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Marko Hakamaa

Marko Hakamaa served in various military police positions with the United States Army worldwide for 22 years before retiring in 2006 as a Master Sergeant. Afterwards, he transitioned into the civilian workforce as a contractor background investigator for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) before entering civil service as a Security Specialist in 2009.

Security Clearance Denial

A recent Defense Office Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) to deny eligibility for a security clearance to a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor based on foreign influence and foreign preference concerns resulting from the applicant’s ties to Canada.

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Security Clearance Jobs

CIA Director John Brennan outlined the 21st century challenges facing his agency and the organizational changes being made to address these challenges at a recent dinner event in front of 500 guests of the Intelligence Community. Among the changes currently being implemented were two key additions to the agency: Establishment

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Career AdviceSecurity Clearance Jobs

When we think of the agencies that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) the first ones that come to mind are the CIA, NSA, NRO, and five DOD components, right? There are sixteen agencies that officially make up the IC and in addition to the previously mentioned they are:

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When we think of NASA the first thing that comes to mind is astronauts, rockets, and space. National security certainly is not in the forefront when we think of landing on the moon. However, declassified documents from various intelligence and DoD agencies are quite interesting and show that NASA has

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