Obtaining Security Clearance

Could Activites Abroad Affect Your Security Clearance?

If you’re like me, you can find the security clearance process a little, shall we say, obtuse. (Case in point, I worked at the Pentagon for 6 months before they realized my secret clearance hadn’t been processed at my last duty station and I had to completely resubmit my paperwork. Opps).

So called “foreign entanglements” can be one of those obtuse areas – how much “outside activity” is too much, and what level of engagement abroad is enough to compromise your chances of obtaining a security clearance? Chances are you know to cancel that family vacation to North Korea, but what about those business trips to China?

Read the latest article at ClearanceJobs.com to find out how activities abroad may affect your security clearance and what mitigating factors will be considered: Could Activities Abroad Affect Your Security Clearance?

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