Security Clearance Denial

Defense Contractor Denied Clearance for Predatory Sexual Behavior

A defense contractor was denied security clearance eligibility by the DoD based on sexual behavior and personal conduct concerns. He subsequently appealed to the Defense Office of Hearing an Appeals, and in reading the summary of proceedings, I found it quite unbelievable that he would even try to appeal the initial decision. It was quite obvious that this contractor was self-delusional and had no moral compass to use in gaining an accurate perspective of how wrong his behavior was. Here are some highlights.

The contractor claimed he surfed various dating sites for establishing relationships with women. After meeting them in person, he would probe them with questions to determine their needs and intent. Several of them requested monetary assistance, which he provided after having sexual relations with them. He was accused by at least two women of forcing them to have sex against their will, was accused of rape by two other women, was arrested and charged by the police for rape and kidnapping, but eventually had all charges dismissed. During his appeal, when asked by the judge how he distinguished soliciting for prostitution from using dating sites to find women and paying them for sex, he stated he used the dating sites to find women with whom to establish relationships with, not short-term sexual exchanges.

This behavior has gone on since 2011 until now and is comparative to the behavior of convicted sexual predators. Even though he has not been convicted of a crime, the behavior itself is criminal. The judge upheld the initial denial, citing his on-going use of dating sites to find women for sexual relations and the probability of future issues. You can read the entire case summary here.


  1. How can this guy get a chance to even appeal his denial but I don’t ? I don’t get it

  2. How is it that our justice system consistently fails us?