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DNI Issues New Standards For SCI Eligibility

On 1 October 2008 the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) issued Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) Number 704, Personnel Security Standards And Procedures Governing Eligibility For Access To Sensitive Compartmented Information And Other Controlled Access Program Information. ICD 704 rescinds DCID 6/4.

The most important change pertains to non-US citizen immediate family members. For over 18 months, DNI Mike McConnell has promised to break down the barriers to employment in the intelligence community faced by first- and second-generation immigrants. ICD 704 fulfills that promise. It removes the SCI eligibility requirement that an applicant’s immediate family members be US citizens.

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    Well looks like I may be able to get a TS with SCI now since my wife is still a German citizen…I might look at the job in DC again.

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    Good read, thanks for the information, it was really informative.

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    Me too. I was turned down for an SCI job because of my non-US sisters (the company would not even submit me). It had really irked me that I was considered a second-class citizen in this regard despite having lived here 25 years and coming from one of the USA’s closest allies.

    It would be interesting to know much this opens up the pool of eligible applicants.

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    I have a TS and I was also turned down for an important SCI program because my wife’s siblings and parents live in Europe. It sounds like now with these changes maybe I can work on those projects.

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    It all depends on the agency you apply for and the knowledge of the FSO.

    Some agencies would have flat refused to process SCI clearances on those with foreign spouses, others werent so bad. I’m federal employee and my foreign spouse posed no problem on my SCI adjudication. I know there are other agencies I would be denied at.

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    I just wanted to know how can I get a SCI clearance and also how long does it take

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    You need a job that requires SCI and a government agency or cleared federal contractor must sponsor you. The length of time it takes depends on the government agency involved and the extent to which you have any suitability/security issues in your background. It can range from a few months to more than year.

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    In reference to the questions on the length of time it takes for an SCI. It took me two years whn i was in the Air Force for my investigation to go through. After I got out I took a job for the Dept.of State which only required a Top Secret clearance, just a few months back I took a position within the State Dept. that required SCI, it took about 2 1/2 months to get the SCI back.

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    I joined the US Marine Corps wanting to get a job in intelligence and my recruiter tuned it down because I needed TS clearance and my biological father was a non US citizen. even though I have not seen him in 15 years it disqualified me from working for Military Intelligence, I hope that I can get the job now if I show them i can get such clearence now

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    Have a current secret, retired military trying to get a TS.
    Facts- 90-91 few bar fights art 15 company grade
    1993- simple assault charge dropped
    1995 dwi charge-dismissed
    finances perfect security poeple said looks good.
    married 2 times this is the 3rd and its perfect.
    have about 60 more days to find out.
    So what do you think Go or NOGO