Security Clearance Process

Clearance Reforms Behind Schedule

The FY 2016 1st Quarter report on Insider Threat and Security Clearance Reform generated by ODNI shows that the timelines for several initiatives were not met. The Performance Accountability Council (PAC) is responsible for oversight and implementation of the proposed reforms and is the lead in unifying and standardizing the Federal Government’s efforts. Some of the initiatives currently in progress are: developing insider threat programs; updating continuous evaluation processes; coordination with Federal, State, and Tribal entities in sharing information; quality control and oversight of investigations and adjudications; and improving risk management tools regarding position designation and investigations. Here are some of the areas where ODNI milestones were missed:

  • Updating the SF-86, SF-85P and SF-85 to reflect changes, expanded reporting requirements, and continuous evaluation
  • Policy for reporting requirements for national security positions which will also be expanded to include other suitability and contractor populations
  • Establishment of a Federal Background Investigations Liaison Office
  • Policy on the collection, use, and retentions of publicly available electronic information (PAE)
  • Issuance of the Community Handbook that details the conduct of background investigations
  • Assessment of current adjudicative quality standards to determine adequacy and share best practices
  • Development of better tools to validate self-reported information versus other independent sources

Interesting to note, there hasn’t been a lot of news about the National Background Investigations Bureau since the beginning of March when they announced who would fill the key leadership positions. Needless to say, the challenges ahead are many and it remains to be seen as to whether the proposed security clearance reforms will be effective and worth the cost and effort.

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    Secret clearances are not there as much in the jobs. Now you have to have a TS and to get one is impossible. You may have the years in that job, too.