Background Investigations

DCSA is Looking for Background Investigators

I noticed a few entry level background investigators positions being advertised by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA). This is a part of their planned multi-year growth in personnel and resources. Once fully staffed DCSA will have a mix of 13,000 government and contractor employees supporting the DoD and other federal government stakeholders.

Here are the requirements potential investigator candidates must have:

  • At least one year of experience conducting personnel background research and inquiries, reviewing personnel forms and reports for completeness and accuracy, reviewing technical documents (such as employment applications, investigative questionnaires, affidavits, credit and police reports, loans, other benefits applications etc.) to extract information, identifying discrepancies and inconsistencies, or areas potentially requiring clarification or additional information OR a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Evaluated competencies include oral and written communications, interpersonal skills, planning and evaluating, flexibility, and attention to detail. All candidates must pass the Federal Background Investigator Training Program (FBITP) training course and be able to obtain eligibility for a Top Secret security clearance. Entry level starts at GS-07 with promotion potential to GS-12 for those who achieve developmental benchmarks and performance requirements.

There are other requirements that may give pause to potential candidates, so make sure you read the full job announcement before applying so you know what you are agreeing to if selected. For instance, the job may require signing of a mobility agreement, meaning if they need investigators at a different location than where you are you could be required to move. Other things that may be required are extensive travel (both local and overnight), occasional overtime, and random drug testing.


  1. Looking to obtain my DCSA certification. Are there currently any training or schools where this type of background investigator certification can be obtained? I have been a criminal investigator that has conducted hundreds of background investigations but am looking to relocated and continue this on another level.

  2. I have not personally heard of a DCSA Certification, I am not sure what that is. We take a little quiz for DCSA, is that what you mean? Anyways, If you just want to learn how to conduct DCSA investigations you can apply to one of the companies that contract with DCSA like CACI, Peraton, etc. and they will send you through training. I was trained initially with Perspecta before it became Peraton.