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Boom Expected in Hiring Security-Cleared workers

From Federal Computer Week:

The hiring of workers with security clearances is expected to surge the first quarter of 2007 as a result of the many multimillion-dollar Department of Defense contracts that were awarded in December, according to the first edition of the ClearanceJobs Report for 2007.

According to, an online recruiting service, those estimates could change because although some employers post jobs online that are contingent upon a contract award, many job seekers don’t like applying for positions that don’t yet exist.

According to a 2006 survey conducted by Federal Computer Week, the Information Technology Association of America and a coalition of industry organizations, more than three-fourths of government contractors agreed that the need for cleared employees to work on federal contracts had increased “greatly” (51 percent) or “somewhat” (26 percent) in the past five years.

But more than half the respondents believed the security clearance process, run by the Defense Security Service and OPM, had worsened (31 percent) or not improved at all (24 percent) in the past year.

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    I work for a service company that provides services for a company that requires DOD clearances. I am looking for candidates to work for me. The dificulty is that these are custodial jobs and I do not know where to go to find custodians that are DOD cleared or where I can find DOD cleared people who want to be a custodian. Any help that you can provide would be very much appreciated.

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    John – Believe it or not, when faced with an expiring clearance, many skilled job seekers would rather take a custodial job to keep their clearance active than let it go.

    Postings on job boards, forums, and blogs may be the best way to get word out that these positions are open and available.

    You may wish to respond here and give people a way they can contact you, where the jobs are located, what clearance level is required, pay, etc.

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    Well John My name is janine Moren and I’ve been a Security manager for alaska guard and washington. I’m active duty army and about get out Asap because I need a family care plan but. I’m not going to give them one. I’m looking for a Security clearance job please get a hold of me if you need to 907 622-0022 I’m in alaska I’m looking for work soon.

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    John – Today is your lucky day. I’m in between jobs so to speak. I’m currently awaiting the results of my DHS suitability investigation. It’s frustrating to have to go through this process because I have already been granted a DoD clearance last year. However, since I’m seeking employment with a different government agency, I, like many others, have to go through this investigation process. I am ready, willing and able to work. Please call me at (301)497-9516. Thank you.

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    Well I currently hold a TS/SSBI and I am looking for work. I have an active clearance but it seems as though the companies I have found have no idea about the government. I currently do HR and they don’t understand the rules of engagement with the government.
    If your a company that does, feel free to let me know and I will send you my resume. [email protected]

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    Greetings, I need help. I have a “Secret Clearance”. I am a retired state investigator specializing in “background investigations”. I want to conduct OPM Contract Investigations. Could someone name any companies in the Fort Bragg, NC area, please. My e-Quip is cleared. PLease email me at
    [email protected]


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    It appears that the job market for “cleared workers” have slowed in the Washington DC metro area after several years of high demand for cleared workers. Is it becoming difficult to find jobs for cleared workers and have the salaries decreased ? What will happen if the Dems take over the white house in 2008 ?

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    clearedworker – We wouldn’t say the job market has slowed. Employers are getting handed down requirements from the government that are even more strict than they were a year ago. Not only are candidates required to be skilled and degreed, but they require higher and higher levels of clearance. That really levels the playing field.

    Salaries have increased about 2% in the past 6 months, and are expected to continue to increase albeit at a slower rate than a year ago.

    The dems taking over won’t have any affect. The focus on defense and homeland security is a new daily reality in life for all of us.

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    Retired military and working with GD. Just send your resume to me. Thanks


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    I’m posting this for my husband, who is on his computer at the moment job searching. He is looking at getting out of the Army after 9 years on a medical for asthma, mostly, and probably within the next 6 weeks. He has a current TS/SCI and has been working as the Security Manager for his Brigade for a couple of years now, including while deployed. He does personnel, facility, and information security and his MOS is an Intel Analyst. He is also trained in aircraft pneudraulics, but is willing to look at all fields for the right employment. We are hoping he can be employed using his clearance when the time comes to leave the Army. If anybody knows of an opening or needs him, please advise him at [email protected]. Tell him Donna sent you! ;^) Thanks!