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DoD CAF Unveils New Website

The DoD Consolidated Adjudication Facility (CAF) unveiled a brand new website in May that is surprisingly forthcoming in providing information about adjudications, appeals, security clearance announcements/news, and even DoD CAF job openings. This is quite a refreshing change to what in the past has always seemed to be a shadow organization in the security clearance process where answers to a lot of questions went unanswered or were hard to come by without knowing someone on the inside. The site also lists the key leaders of the organization, and truth be told, I did not recognize any of the names prior to seeing them on the site. Here are some highlights that I gleaned from visiting the different pages:

  •  The DoD CAF Brochure from the Announcements page provides a quick overview and some interesting statistics.
  • The Adjudications section of the site comprehensively outlines the purpose, standards, eligibility requirements, investigations, timelines, references, and contact information.
  • In the Appeals section it provides the various points of contact for the different branches and the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals.
  • The DoD CAF History section provides a brief overview of how the DoD CAF got to where they are today.
  • Reading the Leaders Bio section, it was interesting to note the members’ experiences within and out of the military and educational credentials that got them into their current positions.
  • The FAQ page provides some good information or points you in the right direction to find answers to questions.
  • The Contact Us page allows individuals to submit inquiries, however, a disclaimer is made that questions about on-going adjudications can only be made by security managers or designated representatives.

This new site helps clear up some of the fog that surrounds the adjudication and appeals processes, but just keep in mind that the people who review investigations and make security clearance decisions have received extensive training and on-the-job experience, so don’t try to play arm-chair quarterback and think that you know more than you do when you don’t agree with a decision. Here is an appropriate analogy: just because you know how to treat a cold does not you a doctor make.


  1. All, it appears that the DOD CAF has finished with whatever they were doing with their website and finally have it back up and running. I noticed that they have added HSPD-12 and Suitability information to it as well. Go here to check it out:

  2. Good Stuff! Thanks for posting

    I notice they use the phrase “Non-Intelligence Agency personnel” to describe their customer base. Is that defined anywhere? I mean, it is pretty clear that NSA, NGA, and DIA, as DoD-level intel agencies, would be included here. But what about service-level intel organizations?

  3. Answering my own question… found this on the new DoDCAF website:

    Due to the unique nature of their missions, it was decided not to consolidate the intelligence activities (NSA, DIA, and NGA).

    So that identifies the intelligence agencies… how about NRO? There’s been some news about problems with their polygraph program, so I wonder if they do their own adjudications?

  4. From what I have seen, the CIA conducts the background investigations for the NRO and the NRO adjudicates them.

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    Is there a new DOD CAF website?

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    @Joe Settles, there is no other site, but I did notice that the link to the one I wrote about in the story went down about three weeks ago, unknown as to why or if they pulled it for some reason. Perhaps too many calls!