retire in Feb 08, or is that the date your PR would have come due? If you expired, there is no clearance and there is no secret portion of a TS to hold. Sorry, but expired or out of date is just that.

  103. Avatar

    I retired in Dec 08, my PR would have been in Feb.
    When I am applying for employment that requires a clearance could I say that I am “clearable” to TS because I have had one in the past.

  104. Avatar

    You should be fine. Any counseling? Anything pro-active on your part toward quitting/abstaining? After the binge type behavior of your past, the binge drinking once every 2-3 months is not really very favorable either. At least don’t tell that to anyone; investigator, etc.
    “right now, i don’t drink more than a couple beers at a time and never binge/drunk, no alcohol problems…”

  105. Avatar

    Absolutely. And, we specifically ask for them if not included in the current investigation.

  106. Avatar

    I was contracted to work for a government dept. and have cleared a LBI. This puts me in the “public trust high risk” position level, I am assuming that the only reason I was not being processed to receive a secret/confidential clearance is because I am not a permanent gov. employee. My question is if I were to leave my job now and go work for another employer that would require a secret clearance, would my “public trust high risk” position level help:
    (a) acquiring the position over another candidate with the same skill set but without my obtained “public trust high risk” position level?
    (b) does this rank, although not a clearance, add some dollar amount to a salary requirement?
    (c) will this rank give me a better chance of, or speed up the process of, acquiring a clearance?
    (d) Knowing that I have cleared a LBI (and all the checks that go along with it), what are the steps/investigations needed to be taken to acquire a confidential/secret clearance if I were hired?


  107. Avatar

    OPM has what they call “SPIN Triggers”. If an issue is listed on and SF-86 by a SUBJECT and that issue falls with in one of those SPIN Triggers then a SPIN will be conducted if the type of investigation you are having requires a SPIN. If you are having a PRSI as a part of you investigation then the issue will be discussed during your PRSI.

  108. Avatar

    Thank you Mr. Henderson for your reply concerning my questions about a subject interview for a secret clearance.
    If anyone can estimate my chances for a final secret clearance (based on my 29 September post above) I would be very appreciative!
    Thank you.

  109. Avatar

    No counseling; A friend told me i was drinking to much so i looked online to what was normal, saw that I was, and immediately cut my drinking, removed the hard liquor from my house, took up outside hobbies. The problem drinking occurred right after college when i moved to a new city and knew no one; since then I have made many friends and pursue alot of activities. I have also moved back to a city where I know alot of people and there is alot to do and am in a supportive environment. I now only drink 1-2 drinks a day with, as i mentioned, the occasional exception. Thanks for your comments

  110. Avatar

    Thanks guys!

  111. Avatar

    Also, adjudicator,
    If i entered counseling voluntarily would it protect the secret clearance I already have? (I am being put in for a TS hence my current worries. I never knew alcohol could be a dis qualifier till lately) If I get a LOI suggesting i wouldn’t get my ts could I enter counseling then and protect my secret from being lost?

  112. Avatar

    Are you using the new SF-86 or the old SF-86 for this investigation? If you are using the new one you might want to check out questions 24a-24c. If you to the then click on forms in the column on the right and then on Standard Forms (SF) and then scroll down to SF-86.

  113. Avatar

    Eqip doesnt have those extended questions. It would be no to B and C and only the “personal relationship” to A in that it was a friend that alerted me to the fact i might be drinking to much.

  114. Avatar

    Has anyone personally or know someone that has had a TS or Q clearance adjudicated in less then 4 months? That’s about where mine is and Im about to go crazy as well as my wife wont get off my butt about it, like there’s anything I can do. Mine is for a DOE Q and I am guessing they are backed up worse then originally thought. Thanks

  115. Avatar

    I am in the military (intel) and I will be getting out on December, and I have an active SSBI (TS/SCI); I have applied for jobs with multiple companies, but after interviewing with one of them I was told that because my brother and sister are not American citizens, they will not be able to offer me a job. According to the SSO from this company, NGA will not consider contractors who have foreign national relatives regardless of their current clearance status, and this company works mainly with NGA. This company mention that they can submit candidates for clearance crossover who have foreign nationals, but it requires a Letter of Compelling Need (LCN) and NGA’s rules for LCNs are really strict. Can anybody provide me with some feedback on this matter?

  116. Avatar

    Equip will catch up soon enough with the new SF-86. Your friend did not advise or ask you to seek counseling? OPM has clarified that 24B pertains to any order, advice or request to seek counseling even from a family member or friend.

  117. Avatar

    No, no one has ever suggested counseling or anything remotely related to that.

  118. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson:

    Thanks for your help! Your answer really does help clarify that to me. One other thing: I’ve noticed in a previous thread you said there are no statistics on IC clearance processing and adjudication. Is that still the case, or are there any numbers now?

  119. Avatar

    I am currently a federal contractor with a TS/SSBI. I am considering a Federal Job overseas that only requires a Secret Clearance. HR asked me to submit a SF86 to them for the clearance. I informed them my TS was just adjudicated. They looked me up in JPAS and told me Since DISCO adjudicated my Clearance I would need a Clearance waiver and possibly would have to redo a SF86. Is a DISCO adjudicated Clearance not good enough for a Federal Position? Is the HR office misinformed?

  120. Avatar

    Second Chance
    Ask your HR/Manager

  121. Avatar

    I pose this question to any FSO’s or security managers who might read this blog or to anyone else who may be able to answer this question. When you have an individual filling out their SF-86 do you tell them what type of investigation they are having; i.e. SSBI, BI, LBI or MBI; or do you just say this form needs to be filled out for your clearance? I ask this because how would an individual who is filling out their SF-86 know that they are having an SSBI conducted on them and therefore know to go back the 10 years for the selected questions as the instructions state on the new

  122. Avatar

    To clarify my question I understand that for LBI and MBI cases a SF-85P is filled out but there are certain BI type cases that require an SF-86 to be filled out.

  123. Avatar


    With not having any arrests or treatment, your consumption would be hard to disqualify you. If your consumption was reported by another party, it could be investigated further.

    Yes, it can affect your present and future eligibility.

    Normally an action taken “after the fact” does not carry much mitigating power.

    I hope this helps?

  124. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson,
    I applied for a DoD position in March ’08.

    I had a SPIN interview in May ’08 concerning a public intoxication arrest 9 months ago. (Included on SF86 and told to my perspective agency during personal interview)No other arrests.

    I am a ret. local L/E officer with no other issues. My perspective agency offered me a tentative letter of employment in April ’08.

    At the conclusion of my SPIN interview the investigator said this incident would not be a problem for granting the SECRET clearance I need for this job. (Non-Critical Sensitive/Public Trust)

    I e-mailed my HR contact in Sept.’08 and was told I’m still being investigated. (No debt issues, same house and job for well over the 10 years asked for on SF86)

    Any enlightenment on how much longer I may be waiting and if another interview is needed for the above type of position I applied for?

  125. Avatar


    The LBI or MBI can be asked for using the SF-86. In this case a National Security PRSI is conducted. I do alot of these. Obviously if the SF 85P is used–a Public trust PRSI is conducted. Look at Chapt 3 at case type and you will see. I’m guessing you are not an MBI or LBI person. Not commonly known unless you do these things, much like the Prison cases and CBP types you explained to me–I have done neither and did not know those procedures. Also thanks for the info on the BIPI you told me about previously–saw one for the first time this week, not sure I ever want to do those.

  126. Avatar


    Unless your clearance was issued with an “exception” there is no provision under OMB or DNI policy for requiring any waiver to transfer an active clearance from one federal agency to another. The agency you are dealing with may have some internal policy that is in direct contravention with national policy. Previously only DNI and OMB had authority to issue national level security clearance policy. The DNI now has all the authority.

  127. Avatar


    The only stats I know of were published in the 2007 and 2008 SCOG Reports. In the 2/07 report they lumped all the IC agencies together and said 83% of the IC cases averaged 103 days total (investigation & adjudication). The 2/08 report indicated that 85% were completed (end-to-end) in the following number of days:

    CIA 124, DIA 62, FBI 107, NRO 35, NSA 94

    Of course this is all self-reported data that has not been and can not be validated by any external audit.

  128. Avatar

    If I understand you correctly you had an active TS/SCI, your last investigation was completed in Feb 03 (thus expiring in Feb 08), and you retired in Dec 07. Under these circumstances you can be cleared at the Secret level without any further investigation until Dec 09. After Dec 09 any clearance will require a new investigation.

    When you retired your clearance terminated. However within certain time limitations, a clearance can be reinstated. The time limits vary according to the level of clearance. But in any event if two years go by without being in a cleared position, a clearance (at any level) can not be reinstated.

  129. Avatar

    I have done a handful of LBI and MBI cases but all have been for positions of Public Trust. We have a prison close by here and I hate doing prison cases. I also have done MBIs at the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). These are the people called when some one needs an organ transplant. They look in their database for a match. Yet most of my cases are SSBIs, PRs, SPINS and PPRs with an occasional BI thrown in there. I still do not understand how a person who is filling out their SF-86 knows what type of investigation they are having unless they are told by their FSO. I know when ever I interview SJ’s they only know they are getting a clearance. Most don’t even know what type.

  130. Avatar

    I work for a cleared contractor and hold a TS clearance. An individual in my area had asked security if you are allowed to disclose to another prospective employer that you have a current clearance and type. He was told by the by security that it is against government regulations to acknowledge to employers that you hold a government clearance. I just wanted to know if this is accurate and why would a company be allowed to post that a position requires a clearance and what level if you are not allowed to state that you have a current clearance at that level or higher.

  131. Avatar


    OK–I know what you mean. I’m in an area with alot of folks who have been in the business a long, long time. I have noticed that when someone new to the clearance world is interviewed they do not have any idea of what their clearance is. This is mainly in the Public Trust Arena though. Seems as if most folks getting an SSBI have nore of an idea. I find people in those positions had no idea they would be interviewed or anything else about the process. They mostly assume when they submit, they are done. UNOS Huh–Sounds like a really fun place 🙂

  132. Avatar

    I hope you can help somebody new to this whole process. I applied to a job with a contractor and they gave me form 86. They say if they make an offer it will be subject to clearance and I can’t start until the interim clearance comes through which could be three months. Meanwhile I guess I need to find temporary work elsewhere. Is this normal? The temp work won’t be on the form of course because it will already be submitted.

    Also, one minor point – my wife’s father died before we were married. Does he still get listed as a deceased father in law?

  133. Avatar

    UNOS is just one organization that I learned about with the job. Defense Commissary Agency (DECA) is another. I knew there were commissaries on military bases but I never knew there was an agency that controlled them all. DECA’s HQ is in the area I cover.

  134. Avatar

    A couple questions regarding issues that might disqualify me for a SC.

    2-3 times in the last 5 years I cashed in portions of a 401-K. A couple of those times I forgot to include the info (from the 1099) on my tax return. When I was notified, I did pay the extra taxes required. Could this be a problem?


  135. Avatar

    I wouldn’t worry about it. no arrest or treatment, not usually looked at as a problem too much.

  136. Avatar

    Question, I was given a conditional job offer with the FBI in June and completed the SF86, polygraph, subject interview, my neighbors and all references listed on the SF86 have been contacted (including my current employer). I have no criminal history, no drug use history, no financial problems, and no close foreign relationships. It’s been 2 months since my references were contacted. I have traveled to a few different countries (7 or 8), but I don’t know if that has any effect on how long it takes to complete the investigation. Any ideas what stage the investigation might be at this point and how much longer? Also how often is it acceptable to check on the status of my investigation? My current employer was not thrilled to learn I may soon be leaving. Any information would be appreciated.

  137. Avatar

    Since your application is for a collateral Secret clearance and there doesn’t appear to be any heightened risk of foreign influence, your chances of getting a final Secret clearance are good.

  138. Avatar

    Your completed investigation (w/polygraph) may be acceptable for adjudication by another agency. It seems to me that if the current agency is unwilling to grant your clearance without an “exception” and will not grant the “exception” without a risk assessment and refuses to do the risk assessment, they must deny your clearance. I’m not aware of any national policy or regulation that would allow them to simply refuse to adjudicate your case. But. . . as I have often said about SCI, agencies sometimes do not follow national policy.

  139. Avatar

    Read the Adjudicative Guidelines. It will give you a good idea of what issue information should be covered.

  140. Avatar

    OPM has agreements with some agencies to conduct a SPIN automatically before the investigation is closed when certain criteria are met. With other agencies OPM closes the case and sends it to the adjudication facility without a SPIN, then the adjudication facility decides whether to return the case to OPM to have the SPIN conducted.

    The only time I have heard the term “moral waiver” used, is by the military for enlistment purposes. The term “waiver” (but not moral waiver) is used for security clearances.

  141. Avatar

    Mark B:

    Government agencies are encouraged to designate all contractor position according to their sensitivity level in the same manner that they designate federal positions. In some cases where ADP duties are involved it is mandatory. You were processed for a High-Risk PT because your contractor position was designated as High-Risk PT, not as a National Security (NS) position.

    Had you completed an SF86 instead of an SF85P and undergone an LBI, your previous investigation could just be readjudicated for a Secret clearance. Unfortunately a straight PT clearance can not be converted to a NS clearance. To get a Secret clearance as a contractor employee you will have to submit a SF86 and have a NACLC investigation completed and favorably adjudicated. Although this disconnect between the two types of clearances is currently being studied and may be corrected next year, it is doubtful that the government will create some abbreviated procedure to upgrade previously granted PT clearances to NS clearances.
    Will the previous PT clearance help in being offered a job that requires a NS clearance—probably. Because the potential employer will know that there are probably no disqualifying factors in your background and therefore little risk of you being denied a NS clearance.

  142. Avatar

    The SSO is correct (see DNI Intelligence Community Policy Memorandum 2006-700, Annex F, paragraph 1). Your TS/SCI was issued with a “waiver” due to your non-US citizen immediate family members. Reciprocal acceptance of SCI eligibility granted with a waiver is completely discretionary on the part of the potential gaining agency.

  143. Avatar

    Did you report the DUI and the anti-depressants to your security officer? What do you mean “My secret clearance expired in Feb…”? How exactly did it expire?

  144. Avatar

    Sweating in San Diego:
    Relatives (including in-laws) are not generally interviewed, unless there is no one else who can corroborate/verify certain activity. Of course if some other source of information points to a particular relative as someone who possesses unique knowledge concerning something adjudicatively significant, then that relative would probably be interviewed.

  145. Avatar


  146. Avatar

    The only thing that worries me is that my ivestigation opened in Sept 07 and closed in Feb 09. Then nothing…..

    It wasn’t sent for adjudication at just sat wherever it was…..then that was nothing.

    so I called my Security Manager and found out that I’d been assigned someone else. She didn’t know what to do….so she put me in touch with her higher.

    She then told me that my investigation had to be updated. Whatever that means…. I surely do not have a clue.

    Can anyone give me some insight please?

  147. Avatar

    My time line:
    Applied for DoD position- 03-‘08
    Personal interview at agency- 04-‘08
    SF86, Finger Prints submitted- 04-‘08
    Physical & drug test completed- 05-’08
    Credit checks done by OPM- 05-‘08
    Mailed out questionnaires completed (References/employer)- 06-‘08

    I had a SPIN interview concerning, a 9 month old, public intoxication arrest in 05/08. I included the information on the SF86 and told my perspective employer about the incident during the personal interview and was still given a conditional letter of employment. At the conclusion of my SPIN interview the investigator told me this incident would not prevent me from obtaining the SECRET clearance I need for the position.
    No other arrests or charges, 820 credit score, same house for 16 years, 2 jobs in 16 years.
    The position is classified “Non-Critical/Sensitive – Secret”
    Will I still have a PRSI?
    Was the SPIN Investigator mitigating the incident after the interview by stating it should not prevent me from obtaining a clearance?
    I e-mailed my HR contact 10/08 and was told I’m still being investigated.. any idea how much longer this may continue?

  148. Avatar


    First I must say this website is very helpful. But I have a question about education. I went to a community college graduating almost 7 years ago. Didn’t meet any friends and teachers to keep info to submit as references. Is it ok to list my associates who know I was going to school and graduated? Hope this isn’t a crazy question 🙂 Thanks in advance

  149. Avatar

    A federal contractor in the Northern Va. area contacted me about a position at DOS in mid-July. They immediately ran an interim clearance on me which was granted in three days. I received a contingent offer letter (however there was no specific salary attached) I submitted my fingerprints and filled out the online E-quip form. The next process was an interview at the federal site to see if they liked me. My interaction w/the contractor was abruptly halted the first week in August. I never got an interview nor did I never hear from these people again. I could not figure out what happened until they contacted a co-worker of mine for the same position the next day (aargh!). He went on the interview (prior to receiving an interim) and was immediately offered the job. He also received an offer letter with salary attached. Of course I was extremely annoyed at the contractor’s tactics (especially since I worked so closely with this person) but I just had to keep quiet and let it go. My co-worker planned to leave in 2 weeks and start in Sept. but he did not pass his interim clearance. He indicated to me that the position is on hold until they run the full secret on him. It sounded shaky to me but hey what do I know. Anyway, I just got an email friday from this same contractor that my Full secret clearance has come through. I was stunned b/c I had not been in contact with anyone since August. I never had an official job interview, and none of my contacts on the Equip form were ever contacted. I didnt even think they were going to complete the clearance process on me since I was obviously out of contention. My question is this: since I have a Full Secret Clearance how can I use this to my advantage ? Is there a 6 month window where it will remain active? Can I put on my resume that I have an Active Security Clearance If applying for other jobs ? If I am able to claim I have a clearance, how would a company or even myself verify that I have a clearance since the information came through the federal contractor that sponsored, then abruptly dropped me.

  150. Avatar

    Thanks for your help William

  151. Avatar

    I filed for bankruptcy in 2005 due to a business downturn which I believe can be justified. Prior to that several credit cards were over 180 days past due, although I can’t tell from the statements how overdue they were. Do I have to list the overdue debts that were discharged in the subsequent bankruptcy? The accounts still appear on my credit reports marked zero balance discharged in bankruptcy. Also will having the bankruptcy and these 180 day items prevent me getting an interim clearance? I don’t even have all the credit card statements so I can’t get the exact details of when they went overdue. My FICO score is back up around 700 – the bankruptcy actually increased my score and I have a perfect record since then.

  152. Avatar


    Yes, at a minimum list someone who can verify.

  153. Avatar

    Could my company host my clearance?

    I work for a financial services company and do not have any need for my TS/SCI w/ FSP in this industry. However, I want to keep my clearance current/active. I left government consulting in April 2007 and was told my clearance will go inactive in April 2009.

    I would appreciate any expert advice or past experiences. I need to keep this clearance!!

  154. Avatar

    I believe you can…thats crazy…they still ‘own’ you I guess. Was this DTSPO?

  155. Avatar

    If my current company could host my clearance, could anybody recommend how to get the ball rolling on this, administratively speaking?

    Perhaps, my former employer holds the key to this situation.

    this was not DTSPO.

  156. Avatar

    Hi There,

    I was wondering what is required for a company to hold aka transfer clearances for employess coming from other companies with active clearances. I’ve read alot about facility clearances, but I don’t need one of those. Is a security officer required?



  157. Avatar

    Sorry to post this again, but I’m trying to get an answer by tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, folks!

    A couple questions regarding issues that might disqualify me for a SC.

    2-3 times in the last 5 years I cashed in portions of a 401-K. A couple of those times I forgot to include the info (from the 1099) on my tax return. When I was notified, I did pay the extra taxes required. Could this be a problem?


  158. Avatar

    KR-Probably not unless you lie about it.

  159. Avatar


    Your clearance will show. You can say you received a Secret on (date). Not all clearances require people to be interviewed. If the company is a DoD contractor you will be in JPAS and others can find it. Sounds like some poor business practices, but welcome to the contract world!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Avatar

    Sounds like your investigation is an ANACI, so there will be no PRSI. The SPIN investigator was only expressing an opinion about your clearance, since he/she is not the one who will decide and he/she can not include any opinion in his/her report. There is no way to predict how much longer the investigation will remain open. It could close tomorrow. After the investigation closes, it will go to adjudication. Adjudication could take a couple of months or more. It seems a little unusual for the investigation to still be open if the SPIN was conducted in May.

  161. Avatar

    There is no requirement to list any educational references for a school that you attended more than 3 years ago. However, even though the SF86 specifically says not to list educational references for schools you attended more than 3 years ago, I recommend listing educational reference back a little further, perhaps 5 to 7 years. Under the question “People Who Know You Well” you need to list people whose combined knowledge of you spans the entire 7 years period.

  162. Avatar

    First, I doubt that you were granted an interim Secret clearance before you even filled out completed the eQIP clearance application form and fingerprints. I can only guess, because of the time periods involved, that your interim Secret clearance was declined and you recently received a final Secret clearance. Usually an interim Secret clearance can be granted within a few days after the eQIP form is submitted. For a Secret clearance the investigation does not normally include any reference interviews.

    If you do not go to work for the contractor that processed your eQIP, your clearance will immediately terminate, but will be eligible for reinstatement for a period of 2 years. During that time period you can indicate that you have a “Current” Secret clearance issued by DISCO. The security officer of any potential employer who has jobs that require security clearances can almost instantly verify your clearance history through an on-line clearance database.

  163. Avatar

    Yes, you must list the delinquent debts even though they were absolved by your bankruptcy. You should explain in comments that the “satisfied—month/year” was based on your bankruptcy.
    Yes, the formerly delinquent accounts and your bankruptcy could result in having an interim clearance declined. You can improve your chances of getting an interim clearance by providing as much mitigating information in your SF86 or as an attachment to it.

  164. Avatar

    Probably not. Your explanation sounds plausible.

  165. Avatar

    Sorry I can’t help. I have no idea what you mean by, “I’d been assigned someone else.” What was the status of your case after Feb 08: “Closed Pending,” “Closed Completed,” “CA considered,” or something else? If your Security Manager said that your investigation had to be updated, why don’t you ask her what that means?

  166. Avatar

    Thank you all for your comments, insight and clarification. I appreciate it. Mr. Henderson, my interim was never declined. I may have been foggy on the proper order and misstated the steps in processing my paperwork. I definitely received an interim in late July. Full secret was granted on or around October 3rd. I have been in the contractor business for awhile and have had my fair share of negative and positive experiences but this was the most brutal experience. @ Wesley, not sure what DTSPO is. Will have to look that one up.

  167. Avatar

    Thanks for this service. Quick background:
    – Received contingent offer from body shop 4 years ago to be analyst (probably Agency.)
    – TS/SCI investigation completed in ’05.
    – Full Scope Life style poly completed ’06.
    – DEC 06, adjudicator called with questions re 2 foreign contacts (baby sitter & wife’s friend). 2 traces had to be done – 1 completed.
    – In the meantime, the bodyshop was acquired and ceased to exist and the contract expired. They stopped work on my TS/SCI in 10/07. But I did not learn this until early ’08.

    Fast forward to today. Have an offer from another contractor for Analyst work. Assuming that the Customer wants me, I think that they will need to redo at least parts of the background investigation. But I don’t know. A lot has transpired since the original investigation:
    – Had 1 baby, adopted 2 more kids (long custody battle – but have full adoption now)
    – Dispute with attorney resulted in months (maybe over 6?) of non-payment while it was worked out. It is now paid off.
    – New medical insurance is terrible, buried in medical bills (volume not cost), was late on some payments through administrative errors – all paid [stellar credit rating, over 800]
    – Same employer, different position, different boss who might trash me to investigator – not sure
    – Undiagnosed ongoing (6 months) medical physical issue resulted in doc giving me antidepressants, which I did not need. She thought I was overly anxious about my condition. I did not take them and have (and had) no complaints of depression or anxiety [docs tend to turn to that when they cannot figure out what is wrong.]

    Concerned that finances or medical issues might be a problem. Any insight?

  168. Avatar

    Wow I just finished talking to the new security manager a few moments ago. I was told that it was “closed completed.” On Sept 11, 2008 an update for elibility was sent to the CCF. What that is I have no idea.

    I meant that when I contacted my SM in July of this year, I was told that she was no longer employed at that location, and that Corporal would be my SM.

    When I filled out the SF 86 in Sept 07, I wasn’t told that I could send in proof of payment of all my discrepencies. This whole process has just been so negative for me.

    What should I do now? Send in the mitigating information to my SM or wait?

  169. Avatar

    If you did not have a SPIN, your financial “discrepancies” probably were not significant enough.

    OPM will not automatically schedule a SPIN for finances unless: 1) Credit report reflects current aggregate delinquent debt totaling $3,500 or 2) Bankruptcy within the past 2 years or 3) Bankruptcy within the past 3 to 5 years with evidence of current credit problems. See Federal Investigations Notice No. 06-07.


  170. Avatar

    Just a guess, but your case probably sat around at CCF for several months before they looked at it and decided to request a new credit report from OPM to see if you “discrepancies” were resolved.

  171. Avatar

    On the verge of submitting an SF86 for one job I’ve been approached concerning a different job that requires TS/SCI/full scope poly. I have nothing to hide, but I’ve been warned against the polygraph because of the number of false positives. If I apply for this job and fail the polygraph or the TS or SCI clearance, can I then apply for a job that requires a lower level of clearance? Or having failed one investigation am I locked out of re-applying? A large percentage of jobs in my field require clearance and I would not want to be locked out completely.

    Also, is it true that if you get TS first and then apply for SCI and are rejected you lose the TS?

  172. Avatar

    William Henderson-
    Is there usually a difference in the time it takes to get a clearance between contractors/sub contractors compared to people who will actually be employed by the gov. or large companies that require their employees to have clearances?

  173. Avatar

    Most contractor collateral clearances are adjudicated by DISCO. DISCO only does contractor clearances. DOE and DHS adjudicate case for both contractors and non-contractors. Non-contractor clearances are adjudicated by their employing departments. So there are differences just because different adjudicating agencies have different backlogs.

    DISCO does not adjudicate SCI clearances. So all contractor SCI clearances are adjudicated by the same agencies that adjudicate SCI for non-contractors. For SCI I don’t believe that contractor and non-contractor cases treated differently.

    Regarding investigations, OPM doesn’t care whether a case is on a contractor or a non-contractor. OPM pushes cases based on case priority, case type, case age, and sometimes case opening date.

  174. Avatar


    If you fail the polygraph, you will be denied SCI eligibility by the IC agency. If a TS is still required (without the SCI), the investigation will be adjudicated by DISCO for TS. If you are denied the TS clearance by DISCO, you will also be ineligible for Secret and Confidential.

    If you are denied SCI eligibility based only on the same investigation used to grant your TS clearance, your TS clearance should be unaffected by the SCI denial. If the SCI denial is based on some information not available at the time your TS clearance was granted, your TS clearance will be readjudicated.

  175. Avatar

    I was preliminary hired for a non-sensitive federal position with the Dept. of Navy. They have even given me a start date of Oct. 27th 2008. I have absolutely no criminal record or drug related offenses. When in 2001 I had a BK that was discharged after a bad divorce. Since then I had struggled with my credit and a custody battle. When I remarried we were sent overseas and I had to quit my job and try to sell my house and car. I finally sold the house and it was in foreclosure status and my car was repossessed and I am making payment to the collection agency for the remainder. I have a few other collection totaling about 2k. At the Human resource office where I did my paperwork the man in charge told me not to worry and that as long as I had no felony I should be ok. The form I filled out was a SF-85. Since this is non-sensitive position are the standards not as high? Thank-you for any help

  176. Avatar

    My fiancee holds TS/SCI clearance, we are getting married next month. Unfortunately my credit history is a bit of a disaster. Will this effect his clearance? BTW, We are doing a prenup to keep my debts separate.

  177. Avatar

    I currently hold a TS/SCI with a government agency. I am leaving my job to work for a private contractor (non-defense) who does not currently have any cleared staff. They are a UK firm. I would like to hold onto my clearance, but do not know how to do this. Is there a place where I can ‘park’ my clearance? I have 3 years before it expires. Also, eventually, this firm would like me to establish a US-based office, register the company as a US company, etc. At that point, what do I do, company wise, to ‘hold’ my clearance?

  178. Avatar

    Thank you sir, I’ll still be worried though, until I get word from CCF

  179. Avatar

    to investigator…

    I’m currently in marine corps and i’m going to lat move(switch my job) to linguist which requires a Top secret SCI.

    I had suicide attempt last year.I took 20 vicodin and 30 motrin. I was never suicidal and never will be.

    i went to couple classes and to be honest, i think i got stronger.

    one more thing, my parents are not U.S citizen

    they lived in US for 8 yrs and have green card and will get
    citizenship as soon as they can

    however, will these be problems for me to get TS-SCI ?

  180. Avatar

    I separated from the Navy in Summer 2007 after a 7 year enlistment in which I hold a TS/SCI clearance with CI polygraph. Finally, after a year of searching in the Seattle area, CSC/Boeing made me a contract-to-hire offer in June 2008. Boeing and CSC ran me through JPASS to see that my clearance was still current(up to 2 years after separating), and gave me the OK. It has now been 3 months and they say they are still having “red tape issues” with the security clearances, not just for my position but all the new hires with clearances.
    They also said that the position is still mine when it comes through, but on “permanent hold until further notice”.
    What do you think this means, and Is there anything I could/should be doing in the mean time?
    Should I be looking for another job etc?
    Understanding that it may depend on the individual cases, does anyone have any idea how long this may take?
    Thank you for any help that can be provided.
    Note: I shouldn’t have any issues with my clearance, as it is still current and I haven’t had ANY issues since separating from the military.

  181. Avatar

    Your problems seem relatively minor and shouldn’t result in a clearance denial. The problems will be like speed bumps and minor detours on your road to a clearance. Expect that your clearance investigation will be completely redone.

  182. Avatar

    Federal employment suitability criteria are listed at 5CFR731.202. It short and simple. You can read it at

  183. Avatar

    Your pre-marital debt problems should not have any affect on your fiance’s clearance, provided your separate debt doesn’t increase after marriage.

  184. Avatar

    There is no way to “park” your clearance. Your clearance will terminate on the date you leave your current employment. You have 2 years from that date or 5 year from the date of your last investigation (whichever occurs first) during which your clearance can normally be reinstated. To be reinstated you will have to secure a position that requires a clearance. Your case is a little different because of the prospective foreign involvement. It’s hard to say whether your clearance can be reinstated after working for a foreign company; a new investigation may be required.

  185. Avatar


    I just received an offer of commission with the U.S. Navy and have sent in my SF-86 for a background check for a Secret level clearance and I have a few questions.

    1. I have a public intoxication that occurred about 4 and a half years ago and a minor in possession of alcohol that occurred about 7 years. The Navy already knows this and offered me a commission so I am assuming that it wouldn’t offer me a commission if what I put down on my application would disqualify me from a security clearance. I was a freshman in college for the public intox and I was in high school for the minor in possession.

    2. Also what do you as an investigator do for a Secret clearance for the military. Who do you contact? What would you do in my case where the only adverse info is what I lited above? I put down contacts who know me, but at the same time I put down people who I trust and not some of my jackass friends. I put down people who don’t know them as a matter of fact. I’m not really hiding anything illegal, but at the same time there are some people I would just rather nobody talk to because that might tell a story about me that would put in a bad light like something I did drunk as a freshman. So I put people I got to know in organizations who I know well but who don’t have any contacts with some of my more wild friends. Is there a problem with that?

  186. Avatar

    Adjudicator 101:

    Recently DNI issued ICPG #704.2, “Personnel Security Adjudication Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access To Sensitive Compartmented Information and Other Controlled Access Program Information.” This document has an Annex A that is suppose to be the Dec 2005 Adjudicative Guidelines, but. . . the Foreign Preference guideline in Annex A is significantly different than the Dec 05 Adjudicative Guidelines.

    Any idea why it’s different? Is this a new revision to the Adjudicative Guidelines? Is it applicable to collateral clearances?

  187. Avatar

    to Investigator

    My last post was a few months back. Sorry could not follow up. But my questions remain.

    I am really interested to know the factors which may influence my clearance. My details:
    -Naturalized citizen
    -Got my GC through my parents, who were sponsored by legally naturalized uncle.
    -Have had one trouble with credit, last year. Cell phone. Deliquency has been solved and was paid in full. The reason it went bad was that I changed address after closing my cell phone account, which evidently did not get closed and they kept sending bills to the address I was not present at. But finally I paid it off and has cleared.
    -Relatives in Asia and Europe. A few relatives in asia and one in the europe.
    -Worked in Europe for about a year.

    Can you please tell me which points among the list above, can create any trouble?


  188. Avatar

    Sorry I forgot to add something really important.
    – I recently got married in Asia, to a ‘foreign national’. Who I am in process to bring over, which may take a few months. She will have a Green Card, once she is here. Have known her for more than 8 years.

  189. Avatar

    I separated from the military in Summer 2007 after a 7 year enlistment in which I hold a TS/SCI clearance with CI polygraph. Finally, after a year of searching in the Seattle area, a large corporate company made me a contract-to-hire offer in June 2008. They ran me through JPASS to see that my clearance was still current(up to 2 years after separating), and gave me the OK. I’m guessing they have to re-investigate back to my last reinvestigation? It has now been 3 months and they say they are still having “red tape issues” with the security clearances, not just for my position but all the new hires with clearances. They also said that the position is still mine when it comes through, but on “permanent hold until further notice”.
    Do you think this has to do with my clearance, and should I be looking for another job?
    Understanding that it may depend on the individual cases, does anyone have any idea how long this may take?
    Thank you for any help that can be provided.
    NOTE: I have had zero issues with my clearance in the past and zero violations on anything.

  190. Avatar

    My company will be applying for me to get a basic Secret clearance. Honestly, I have a couple of big lies on my resume, such as previous employer and duties. Nothing about drugs or criminal. I have completed SF-86s and eQip before – always being 100% accurate. My question:

    Whether approved or declined, is there a possibility for the Company to access and compare the details of the SF-86 with my employment application? Obviously, if the clearance is approved without conditions, not likely for this scenario to happen. Also, obviously, if declined, Company will ask for “why”. Your thoughts? Thanks.

  191. Avatar

    Do all agencies use the Phased Re-Investigation (PPR), the one that saves money and time by omitting reference interviews and interviews with neighbors, at least when it is possible to use it? If not all use it, would any of the contributors be able to tell us which agencies and departments use the Phased Re-investigation and which ones still continue to use the full PR with the references and neighbors and education and all?

  192. Avatar

    Thank you, Mr. Henderson, for taking the time to answer my question. That is so good to hear.

    I have had another wrinkle. I was looking for another job because my current employer is not doing well. Yesterday they told me that they were going to eliminate my position. They offered me a severance package if I would resign. So technically, I will not be laid off, but I will resign.

    Here is the dilemma. The SF86 asks, “Use the following codes and explain the reason your employment was ended….6 – Laid off from job by employer.” Would I use that even though I will officially resign? How do I categorize that? Or do I say anything?

    Secondly, again, technically I am resigning from my current employer. I expect to receive an offer of employment, requiring a TS/SCI clearance, next week. So it would be inaccurate to tell my prospective employer that I was laid off. I interviewed with them today and did not tell them that I was laid off because I have not been. But I want to be completely open about things. I have nothing to hide. The lay-off is because they can’t afford me any longer – not performance or misconduct. But why bring something up if it is unnecessary? I guess it all depends on the SF86. I don’t want any contradictions. How should I proceed?

    Thanks so much. Your service is invaluable and deeply appreciated – you are helping me sleep better!

  193. Avatar

    For a Secret clearance your investigation will be a NACLC. A standard NACLC does not include a Subject Interview or any reference interviews. NACLC stands for National Agency Check with Local Agency Checks and Credit Check. The Local Agency Checks are name searches at law enforcement agencies. A standard NACLC can be expanded to resolve any issues present on the SF86 or developed during the investigation. Two alcohol-related incidents in the past 7 years with the last one occurring 4.5 years ago, could result in case expansion. The exact nature of the case expansion differs from case to case, but usually a Subject Interview is conducted to allow the applicant to fully explain what happened and if necessary some references are interview and/or records reviewed to corroborate what the applicant has said.

  194. Avatar

    Texas Bruiser:
    You understand that when you complete an SF86 or eQIP, your company facility security officer (FSO) will review the SF86 or eQIP for completeness. By government regulation the FSO is prohibited from disclosing information from your SF86 to anyone else in the company and from using the information for any purpose other than to validate its completeness. If a contractor clearance is denied, the FSO will know, but the FSO will not know why. If that happens you can choose to tell the FSO or not. When I use the term FSO, I mean it to include people who work for the FSO whose duties involve personnel security.

  195. Avatar

    William Henderson:

    Thanks. So would I basically just tell them what happened in both instances? The first one I was at a party that got busted in high school and everyone there got tickets for underage possession. The public intox I was coming home from a party drunk and I stumbled which caught the attention of an officer. He talked to me and I said I was walking home instead of driving because I had had a few (hoping he would think I was being responsible and let me go) and he said that was an admission I was drunk and arrested me. Do you think that will be a big deal?

    Also, there doesn’t appear to be any record of my underage possession charge. I called up both the police and courthouse and I’m from a small town in Texas and they both said they didn’t keep records for class c misdemeanors after 5 years and told me to try the Texas department of public safety. They didn’t have a record of either of my offenses saying they only kept records for Class B and above misdemeanors (apparently a public intox is also class c but the police and court have a record of that one). So I can’t really find any records to corroborate my account, I’m assuming that won’t be a problem?

  196. Avatar

    I’m fairly certain your two alcohol-related incidents will not be considered disqualifying for a security clearance, provided there are no aggravating or complicating circumstances and your history of alcohol use has been otherwise moderate and responsible.

    Don’t worry about what the investigator can or can not do to corroborate the circumstances surrounding the two incidents. The government does over 800,000 clearance investigations a year. Both investigators and adjudicators are accustomed to dealing with situations where criminal records have been purged from primary record repositories. If your case is expanded, just answer the investigator’s questions as completely and candidly as possible.

  197. Avatar

    I have no idea what could be delaying your clearance. Your’s is what is know as a “cross-over” case and should be fairly simple to handle provided the sensitivity level of the clearance you need at your prospective employer is equal to or less than what you had in the Navy.

    One possibility–was the company pre-recruiting for a contract they had not yet been awarded? There could have been a delay in the contract.

  198. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson,
    Sorry for the repost, as I did not see that the “DB” had posted.
    Thank you for your response, which makes sense to me as well. The company was/is just replacing two guys that are retiring, both on the same contract, so I would assume that they still have the contract. But you may be correct in that the contract may be delayed…possibly due to a strike currently happening within a different branch of the company, or possibly the economy??? Also, the clearance is equal to what I hold from the Navy. Maybe I should start looking for another opportunity in case this contract-to-hire doesn’t work out. Thank you again.

  199. Avatar

    I have a question about which type of investigation I need right now. I had my initial SSBI in 1997 and a PR in middle of 2002. At my last job I had a TS/SCI clearance. When I came to my new job last year they gave me a Secret clearance and said I did not need to have another PR at that time because I only needed Secret for the job. Now they want to upgrade my clearance back to what I had before for a new project. The security officer said he thinks he could do it right away or at least pretty quickly even though my PR is a little over one year out of date, and that it is ok since it is still less than two years out of date. He said he just needs to have me fill out the electronic security forms again and put me in for a new investigation. He does not seem too sure which one he needs to put me in for, another initial SSBI (does not seem to make sense to me since it would repeat lots of work already done), a new 5 Year SSBI-Periodic Review, or what I think he said was an SSBI-P-PR which he said is usually enough nowadays. He said he would do some checking. Does anyone here know whether it should be a new initial SSBI, an SSBI-PR, or a P-PR? If you do maybe it would help us figure it out, so thanks for trying to help and have a good long weekend all.

  200. Avatar

    I applied for a contract investigator position in March of 2008. Shortly thereafter, I was offered a position and MY background investigation was completed to the best of knowledge. After no one contacted me for a while, I contacted HR personnel in July of 2008 and she advised that they had just requested my credentials from the contracting federal agency and as soon as they arrived, someone would contact me. I am aware that this is the beginning of the federal fiscal year and agencies/contractors are relying on their new budgets. However, when she advised that my credentials had been requested, does this mean that my application is in the adjudication phase? Have I been hired? And how long does it normally take to get credentials at this point. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  201. Avatar

    If you didn’t send in any mitigating documentation with your SF86, is that bad?

  202. Avatar

    I’m a nineteen year old college student thinking about applying for an internship with the state department. The SF-86 form is required for some of the positions I want to apply for. I have never been arrested or been in any kind of trouble for drug related activities but I did smoke marijuana once in the past year (over summer). Also, when I was sixteen, I found a bag of marijuana in my house and I was really upset about it because it either belonged to my younger brother or my father. I wanted to get rid of it and my friend offered to take it but said he wouldn’t take it unless I took some money from him. I didn’t go into it planning on selling drugs and I would never think of doing it again but I’m nervous that I will be denied the clearance if I put that incident on the form. Should I bother applying?

  203. Avatar

    I do not think it is a good idea to send any documentation with ones SF-86. There is a good chance it could get lost. What type of mitigating documentation do you have?

  204. Avatar

    ODNI policy permits the reinstatement of TS/SCI (at the same SCI sensitivity level) based on the concurrent submission of an SF86 for an SSBI-PR where the last SSBI or SSBI-PR was more than 5 but less than 7 years ago. This probably also entails a favorable review of the new SF86 to insure no disqualifying conditions have arisen since the last adjudication. The use of a PPR in lieu of an SSBI-PR is discretionary. For example DOD uses PPRs where appropriate; some agencies do not. ODNI policy is not clear on “break-in-service” limitations on SCI reinstatement, so there are differences in how agencies handle this.

  205. Avatar

    It’s only bad if you absolutely need an interim clearance and your SF86 contains a potentially disqualifying issue. The mitigating can be included in the “comment section” that follows the eQIP question, the “Continuation Space” at the end of the paper SF86, or an addendum to the SF86 on plain paper. For non-contractor applicants, the security officer who accepts the clearance application papers may also be the person who grants the interim clearance. For most contractors DISCO grants or declines to grant interim clearances.

  206. Avatar


    Stick with jobs that don’t require a security clearance for at least a year.

    How much marijuana and how much money was involved in the transaction?

  207. Avatar

    Where is it stated that FSO’s are unauthorized to disseminate an individual”s clearance information that does not work for their company.

  208. Avatar

    What happens if I quit a position while under investigation for Top Secret clearance?

    I just started with an entry-level (GS-07) job in the US intelligence community. Due to an internal reorganization, I am being moved to a different position than the one I was offered, and in a subject matter that I am not interested in. I am in an “interim secret” position right now and am still under investigation for “Top Secret” clearance.

    My question – if I move on to another job, will this affect any future career I have with the US government? (Especially because I quit during the probationary period). Also, what happens if I apply for a job (such as with a contractor) that requires a lower clearance, such as public trust? Does OPM look back on my TS investigation (favorably or not)?

    I plan to work for a year to a year-and-a-half for the government, then to return to graduate school. One of the reasons I am considering another position is because training for my current position takes well over a year.

    Thanks for your help!

  209. Avatar

    Per the above post, I am 23 now and have had SF85P investigation and cleared that, if this helps at all.

  210. Avatar

    Just looking for some clarification on what my status is for my clearance. I’m a newly commissioned Naval Officer going into the Sub community.

    Under Accesses it has 3 categories: Acitive Duty – Enlisted, Active Duty – Officer and Officer Candidate, and for all three under ‘PSP’ it says ‘No.’ What does that mean?

    On the second page, under Investigation Summary it says ‘SSBI from OPM opened: 2008 05 30 closed:2008 08 19’ and ‘ENAC from OPM opened 2008 05 08 closed: 2008 05 21.’
    Then it says under Adjudication Summary:
    PSI Adjudication of SSBI OPM, Opened 2008 05 30, Closed 2008 08 19, determined eligibility of SCI – DCID 6/4 on 2008 09 10 DoNCAF

    What is my status? Do I have an Interim Clearance? or a full Top Secret Clearance? It seems pretty quick to already have my TS Clearance.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  211. Avatar

    May 22, 2008

    Associate Director for Federal Investigative Services Kathy Dillman today told members of the United States Senate…
    “Dillaman said 80 percent of all initial clearance investigations are being completed in an average of 60 days, a seven day improvement over 2007, and 30 day betterment over IRTPA standards. Eighty-percent of initial Top Secret investigations are being completed in an average of 84 days, an eight day improvement over last year; and a corresponding percentage of Secret/Confidential investigations are being completed in an average of 56 days, a seven day improvement over 2007.
    For investigations more than 180 days in process, the peak of 98,000 such cases in October 2006 has been slashed to just 3,728 today.”

    What do these numbers really mean? 6 months is the shortest I have ever heard of. Can anyone make heads or tales with these stats?

  212. Avatar

    GSR-They are just talking about the investigations and not the entire process that includes the adjudication. I think my TS was investigated around 100 days but I have been in adjudication for around 120 days now. It seems OPM is moving alot quicker now but the adjudication facilities are having a hard time keeping up.

  213. Avatar

    I’ve just received a LOI (Letter of Intent) saying that there was an intent to deny my eligibility for a security clearance. I was incarcerated as a minor (17 y.o.) and since then, havent been in trouble with the law. I’m now 26 y.o. I’ve filed for this clearance in Jan 2007 and I’m just now getting a response. There saying that I’m to submit a rebuttal, but I’m not sure what they are looking for. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

  214. Avatar

    Since you are 23 now and you used LSD at 15 that i smore than 7 years ago so as indicated in question 23a of the new SF-86 you do not have to list it. You will have to list you alcohol offense even though it was dismissed and sealed as the SF-86 indicates “Have you EVER been charged with any offense related to alcohol or drugs?” As for getting a clearance no one on this board can tell you if you can get one as we do not know all of the details of your life. What has been your alcohol consumption since your arrest? What is your current alcohol consumption? What are your future intentions for using alcohol? What are you future intentions of using drugs? Public trust (SF85P)and National Security (SF86) clearances have different standards. It does not hurt to try. Be honest and upfront and see how it goes.

  215. Avatar


    I will tell you that the cases I have been working (Without alot of issues) have been closing within 2-3 months. Of course, I can’t speak for others.

  216. Avatar


    I agree with Investigator. The worst thing that could happen is you don’t get a clearance. Just answer the form as it asks and address any further questions as they are asked. Hope this makes sense.

  217. Avatar

    Do I

  218. Avatar

    Do I need a written affidavit for my surrounding my financial dilquences (they are all paid) or just proof of payment?

    I had a simple assualt charge, that has been expunged and destroyed( but I still have the dispostion of the case) do I need an affidavit for that as well?

  219. Avatar

    Am I required to report any changes to my information in the SF86 form immediately or only when the reinvestigation comes up?

  220. Avatar

    No written affidavits are needed for anything. Just explain everything to your investigator. Before your interview you will be ask to swear or declare that you are telling the truth. You will then be advised of the possible consequences if you do not. This will suffice.

  221. Avatar

    Your investigator should not ask “Have you ever done any other drugs?” even when you admit to the MJ and LSD. He/She will only ask if you have done any other drugs with in the last seven years as indicated on the SF-86. The only “ever” question related to using drugs is if one has ever used drugs while holding a clearance, employed as LEO, prosecutor, courtroom official or in a position dealing with public safety.
    You answer truthfully to what ever question your investigator asks you. As for the poly, I beleive each agency has their own questions they ask for their respective poly. I can not tell you what questions are going to be asked during a poly. There are different types of polys as well.
    Why would you be concerned if an investigator did look at your Florida State Law Enforcement Application? Did you not list something on there that you did on your SF-86 or vice versa? To answer your question invesigators can find just about anything, that is our job.

  222. Avatar

    BW and GSR,
    I really could not tell you how long it takes for the cases I have been working on to close. Once I transmit my case I pretty much forget about it unless it is reopened or another item is scheduled for it. I have too many new cases on my units on hand to worry about what I have done. I am sure you know how that feels BW.

  223. Avatar

    To clarify my above post. There are follow up questions regarding drug use but one of the questions will not be “have you ‘ever’ used any other drugs?”.

  224. Avatar

    One more clarification “Your investigator should not ask “Have you ever done any other drugs?” even when you admit to the MJ. I did not mean to indicate LSD since your use was more than 7 years. My error. It has been a long day.

  225. Avatar


    How does you approach change when conducting a LBI, Secret, or Top Secret BI in the field? I am intrigued by the other guys question about places you have applied in the past. How do you come up with that info if it is not given to you by the employee? Pardon my ignorance on this topic, I believe Top Secrets are re-investigated every 4 years, how often are secret clearances investigated? When you do a reinvestigation, do your questions pertain to the time since the last investigation?

  226. Avatar

    If an investigator for whatever reason accidentally asks a question incorrectly (let’s say for example they say “have you EVER used drugs” instead of “have you used drugs in the last 7 years”), would it be considered ok to tell them you think the question was asked the wrong way or to ask why the question they asked is different from the way it is written on the SF-86?

  227. Avatar

    But I never had an interview. As of Sept 11, 08, my completed investigation is awaiting adjudication. So is it fair to assume that its possible that I might not get interviewed and that I should just continue to be patient?

  228. Avatar

    I have two situations that I would greatly appreciate feedback on from any adjudicator or investigator on this forum.

    Situation One: I currently have a TS/SCI that is held by DOJ. I have been offered a position on a DOD contract. This contract only requires a Secret clearance. I just finished my PR and my clearance is in an adjudication state. However, I have an open report due to a DUI from back in 2005. My security officer has gotten everything she needs from me regarding this incident, not to mention it is clearly detailed in my SF-86 that I submitted at the end of last year, and I have faxed her proof that I met all court requirements.

    Can I transfer my clearance given I have an open report and that I am pending adjudication?

    Also, what would happen with my TS status if I move to a contract that only requires secret?

    Situation Two:

    I have had two DUI’s. One in 1998, I was 20 at the time. I did not attend any kind of couseling afterwards. I had a second DUI three years ago. After my second DUI I attended couseling for over a year and learned how to become a resonsible person. The State made me attend AA, group counseling (at three locations). I still drink on occasion but only socially, nothing like I did in the past (which I clearly stated in my SF-86). I was an alcohol abuser and have learned my past behavior was careless and irresponsible.

    Is this a common issue for adjudicators?

    And will my situation more than likely be considered mitigated as I attended couseling after this last incident and have met all legal requirements and have changed my way of life?

    Thanks in advance-

  229. Avatar

    Your SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation) was completed by OPM in 19 Aug 08 and on 10 Sep 08 you were granted SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) eligibility by DoNCAF (Department of Navy Central Adjudication Facility). SCI eligibility includes by definition Top Secret eligibility. Most CAFs no longer use the term “clearance,” instead they use the term “eligibility for access.”

    I’ve heard of “PRP” for nuke program positions, but not “PSP.”

  230. Avatar

    Your LOI should have listed specific reason(s) for the intended clearance denial. Each reason has a corresponding Guideline in the Adjudicative Guidelines Read the mitigating conditions that appear under the guideline or guidelines that pertain to you. Use the mitigating conditions that apply to you to formulate your rebuttal. If you are not confident that you can write a good rebuttal, seek the assistance of a lawyer experienced in security clearance matters. If you haven’t already, request a copy of your investigative file.

  231. Avatar


    Just wait–you will not always be interviewed for your case type. If the decision is made that more info is needed, they may order an interview for you. Try to be patient, even though I know how hard that can be sometimes. Good luck.

  232. Avatar

    thank you so much for your time.

  233. Avatar

    My husband has been offered a job for the Office of the Military Commission. WHS is doing all the paperwork, including the interim clearance.
    It’s been almost 2 months and they will not say if the clearance went through, but he was told today that they are still waiting for verification from the Air Force.
    He was also told that they are working on the hiring package.
    How long does it usually take to get verification from the Air Force and does it sound like he got a clearance?
    He did have a couple of delinquent accounts on his credit report, but that’s all. We also know they checked his credit report 1 1/2 weeks ago.
    Any answer would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance/


  234. Avatar

    Hey guys thanks for the reply to my earlier question. Just wondering, who determines whether a NACLC is expanded, is it the adjudication facility or the investigator or who?

  235. Avatar


    The statement below is from my FSO. Can you help me decipher “an incident report in process”.

    The only information that I can give you is that you have an incident report that is in process. DSS will not tell me anything other than the incident report is currently in process.



  236. Avatar

    At least your FSO will contact you back. Mine wont even return an email.

  237. Avatar

    I have received a COE for employment with DIA.

    several years ago i received an “unsuitable” determination from CIA, with the standard notice that I was not denied a security clearance. Basically, i spilled my guts at the polygraph.

    Now, will DIA have access to all the stuff I told the CIA polygraphers years ago?


  238. Avatar

    Good Evening,

    My job requires that I get a secret clearance.

    I was wondering who will have access to my electronic SF86. Will the FSO review it before it gets processed?

    If I am married to a non US citizen, will that be an issue? Will they look into her background?

    I do have a misdemeanor on my record – is that grounds for denial?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

  239. Avatar

    Different government agencies do things differently—sometimes it’s the investigator, sometimes it’s the case analyst, sometimes it’s the requestor, and sometimes the case analyst is the requestor.

  240. Avatar

    If his credit report was checked 1 ½ weeks ago, his investigation was probably started at the sametime. OPM conducts investigations for Washington Headquarters Services (WHS).
    What level of clearance does your husband need? What does the Air Force need to verify and for what purpose? Can’t give you an answer without this information.

  241. Avatar

    An “Incident Report” is something submitted by an FSO (or government security officer) through JPAS. If your FSO didn’t submit it, then perhaps an FSO/security officer at a previous place of employment where you had a security clearance submitted it. Incident Reports can be used to submit issue information such as DUI, bankruptcy, etc or non-issue information such as marriage, name change, etc. If DSS is processing the Incident Report, it means that they are reviewing it and will decide what action to take. The action could be anything from merely making it a matter of record to initiating an investigation with or without suspending the clearance.

  242. Avatar


    he needs a secret clearance. He was told they are verifying his service for the Air Force, he retired in 2006. We thought that the DD-214 was enough, but that’s not the case. It’s been almost 3 weeks for the verification and still no answer. Is this common for the interim or do You think that it got denied and they are waiting for the regular clearance to go through?
    When he got the TO they stated thet this was high priority and everything, including the secret clearance should take no longer than 2 months.
    any information would be appreciated.
    Thank you,


  243. Avatar


    Thank you for the reply.

    Is it possible for an individual to receive a guideline k violation for any circumstance associated with a passport?

    With all your years and experience have you ever seen a scenario where a guideline k violation is used in regards to a passport?

    If this is a fathomable situation could you please elaborate. If not would you have any suggestions on how to properly ensure the expungement of said violation when it is without just cause.

    Finally, if this is found to be a malicious action that is unwarranted, could I pursue the matter legally? Would the matter be civil or criminal?

    Best Regards,


  244. Avatar

    I forgot to mention that my spouse holds a green card. Is he considered to be a foreign national?

    We got married overseas, is that an issue?

    Thank you.

  245. Avatar

    Hello all,
    I am currently in the interview process for a job in Iraq as a contractor. The requirements state that I must be able to get a secret clearance. I’m not so worried about the full investigation as the interim.

    Here’s my situation:

    1. I have filed bankruptcy in the past 3 years ago, and the only thing I am behind on is medical bills. I am in the process of satisfying those conditions, (i.e. working with CCCS to get them all paid off)

    2. I had an injury to my knee a few years ago and was on pain killers (lortab) for about 1.5 years. Over that time I realized I was getting addicted to them. I completely stopped taking them and went into a 1 week rehab. Around this time I had to go on Anti-Depressants due to the pain killers screwing with my system. I am now getting to the point where I can be weened off the Anti-Depressents.

    I believe I can show through the full investigation that these situations are fully mitigatible, but I’m worred I’ll be denied an interim. I going to be completely honest up front and fill out in full the comments sections to explain the situations.

    What’s the chance I can get an interim?


  246. Avatar

    nobody is talking. I was denied a low level clearance. because of that I a job offer was rescinded. Here is what I found out. There wasan ongoing investigation. I gave the company info about a medical condition I had. The company rescinded the job offer and the investigation stopped. The DOD won’t tell me the results of the investigation saying the case was closed because the company rescinded the offer. The company is pointing their finger at the DOD saying the DOD denied the clearance. I aquired the results of the investigation through the freedom of information act. Everything is there except the results of the investigation.

    I’m thinkjg the company wan’t to rescind the job for medical reasons.

    Before the job offer I worked for the IRS, so I passed CORI

  247. Avatar

    I am asking for your assistance with some issues I have with National Security Clearance form 86 that I must complete and submit ASAP. I understand any advice/suggestions you provide are not “official.” I am simply asking for your honest input given your experiences. I have done significant researched online (including adjunctive guidelines) but still have questions on how to address problem issues.

    I am answering each question truthfully. However, I am at a loss when it comes to figuring out how much additional information I should provide to explain these items (in an addendum, etc). I would like the opportunity to address certain issues in writing if that is to my benefit, but am concerned about disclosing too much information that may lead to more questions of a personal nature and/or being denied clearance.

    Items of Concern:
    item #26 (p.8): Financial Delinquencies —26a) I have been over 180 days delinquent on any debts in the past 7 years and 26b) I am currently over 90 days delinquent on debts; I have been unemployed for over a year
    item #27 (p.8): Financial Record —27b) I had a car voluntarily repossessed in 2007 despite the fact that attempts to return it to the dealership within approximately one week of purchase were refused by the dealer. A $3,300 fee representing the difference in purchase price and the price the lender auctioned it for remains unpaid. 27c) I assume I can respond “No” because I have not had a lein placed within the past 7 years. However, an IRS lein was placed in 2000 which was paid in full in 2002 via installments. It was technically “placed” in 2000, over 8 years ago.
    item #21 (p.7): Medical Record — I marked “Yes” because I do see a mental health professional for depression. Do I need to list the therapist/doctor information?
    item #23 (p.7): Police Record — On 6/16/07 I was arrested for “false 911.” The charges were dismissed and I am taking action to have them expunged. Should I elaborate on this?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide.

  248. Avatar

    What does it mean to be a foreign national? My spouse holds a green card – does that mean he’s a foreign national?

    I’m going for a secret clearance – will they look into my spouse’s background since he holds a green card?

    When it says the FSO will review the SF86 will they read through what I’ve put down? Or is it more of a skim?


  249. Avatar

    I was married overseas and we never registered this in the US. We are now seperated. Do I need to claim this marriage on my application? Since I never registered it, the US should have no record of it, correct?

    We did file taxes jointly when we were together. Not sure if that will be accessed.

    Thanks in advance

  250. Avatar

    I recently got hired by a DoD agency and recently submitted my eQuip for a secret clearance. I’m retired military and have been out for four years working for a state agency.

    The only negative thing on my application pertains to the use of a prescription drug, Vicodin, about 2 and half years ago, that a friend of mine gave me for pain I incurred in a sporting activity. I divulged this information on the SF86 with the explanation that a friend of mine gave it to me following an injury to my foot. He gave me five pills, four of which I used over a two day period, spaced according to the prescription recommendations.

    My concern here pertains to the Smith Act, and the provision that appears to pertain to active military personnel. Does that standard possibly apply to retired military personnel as well?

    The Security Clearance Manual has a notation that appears fairly restrictive – Is an unlawful user of, or addicted to, a controlled substance. Other information I’ve come across seems to have dampened language under that act to current user of an illegal drug.

    Can you give me some clarification? I really don’t want to regret being totally honest on my application.

  251. Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    I check this website from time to time and find it to be a very useful resource about government clearance processes. Please keep up the good work!

    I am a more-or-less healthy twenty-something male who took a polygraph recently. Although still wanting a final determination, I did not seem to “pass” the test. Suffice to say, I was truthful but continued to be accused of things I have never done. I guess that is part of the routine.

    But on a *physical* level something seems to have gone very wrong with my exam, which I can’t help but feel negatively impacted my ability to take the exam. Basically, I had a very intense reaction beyond discomfort and into the realm of pain caused by the blood pressure cuff on my arm. And I can safely say that it did cause pain because for several days afterward my arm has been both sore and BRUISED. Exactly where the cuff was my arm erupted in red dots kind of like a rash or freckles… Having looking this up on the internet, I found that this can be indicative of a cuff being so tight that the capilliaries beneath the skin start to break. Clearly this is what happened to me.

    I’m wondering then if anyone here has heard of this happening during a polygraph before? This was a recent event so starting Monday I intend to contact whoever I can to explain what happened to me. I hope to appeal this because apparently I need special accomodation to take a ploygraph… I can’t handle the cuff and my examiner and his supervisor gave me no sympathy when I showed the bruising. Any comments/suggestions/thoughts anyone here might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

  252. Avatar

    I can’t think of a possible Guideline K (Handling Protected Information)issue involving a passport per se. If someone had made an unauthorized disclosure of personal information from another person’s passport application that would probably be considered under Guideline K.

  253. Avatar

    I don’t understand why the Office of Military Commissions (OMC) is telling your husband that they are waiting for verification of his USAF service, unless it has something to do with veteran’s preference for hiring purposes (not for a security clearance).

    Checking military service records is part of the National Agency Check (NAC) that is part of the ANACI (Access National Agency Check with Inquiries) for federal employment with a Secret clearance. OPM (who conducting the investigation) would not provided WHS/OMC the results of the NAC piecemeal; they will forward the entire completed investigation to WHS/OMC when it is done.

    If WHS intended to grant an interim Secret clearance, they would have done it by now. An ANACI takes about two to four months, if there are no significant suitability/security issues. Then there will a certain amount of time for adjudication for both the Secret clearance and for employment suitability. Although OPM offers “Priority Service” for ANACIs; because written inquiries are involved, I doubt that an OPM Priority ANACI can be done much faster than an OPM Standard ANACI.

  254. Avatar

    Are there any concerns for a person taking ADD medication in having or wishing to acquire a top secret or secret clearance?

  255. Avatar


    I was working for a contractor with an active TS clearance, but after a few months became increasingly frustrated with the lack of professionalism and general chaos that the group performed on a daily basis. I started to make enemies with management, who could tell I was intending to leave and after a bout with depression, I failed to show up to work for three days. When I returned to work, I was fired and immediately started aggressively finding other employment. I had found another contractor right away, but after a few weeks delay, they dropped me and informed me that they would have to re-activate my clearance and they couldn’t wait to bring me on.

    I sent a notorized letter to the DSS asking what was the status of clearance and if there was any adverse information in my file. It’s been several weeks now and they have not responded.

    Is there any way to find out what the status is on my clearance? I’m worried that if any employer has to wait to re-activate my clearance, they will not be willing to take me on.

  256. Avatar

    I currently hold a secret clearance as a military officer which was granted in Nov 2005. Prior to this on 2-3 occasions between Oct 01 and Oct 03 I took about 1 puff from a marijuana pipe – I was pretending more than using. When I filled out my SF-86 prior to commissioning, I answered no to the have you used an illegal substance question (stupid, very stupid as I soon learned it would have had no real effect on the granting of the clearance).

    I was really ignorant at the time and had the voice of my recruiter ringing in the back of my head from a few years before telling us not to put down anything we hadn’t been arrested for. Of course that original March 2000 SF-86 wasn’t submitted, and I had never done anything illegal at that point in my life.

    Needless to say, they only do a NACLC for a DOD Secret and the question never came up. Now I just don’t want this hanging over me. I might want to apply for a job requiring an upgraded clearance or new background investigation in the future and don’t want to be untruthful. I also don’t want to lose my military career over something stupid that will never see the light of day otherwise. I spent most of my college years campaigning against alcohol and drug use in my fraternity and the Greek system as a whole.

    What can I do to clear this issue and what’s the chance that opening my mouth will end up destroying my career? What’s the chance of ever passing a TS/SSBI investigation in the future?

  257. Avatar

    Anyone have any new news on adjudication times for all clearances?

  258. Avatar

    I had previously held a TS/SCI CI/poly. I had an incident and supposedly had my “local access” pulled. Come to find out my whole clearance was yanked. First of all the whole action was illegal and without authority. Regardless, once CCF suspends a clearance, the timeline is on them to fix the mistake. I have had expedite letters sent up letting them know of this mistake, but it has been a few months now. My question is once CCF suspends a clearance, would I have to go through the whole process to reinitiate? or do they just tap a few keys and give it back? I am beyond anger at this point at this “mess-up” but it’s beginning to impact in more ways than one ie.. not being able to work in the IC community at all.

  259. Avatar

    Does anyone know if and how often folks who hold Public Trust positions with CBP (SF-85p background investigation when hired) have to undergo background re-investigations and what they involve? Thanks.

  260. Avatar


    I have some concerns regarding my eligibility for future security clearances.

    In 2004 I joined the military and completed an EPSQ for SECRET clearance which I continue to hold. At MEPS the classifier conducted the security interview. At the time it was late at night after a long recruiting process and I estimate that I had been awake for about 38 hours as a result.

    Recently I realized having made two omissions on my questionaire:

    – A company I owned and later sold to a friend had a Canadian citizen/resident employee who I listed as a person who knows me well in another section as well as a reference for a State Police position previously but failed to list as a foreign contact.

    – In 2003 I was written up for “System Manipulation” for handling calls for a bank that I worked for in such as way that I enjoyed a competitive advantage over other associates.

    Naturally, I will correct these issues on any future questionaires and immediately disclose in detail to any DSS agent.

    On the subject of foreign connections I met a Colombian citizen while on assignment in Panama in 2007 and began dating her. I immediately disclosed this to my chain of command including our Intel shop but I do not believe the information was actually reported any further until a year later when Intel realized it does not matter whether or not i’m holding SECRET or TS, it all has to be reported. She is currently in the process of immigrating to the U.S. on a K-1.

    Since this I have visited Colombia twice and Aruba once to visit her. Each time I reported my foreign national contact in advance and debriefed my travel. My travel was 2 days in Colombia, 6 days in Aruba, and 6 days in Colombia just this year.

    Recently I came to the realization that I did not disclose my two days in Colombia prior to proceeding to Aruba in my debrief (it was a layover I scheduled specifically designed so my girlfriend and I could travel to Aruba on the same flight).

    In regard to her family I hope to minimize contact with them and to immigrate her young child as well.

    Additionally, I own a U.S. based telecommunications company who sells web hosting services and conducts some money services (payment processing activity) as permitted by law (we’re registered with the Treasury, respect all OFAC sanctions and report suspicious activities as required). The company does not provide consulting with non-U.S. entities or export technology. I also own less than $2000 in foreign common stock. I plan to sell the stock and cease conducting money services transactions overseas to head off any future concerns.

    Outside of this my record military, criminal, financial, etc. is nothing short of impeccible.

    Given these facts should I have any reason to be concerned about maintaining my current clearance or qualifying for TS on future assignments? My CoC does not believe so but i’m hoping to gain some outside insight!

  261. Avatar

    Thank you for the confirmation. Great website.

  262. Avatar

    I have been offered a job with a defense contractor however I have concerns about being granted a secret security clearance based on the factors below. It is my impression that if I try to explain the issues (mitigate them) it would be better than simply submitting the form filled out with no explanations. I am not sure how to explain the situation(s). FINANCIAL CONCERNS-I am approximately $45,000 in debt and have been unemployed for over a year. Accounts are past due 180 days and 0ver 90 days because I do not have the funds to pay. One credit card debt was $23,000 but the collection agency has increased the debt to $39,000 over the past year with all of their fees & interest. I tried to work something out with them last year but they would not work with me on a repayment plan that I could afford given my financial situation. I have paid them some money but my efforts to satisfactorily pay this obligation has been difficult. I need this job to help payoff the debts. Also, I have some overdue medical bills. I had an accident where I slipped on ice on April 2 of this year that required emergency surgery and basically incapacitated me for three months on crutches and approximately 3 months of rehabilitation/physical therapy after that.
    MEDICAL CONCERNS and CONDUCT CONCERNS- While I have had treatment for depression for a number of years I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in June of 2007. One of the behaviors consistent with bipolar is overspending. At the time I spent much money and incurred credit card debt because I was trying to start a new business. Unfortunately I went about it the wrong way, acquired debt, and learned a valuable lesson never to do that again. I have been receiving a small disbility check from my previous employer’s insurance company.
    The financial and medical concerns seem to overlap as most of my overspending may be attributed to a one time occurrence of a bipolar manic episode. I was hospitalized for that in June-July 2007, receive treatment for depression and bipolar, and have had no problems since that time.
    Would it be helpful to write an addendum explaining the situation in this much detail? Should I try to explain the situation in some other way? I have integrity. I am a trustworthy and loyal individual who would never comprise any information (classified, secret, or otherwise). I have been through some difficult times but am trying to rectify the past by gaining employment, paying off debts, etc. I have been trying to avoid bankruptcy and at least make settlements with creditors. It ois possible I would have to declare bankruptcy and get this all behind me but I am trying to avoid doing so. I must turn in my form today!! If you aren’t able to respond today please respond to anyway!! Thank you ever so much.

  263. Avatar


    I have a question regarding the effect (if any) of prsecription drugs on clearance apps… I currently hold a secret (and have for about 8 years), there is always the possibility that I will move into a TS-level position one day.

    I have always had a problem with “stage fright” – public speaking in front of large crowds makes my voice shake, is embarassing, etc. I know that this issue is very common but that still doesn’t help me to feel any better about it. One of the most common ways to deal with this is with a small dose of the prescription drug Inderal. This drug is also used for heart conditions, anxiety and so on.

    My Dr has given me a prescription for this drug, to be able to have a small quantity to keep on hand and use if necessary (the situation might come up 2-3 times per year). On the prescription, she wrote “for anxiety” which is rather misleading and has a much larger connotation than what’s actually going on.

    I have not turned in the prescription yet… should I have it rewritten to say something less severe like “for stage fright”? Or is this truly a non-issue, something that would never come up? I don’t think that it would ever need to be reported or end up getting looked at but I’d like to be sure.

    I’d rather just throw away the prescription if it’s going to cause me any future problems.


  264. Avatar

    Can anyone tell me how much time you have to get “read in” after you have been initially granted a security clearance? I have heard six months, one year and two years before you end up losing it.

    This is a great website and thanks to all the experts for the great comments and help.

  265. Avatar

    ADD presents the same concerns as most other mental health issues, the vast majority of which can be mitigated for a final clearance. Very, very few clearances are denied due to “Psychological Conditions” (Guideline I). When final clearances are denied it is usually because an applicant has a diagnosed problem, fails to follow the prescribed treatment, and displays bizarre behavior. When a mental health issue exists, it is very difficult to obtain an interim clearance because the issue usually can not be mitigated prior to completing the clearance investigation.

  266. Avatar

    Your clearance (like everyone else’s) terminated the day your last job terminated. Your question should be: Is my clearance eligible for reinstatement? The answer to that depends on whether or not your former employer submitted an “incident report” to DSS (thru JPAS) describing the reason for your termination of employment. If you told your employer that you failed to show up for work for 3 days due to depression, that would be a reportable incident under DoD rules. If such an incident report was submitted, it could be an obsticle to having a clearance reinstated and could require further investigation to resolve the issue before reinstatement is considered.

  267. Avatar

    CCF decides whether the information submitted by your local commander (or his security officer) is sufficient to restore your access to classified material or whether to complete a limited investigation before adjudicating the incident. If they choose to restore access without an investigation, then it is just a few keystrokes in JPAS.

  268. Avatar

    All the potential issues you cite seem pretty minor. The SF86 you completed did not require you to list a “written reprimand” received at work or a foreign contact unless you are bound to the person by obligation, affection, or close and continuing contact. If the Canadian met that definition, then it was only an inadvertent oversight on your part. The wording of the new SF86 is different in these both areas. Likewise, forgetting to list a 2-day layover in Columbia is not significant unless you were involved in some criminal activity or had some non-routine contact with Columbian security/law enforcement types during the layover. Absent any factors that might create a hightened risk of foreign influence, your future Columbian in-laws should not be a security concern.

  269. Avatar

    The only reason for including an addendum to a SF86 to mitigate security/suitability issues is if an interim clearance is needed and there is a possibility that you can provide sufficient mitigating information in the addendum. In your situation it is highly doubtful that you will receive an interim clearance because of the current nature of your problems. Just answer the questions on the form as acccurately as possible and include the necessary information in the comment sections without being too detailed. Your investigation will include a Subject Interview, during which you can provide the investigator all the mitigating information.

  270. Avatar

    Larry Adams:
    Based on the situation you described, you are required to list on an SF86 your consultation with your doctor and the resulting presciption for an anti-anxiety drug. This is a very minor mental health issue and you should not be concerned about it. Throwing the prescription away does not remove the obligation to report it on an SF86 for a period of 7 years.

  271. Avatar


    As you obviously understand, the issue is not your past use of marijuana; it is your falsification of a government form. The only way to clear it up is to report it to your security manager. There are two or three mitigating factors under the Adjudicative Guidelines that apply to your situation. That does not mean that your current clearance will be not be affected, but it does provide some basis for arguing that your clearance should not be revoked.

    The harder question is how your falsification will be viewed for retention in the military. I have had cases where a serviceman admitted intentionally falsifying an SF86 (and of course their enlistment documents). The military Central Adjudication Facility sent a copy of the investigative report to the serviceman’s commanding officer, who took steps to discharge the serviceman for fraudulent enlistment before the case was ever adjudicated for a security clearance. I have also had cases where the serviceman’s commanding officer chose to wait and be guided by the security clearance decision made the the serviceman’s central adjudication facility. There is no way to even guess how a commanding officer will react to this type of information; their decisions are not influenced by the Adjudicative Guidelines. Basically it is a question of honor and integrity. You should do the right thing and not be influence by the possibility of negative consequences.

  272. Avatar

    Please Advise:

    Is your clearance transferrable? Probably not, because of the new potentially disqualifying information since your last clearance adjudication. Once your current PR is favorably adjudicated your clearance will be transferrable.

    When you move to a job that only requires a Secret clearance, you will have a Secret clearance. Your clearance record will show your history of investigations and clearances, so that within a certain timeframe your clearance can be administratively upgraded to TS without an investigation.

    Two DUIs 7 years apart with successful counseling and lifestyle changes after the 2nd offense—sounds like you have sufficiently mitigated the alcohol use concerns.

  273. Avatar

    Jamis Paul:
    It depends on the information that changed.

  274. Avatar

    Wrong question:
    Don’t assume that if an investigator’s question differs greatly from a related question on the SF86 that it was incorrectly asked. Some agencies have special requirements, for example there is a zero tolerance policy for DEA agent applicants regarding drug use. If it were me, I’d ask the investigator why his/her question differred from the question on the SF86.

  275. Avatar

    Yes, your FSO will review the contents of your electronic SF86 before it is submitted to the government to insure that it is complete. A foreign national is anyone who is not a US citizen. Marriage to a non-US citizen is a security issue when it creates a hightened risk of foreign influence. Generally for a Secret clearance there is no investigation of a spouse, even a foreign spouse. A misdemeanor conviction will be considered, but absent any aggravating or complicating factors, one misdemeanor conviction by itself should not result in a clearance denial.

  276. Avatar

    Your chances of getting an interim clearance are poor.

  277. Avatar

    Need help:
    You were not denied a clearance. There were no “results” of the investigation, because the investigation was cancelled before it was completed. Your case was cancelled due to “loss of jurisdiction” when the company terminated its employment relationship with you.

  278. Avatar

    You are married; you should list it on your clearance application form.

  279. Avatar

    Smith Amendment (error in my book uses the word act instead of amendment) was repealed earlier this year and replaced by a less restrictive law. The drug clause in the Smith Amendment applied only to current illegal drug users and addicts, as does the new law. Section 1064 of the 2008 Defense Authorization Act repealed the Smith Amendment (10 USC 986), but created a new law prohibiting all federal agencies from granting or renewing any security clearance to: 1) Current user of illegal drugs or 2) Mentally incompetent person.

    The new law also prohibits all federal agencies from granting or renewing special access authorizations (i.e. SCI, SAP, and Restricted Data) for anyone (without a waiver) who has been: 1) Convicted of a crime, sentenced, and incarcerated for a term exceeding 1 year or 2) Discharged or dismissed from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.

  280. Avatar

    Immediately see a medical doctor, have photos taken, and fully document your injury. You may need this later.

  281. Avatar

    If getting my TS reinstated is a problem, would I still be able to get a secret or interim secret clearance?

  282. Avatar

    I’m a recent college graduate and in line for a Q clearance. My investigator called me on July 21st (after she had finished interviewing me and my personal contacts) to tell me that she was “submitting the report.” So am I right to assume that my investigation part is over and that my case is in adjudication?

    I have a spotless record (no credit/drug/alcohol problems). However, I’m a foreign-born citizen and received my Certificate of Citizenship after my parents were naturalized when I was 11. All my immediate family member are US citizens. However, I married a foreign national in 2002 (I was 17) and then I sponsored him. He has his Green Card now, but we have been divorced since April 2007.Also, the investigator asked me if I have any regular contact with any foreign nationals in another country. I said no, but did mention that I talk to my maternal grandparents occasionally when my mother phones them (I live with my mom). The investigator took the name of my grandparents.

    I’m a little concerned because it has been almost 90 days since the investigation was completed. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.

  283. Avatar

    Thank you for your insight Mr. Henderson.

    Regarding our marriage next year, I seem to recall reading that it does not need to be reported to our Intel clerk as I do not hold TS and do not have an open investigation.

    Is this accurate?

  284. Avatar

    Dear Mr. Henderson,
    Thank you for your assistance. I am most grateful. I appreciate your forthrightness. I am disappointed that you beleive I will be denied an interim clearance. If you have any more suggestions please let me know. I will submit the form and hope & pray for the best. Again, thank you for your help.
    Best Regards,

  285. Avatar

    Does anyone know where I might obtain/view good addendums or sample explanations that help explain/mitigate financial difficulties? Thank you in advance!

  286. Avatar

    Confused: No.

  287. Avatar

    Need Clarity:

    Getting “read on” is a term generally used for SCI and other SAPs. For SCI, being granted “access eligibility” and being granted “access” are two completely separate actions. Some people have SCI eligibility but are never granted access because they don’t need it. For instance many federal investigators must be SCI eligible, but few actually require access. As long as they were adjudicated as being SCI eligible and continue to hold a collateral security clearance based on a current SSBI or SSBI-PR, they can be granted SCI access at any time.

    When a person is granted a collateral security clearance, they are required to sign a non-disclosure statement and receive a security indoctrination briefing. This usually happens as soon as the clearance is granted.

  288. Avatar

    Is there any problem with having a close relative living overseas? Specifically, if it is (in theory) temporary, and he is still a US citizen.

  289. Avatar

    Thank you for the reply!

    My spouse’s parents live in Vietnam. Would this be considered hightened risk of foreign influence?

    Thank you!

  290. Avatar

    Investigators-William Henderson
    How does a person know when their case has been closed by OPM? Is there any way someone can check or call someone to get the exact date that there investigation was sent to the appropriate agency???

  291. Avatar

    Here’s what the Adjudicative Desk Reference says about about it: “Location of an individual’s foreign contacts or interests in a higher-risk country or region is NOT a disqualifying condition and shall not, by itself, be the basis for denial or revocation of any clearance. Many individuals are hired precisely because of their background in certain foreign countries. The country or region involved is only one of multiple risk factors to be considered when evaluating the applicability and significance of each disqualifying and mitigating condition in the Foreign Influence guideline.”

    I recommend you read my article, “Foreign Influence and Security Clearances” posted at Please note that the prohibition against non-US citizenship immediate family members for SCI eligibility no longer exists. This prohibition was recinded on 1 Oct 08 by DNI Intelligence Community Directive #704.

  292. Avatar

    The OPM “closed completed” date is the date OPM sent the completed investigation to the requestor’s adjudicative facility. This date is listed in the person’s investigative summary in JPAS and in OPM’s PIPS database.

  293. Avatar

    The investigator who conducted your Subject Interview may have submitted her report on 21 July but that does not mean that other investigators involved in your case have also submitted their reports. Unless all the places you lived, worked and attended school since 2002 are within a five mile radius, chances are there is more than one investigator working on your case.

  294. Avatar

    Can a class 2 misdemeanor in Pennsylvania inhibit homeland security clearance? Or will it not interfere with the ability to obtain clearance.

  295. Avatar

    William Henderson-Someone who has access to JPAS told me my case wasnt in the database because its for a DOE Q. Is there a separate database for DOE clearances or do you think there is a problem?

  296. Avatar

    I am going for a Secret Clearance. I heard the 3 things they look at is your credit, if you’re wanted by the authorities and your crimminal record.

    I was married overseas and sponsored my spouse to the US. Do you know if this will be an issue for the clearance?


  297. Avatar

    You had a very considerate investigator. I have never called a SUBJECT to let them know I have transmitted there case. After I have completed their PRSI I never speak to them again unless I happen to need more information from them for some reason.

  298. Avatar

    There are very few cases that I have worked on in which I am the sole investigator on the case.

  299. Avatar

    It can be a security concern, but the seriousness of the concern depends on how close the relative is, what country they are in, how long they have been there, why they are there, and what they are doing there.

  300. Avatar

    OPM has its own database known as CVS. OPM may still be maintaining another older database known as SII. The JPAS database is maintained by DOD separately from CVS/SII. At any rate, anyone with JPAS access can view records in CVS and/or SII, because there is a bridge in JPAS that allows access to CVS/SII. 99% of DOE clearance investigations are done by OPM, so your investigation will be in either SII or CVS or both.

  301. Avatar


    Yes, if your foreign spouse or her non-US citizen relatives creates a heightened risk of foreign exploitation, inducement, manipulation, pressure, or coercion.

  302. Avatar

    Please restate your question. There is no “homeland security clearance,” and I have no idea what a class 2 misdemeanor is in Pennsylvania. It would be helpful to know when the offense occurred and a little more about it.

  303. Avatar

    I held a TS-SCI and took a full-scope CIA poly in January 2005. To my surprise, I was denied. I appealed and was denied again in February 2008.

    Assuming that the CIA decision was passed to DoD for adjudication, how long will it take for them to rule on my case. I have been waiting nearly 8 months so far.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice as I feel like I have waiting forever with no end in sight!

  304. Avatar

    Actually, I have had very limited activities since 2002. I have lived at the same address for nine years with my family, went to the city high school, then a college about 6 miles away (while living at home) and had one internship and a part-time job in the same area. All my contacts live in that region.

    And Investigator, I don’t think that was the primary reason for her for phone call (she was probably returning my call or clarifying something, I forget what exactly). I do know that she had finished interviewing all my contacts. Is there are other parts to the investigation process that I should be aware of?

    I guess I’m just trying to gauge exactly which step my process is in now. It’s frustrating not knowing, especially as a new grad. It’s been six months since I graduated and I’m starting to run out of savings to live on. I don’t know how much longer I can wait 🙁

  305. Avatar


    JPAS: “Closed completed(07-’08)pending adjudication”

    It only took 75 days for the background (feeling lucky) However, it’s now been 90 days in adjudication.

    Is it normal for the adjudication process to stretch longer than the investigation itself?

    Does anyone have any generic figures on adjudication timeliness?

  306. Avatar

    In addition to the field investigation, your investigation (SSBI) for a Q Access Authorization includes a National Agency Check (NAC). The NAC is usually takes about 1 to 3 months, so it usually gets done before the field investigation is completed. Your investigation (unlike most others) includes CIS (formerly INS) citizenship verification for you and your immediate family members. I don’t know if this takes more time than the rest of your SSBI. It depends on the caseload at the office where your CIS records are reviewed.

    I assume your investigation opened before May. It’s possible your investigation could be completed by now and already sent to DOE for adjudication. I’ve heard that DOE is taking longer than other agencies to adjudicate closed cases–perhaps 3 months or more.

  307. Avatar

    It appears that since the beginning of this calendar year, average adjudication time for Secret clearances at some Central Adjudication Facilities (CAF) have exceeded average investigative time. There are 9 separate DoD CAFs with differing backlogs. I have only seen one aggreagated average elapse time for DoD CAFs (no individual DoD CAF stats) and even that number is about a year old, so it is meaningless now. For what it’s worth, 80% of DoD Military/Civilian clearances were adjudicated in an average of 25 days during the 1st quarter of FY08 (Oct 07 to Dec 07).

  308. Avatar

    GSR: What type of clearance are you trying to get?

  309. Avatar

    4q’s for you

    1. I’m completing my clearance forms and I travelled lots to Asia. How do agents know if I lied on the form? For example If I listed I travelled to Hong Kong marriot hotel for 1 week in july, will the agent fly to hong kong marriott or call them to verify I did not lie? How does that work? What should I list? hotel telephone numbers and travel agents and tour guides?

    2. My wife is a French citizen and works for the French consulate. Will that disqualify me from a clearance?

    3. I visited my in-laws in France over the summer. When performing the clearance, will the agents call my inlaws or fly to France to question them?

    4. I got my job offer while I will wait maybe a year or two or three for my clearance to be granted, what do I do in the mean time? Normally do bosses allow the person to do non top secret clearance work in the meantime or do people usually sit at home without a job waiting to get the goahead?

    Much obliged

  310. Avatar

    If my NACLAC comes up clean but the fact that I sponsored my spuose – Will that prevent me from receiving an interim secret?

  311. Avatar

    Recommend you read my article on “Foreign Influence and Security Clearances” posted at

  312. Avatar

    Thank you for the information. At least I have at least *some* idea about where it is now.

    Thanks again!

  313. Avatar

    William Henderson- When OPM has closed or finished their investigation on someone does it then go straight to adjudication at the proper agency or is there another stop or step that it must take.
    Also when these agencies report how long its taking for adjudication on the SCOG report do the reported times account for all days or just working days?

  314. Avatar

    TK-For what its worth, my investigator told me he was done with me at the beginning of July but my case wasnt closed until 30 July so there was a whole month that elapsed before it was sent for adjudication. From what I understand its taking DOE roughly 4 months to adjudicate right now.

  315. Avatar

    Hi – will not having an education stop you from getting a clearance? I don’t have my HS diploma and have not furthered my education. The job I am going for requires secret clearance. Thx!

  316. Avatar

    Ms. R

    Absolutely not–you will not be judged on your education level–good luck.

  317. Avatar

    Henry Jeffs:

    1. You only need to list the name of the country, the dates of travel, and the purpose of travel. No one will go to Hong Kong to verify your travel. Most foreign travel is verified through secondary sources.
    2. Having a spouse who is a foreign citizen and who works for a foreign government is a big problem. Just how big of a problem it is depends on more factors than we can possibly cover here.
    3. No one will interview a foreign citizen who lives in a foreign country about you.
    4. How your prospective employer chooses to handle your situation depends entirely on the employer.

  318. Avatar

    Why do you have to assume anything? Has your access been suspended? If not, what are you waiting for? If your access has been suspended, then you know that your CAF received information from the CIA and you know that it occurred at about the same time your access was suspended. I suspect that if the CIA had information about you that was relevant and material to your SCI access at your DoD agency, they would have passed the information along 3 years ago, not 8 months ago. You can always go to your security officer/FSO and ask them to check if there is a open incident report or other unusual notation in your JPAS record.

  319. Avatar

    When an OPM investigation is listed as “closed completed,” the investigation is sent directly to the requestor’s adjudication facility. It can take up to 14 days from the “closed completed” date before it is received by the requestor.

    There is one exception. If DISCO is the requestor and the investigation is an SSBI for SCI, the investigation will go from OPM to DISCO to the SCI granting authority who will actually adjudicate the case. If SCI is denied, the case could go back to DISCO for adjudication of the collateral clearance.

    The number of days listed in SCOG reports includes all days, not just working days.

  320. Avatar

    Thanks so much for clarifying. My SCI is still in JPAS but has always been suspended. I guess I am just waiting for DISCO to determine whether they will follow suit with the CIA on their decision? I don’t know why it would take them 8 months to decide otherwise.

  321. Avatar


    What do you mean that your SCI “has always been suspended”? DISCO did not grant your DoD SCI eligibility; one of the other DOD Cental Adjudication Facilities did.

  322. Avatar

    My apologies. What I meant was that since I failed my polygraph, JPAS has shown my clearance as being “suspended.”. I know very little about the process, but it seems like you are saying that CAF is currently deciding “what to do” on their end based on the CIA decision.

    This gets back to my central question which is, “how long is the wait for CAF to adjudicate a case like mine?” The only updates I ever get are from my FSO who occasionally informs me that “nothing has happened yet.”

  323. Avatar

    Your situation is pretty rare. I doubt that any of the 9 DOD adjudicative facilities keep track of how long these things take.

  324. Avatar

    I was hoping someone could answer some ts questions. I have been favorably adjudicated for a top-security clearance with the FBI, but I was only an alternate for a position. They have taken their primary candidates, although I am “favorably adjudicated.” Without a letter stating so, how can I apply for other ts positions without actually doing a ts job? Also, could the FBI place me in a suitable position not advertised with my clearance approval? Thank you guys for your time.


  325. Avatar


    If I may ask, what is your timeline for investigation and clearance by the FBI. I have also applied for and was given a CO for a position with the FBI that requires Top Secret Clearance. I am still waiting for adjudication (CO was in the beginning of July)

    Thank you in advance.

  326. Avatar

    I recently accepted a job with a DoD contractor pending a drug test a security clearance. I will pass the drug test with flying colors however I am worried about passing security clearance because 3 years ago I filed bankruptcy at the age of 23 because of a failed business partnership. The cause of the business failure was due to my business partner and not me. None of my accounts were more than 120 days past due before the bankruptcy and all of my accounts have been paid on time or early since the bankruptcy. Also I when I was about 12 years old I got into a fight with the neighborhood bully and was charged with assault and battery however it was thrown out and dismissed by the court and sealed in my juvenile record. Also I have gotten three speeding tickets in the last 11 years. I have listed all this info honestly as possible on the security clearance form. Should I be worried about failing security clearance and loosing this job?

  327. Avatar


    Applied 1/08
    CO 4/08
    Equip papers sent 4/08
    Phone interview 5/08
    Interview w/ FO (drug test and fingerprint) mid 5/08
    Poly end 5/08
    BI started 6/08
    Last person contacted for BI 8/15/08
    FO let me know of Favorable adjudication 8/25/08

    I called the facility I was hiring for and they let me know they took the primary candidates. I haven’t had “the call,” “the thin white envelope,” or the “Fed Ex” truck.

    Best of luck to you and savor the process. Looking back on it (now that it’s over), it was exciting. If you get in, throw me a rope:)



  328. Avatar


    Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. The waiting is awful but I really hope it will be done soon. Your process seems to have been quick.

    I will throw you a rope when I get there 🙂

  329. Avatar


    I was so stressed through the whole thing. The worst was when they came into my current workplace and now they treat me quite bad (not all people are supportive of others’ endeavors.) My BI was easy because of the time I have lived at my residence and little family. Love the thought that others are speaking highly of you and know that the one’s that are not probably won’t matter (granting you haven’t done anything too bad in your life.) All your great deeds will be noticed and put on paper and that is important. Chin up and I pray “the call” comes and you get everything you want. PS…Thanks for the rope


  330. Avatar

    Question regarding speeding tickets and case expansion. Would a case be expanded for 5 speeding tickets? 1 recent, 1 7 years ago, and 3 in college. I ordered my own records from the relevant DMV’s in case.

  331. Avatar

    I have the same problem. The interviewing of my current employment/boss was not well received (that’s putting it lightly) I am counting down the days until the call. I will keep you posted.

  332. Avatar

    I have been working as a contractor in a government research lab since January of 2007. I applied for my secret clearance in April of 2007 and received it in October of 2007. My supervisor mentioned that I have the option to apply for a top-secret clearance and therefore this would allow me to work on more interesting research projects.

    My wife is from China and she came to the United States as a graduate student in 1997. After getting married in the summer of 2003 she obtained her green card later that year. She will receive her US citizenship in November 2008. She has no family members that are living in the US. During 1999, 2001, 2003 she visited China 2 to 3 weeks on average respectively. After I received my secret clearance, in 2007 she visited China for 4 weeks and in 2008 for 3 weeks. The purpose of visiting China is so she could visit her parents. However in 2008, her parents had the opportunity to visit us for 3 and a half months. In the future my wife would like to visit her aging parents once a year.

    As for me, I have never traveled outside the United States and I do not speak any foreign languages.

    Since obtaining a top-secret clearance is a serious issue, I would like to know your opinion regarding my chances of receiving a TS before applying for one.

    Thank you.

  333. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson,

    First of all…I was hired as a Contractor in 1998 and departed in 2005. I never had problems with my clearance! I had to wait 2 years from beginning to; background,poly, and paperwork.
    Now the clearance process for my current TS/SSBI is taking forever to say the least. My problem began with the first Contractor OPM Agent that began my clearance in April of 2006. She did such a bad job, I even questioned if her process was correct. Well, her and 4 other Contractor Agents were fired. Second problem was that the second OPM Agent came a year later and did the same thing! This one stated he was here to correct the last mistake! That did not work so he came back a few months later to go over some of the same questions again! Here it is Nov 2008 and my adjudication is still not complete!
    The 3rd OPM visit was October 2008 and it’s now November 10th. Just how long does looking at 4 questions take to adjudicate?? The OPM Agent said they (DSS/DISCO) wants more information the 3rd time for the same 4 questions. If my answers for the 3rd time returns back to the original adjudicator, then it should only take a few weeks!

    I’ll take advise and questions from all!!

    Site B

  334. Avatar

    Mr. Henderson,

    First of all…I was hired as a Contractor in 1998 and departed in 2005. I never had problems with my clearance! I had to wait 2 years from beginning to; background,poly, and paperwork.
    Now the clearance process for my current TS/SSBI is taking forever to say the least. My problem began with the first Contractor OPM Agent that began my clearance in April of 2006. She did such a bad job, I even questioned if her process was correct. Well, her and 4 other Contractor Agents were fired. Second problem was that the second OPM Agent came a year later and did the same thing! This one stated he was here to correct the last mistake! That did not work so he came back a few months later to go over some of the same questions again! Here it is Nov 2008 and my adjudication is still not complete!
    The 3rd OPM visit was October 2008 and it’s now November 10th. Just how long does looking at 4 questions take to adjudicate?? The OPM Agent said they (DSS/DISCO) want more information the 3rd time for the same 4 questions. If my answers for the 3rd time returns back to the original adjudicator, then it should only take a few weeks!

    I’ll take advise and questions from all!!

    Site B

  335. Avatar

    I’ve had a S clearance through DoD for the last 3 years. I recently put in my paperwork for a Q over at DOE. I never stated in my original paperwork that I had experimented with a certain drug several times over a 3 year span. I know this was a huge no no. The agency has just started running my Q last week and I want to know how I can mitigate this. I had additional tried something while at a bachelor party, this was while I had my S. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a personal interview at some point and should I bring it up with the investigator and admit my mistake and my steps prevent any future lapse. The total number of times over the last 4 years was probably 6 times.
    I’m recently married and trying to start a family so I need to know what I need to do to remediate the issue so I can be good for the future. I have no criminal history of anything drug or criminal related.

  336. Avatar

    I am about to fill out the sf 86 form for the first time. I have a very clean record, except for one issue. I recently got fired from a job, accused of embezzelment, which I denied (in writing) that I wasn’t aware of. In other words, I was not aware that I was breaking the company’s policy. Which I plan on taking them to court for down the road.

    My question is, is it even worth pursuing the DOD clearance, if it’s going to be denied hands down by just looking at this issue. I plan on stating my case with 100% truth on the forms.

    Thanks in advance for any help