Background Investigations

Check this Site to Verify if Your Information Was Compromised in OPM Data Breech

According to the acting Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Beth Cobert, OPM launched a new verification website hosted by the Pentagon that allows you to check to see if your personal information was compromised in the OPM data breech last summer. The site, which has a URL, asks the individual to input personal information such as name, DOB, SSN, address, email address, and the reason for the request. The drop down for the reason includes:

– I believe I may have been affected and want to verify

– I received a letter but misplaced it

– PIN # did not work

– Other

After agreeing to the consent stipulations, it is then submitted to OPM along with a disclaimer stating it would be approximately 2-4 weeks for a response letter from OPM. This site will only be active until 5/31/2016. The latest update from OPM says they have notified over 13 million of the 21.5 who were affected by the breach and that if you do not receive a letter by the middle of December and have concerns you should go to the verification site and submit a request.

However, the catch here is that you have to provide them your current personal information in order to verify if your previous information was compromised. I guess one has to be confident that OPM has fixed their IT Security issues and can safeguard the information you submit, right? On a side note, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of government employees putting a freeze on their credit accounts which indicates their are real concerns out there.